Collective Haul // October 2017

It's been a minute since my last all-out haul, and to be fair, I really didn't intend for all this stuff to just accumulate! It did though, and when I realised a had a box full of new products, I figured I should haul them. This is roughly half purchased myself and half sent to me by PR - just a heads up! From next week though we should be (hopefully!) back to regular posts as I will be done with uni and exams for the year! Strap in, it's a long one!


Desi x Katy // Dose of Colors

Hello chickens! Chickens seems like an appropriate greeting for this post seeing as chickens are Desi's ~thang~, holla at me if you a part of her coop! I am finally getting my act together and writing my review for the Dose of Colors Desi x Katy collection! I managed to get my hands on a few of the products when they first launched, and they are having their third and final restock on October 18th at 9am PST. So I figured I should probably get my review up before these become impossible to get! If you guys didn't know, Desi and Katy are my absolute favourite Youtubers - they are hilarious, talented and their relationship is so genuine and adorable! If you follow them on Youtube, be sure to hit them up on Snapchat too because that's where the good shit is ;) It took all of my willpower to not get the entire collection - everything is so gorgeous! From the packaging to the products, the collection screams Desi and Katy and from other reviews, every product performs absolutely amazingly! Spoiler I guess - because I love what I got from the collection! I bought their Eyeshadow Palette aka "The Girls", lipstick in More Creamer Please and the two Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Hot Fire and Saváge.


NOTD // Island Hopping

Wow - it's been a while since I did a nail of the day! Talk about a throwback! If you were around when I used to do these once a month...you are an OG fan indeed - thanks for sticking around! ;) Haha! Most of the time I forget to take photos of my manicure while it's still fresh and looks nice (or it's just an old polish that you've probably seen before), but this time I remembered! Here's a few photos of Essie Island Hopping which is a shade I really hadn't heard of before stumbling upon it in Priceline (and promptly buying it!). 


Monthly Favourites // September 2017

Ya gurl CANNOT believe we are in October already... I know it's terribly clichéd to say "where did that month go! It went so fast!" at the beginning of a monthly favourites post...but honestly, where in tha heck did that month go?! I didn't end up doing a monthly favourites last month because I've been so boring with my beauty routines lately and really using the same products! I do have a few newies to share with you guys though!