Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream

Today I have a product that I was very excited to get the chance to buy whilst I was in Hong Kong. It is the Skin79 Super+ BB cream with triple functions but it is also widely known as the 'Hot Pink' BB cream. Skin79 is a very popular South Korean brand which produces a wide range of BB creams suited for different skin types and needs. I opted for the Hot Pink one because it is for oily/combination skin as it provides sebum control as well as the 'triple functions' listed on the bottle, which are whitening, UV protection (SPF25 PA++) and wrinkle improvement. It is also their best seller and most widely known.

The packaging is a cylinder with a pump. I do like the packaging, its colour and the shape of it but I do find some flaws in it. I have found that because the pump doesn't have a 'lock', it can be pressed down at any time. This could prove problematic if it were in a makeup bag and something pressed down on it. Imagine the mess!

It claims to be your primer, foundation and sunscreen in the one product with added skincare benefits such as nourishment, building skin resistance, brightening as well as the triple functions listed on the bottle. I'm yet to find if it 'whitens' which really means it will lighten scars, especially because I'm currently using the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector, I'm not sure which is helping the most with the lightening of my acne scarring!

Onto the cream itself, it is a thick creamy texture with a scent slightly of sunscreen. It does have grey-cast but after about 5-10 minutes it is supposed to oxidize to your skin tone, so don't be alarmed! I would probably say though that anyone who is darker than, say a  medium skin tone probably wouldn't be able to get away with it as for me it is only just right and I can't imagine it oxidizing much darker.

The coverage is good and I would say it is light but definitely buildable. It looks super natural and like you're not even wearing any sort of makeup. I would definitely use it on a day to day basis and as it has a relatively high amount of SPF, I probably wouldn't use it at night or with flash photography as it probably has flashback. It leaves a rather dewy, natural effect on the skin and in terms of the 'sebum control', my t-zone which is where I am the oiliest, doesn't get oily until around the 3 hour mark, bearing in mind that I haven't topped with a powder. I'm yet to discover whether it tightens, brightens or whitens the skin as I don't feel I've been using it enough on a regular basis and with other products I'm using I'm not sure what is causing the difference in my skin. 

Overall, I really like this product for everyday as it provides a really natural look with good coverage and sun protection. It's definitely become a favourite!


  1. this bb cream is probably the most famous one ever yet ive never gotten around to testing it out haha
    great review & swatches :)

    xo; L&M

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I thought it would be the safest to be my first foray into Asian BB creams.

  2. Great review!
    I love this product. I use it almost everyday :)

    1. Thanks! It's becoming an everyday product for me too!