Monthly Favourites // December 2015

Happy new year everyone! How is it even possible that a whole year has past... Like wut?!??? The first half of the year felt real but then the second half just like...evaporated before my eyes then BOOM 2016. I'm here to share the final monthly favourites of the year though and since last month was ALL ABOUT DA HAULS, I have quite a few new products I've been loving! I will be doing a 2015 favourites as well though tbh I haven't even thought about what's going in it...I need to have a proper sit down with my collection and assess the goods! Anyway, let's get into it as I'm wasting the precious seconds we have left of 2015...


NOTD // Street Flair

Nail of the days used to be a monthly occurrence round these parts but lately I've just gotten really lazy with my nails! I used to change up my polish every four days (like clockwork!), but lately I've just been letting it chip off and changing it once a week at most. I just can't be bothered really, plus where I work is very hard on my hands as I'm constantly ripping open boxes, etc so my polish really doesn't last very long! I also had a gel manicure which lasted like a month so I didn't use any other polishes then haha :P I have picked up a few new polish shades lately though and have been trying them all out, slowly but surely. I figured I'd squeeze in one last manicure for the year featuring one of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel polishes in the shade Street Flair


New In // Skincare

Before I get into the post, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope y'all have a joyous Christmas break filled with fun, family and FOOD. I also hope you guys are having a better Christmas Eve than me...I'm working all day today unfortunately (hella unexcited as I type this up the night before). Working retail during Christmastime is the WORST. I'm kinda sad I didn't do any festive posts this year, I usually do a NOTD post or something but I just haven't had time, nor have I really felt that festive! Oh wells, everyone and their dog has gift guides and holiday tutorials up anyways! Today's post is just a roundup of some new skincare I've been trying lately. Sort of a haul but with mini reviews!


What I've Been Watching #4

We should just start calling this series, "What I'm watching on Netflix rn" tbh. But anyways, as predicted, I've been watching BUNCH of new shows as I'm on holidays, though still super busy! Mostly I'm just working and watching tv...need to catch up on reading blog posts, whoops! ALSO, another shoutout to Jessica Jones which I mentioned in my November Favourites. I was going to talk about it again because, y'know, IT DESERVES ANOTHER SHOUTOUT, but then I would have five posters and that doesn't make an even shape...lel. Anyway, WATCH JESSICA JONES IT'S REALLY GOOD.


Game. Set. Match.

It's been a while since I've reviewed a foundation round these parts...In fact my last was of the Bourjois Happy Light foundation which was over a year ago. Say whuuut?! It's not like I haven't gotten new foundations since then but I'm a fickle chick and more often than not, I never get the right shade so I end up mixing it with another foundation therefore altering the formula. Oops. I was however sent Rimmel's latest base launches, their reformulated Match Perfection Foundation* and their Fix & Protect Makeup Primer*. I've actually been meaning to try Match Perfection for yonkles since a bunch of people rave about it, but I've never gotten around to it as I have a crap load of bases (though, I don't use a lot of them so only like 3?). I've also been on a bit of a primer kick lately so I was super keen to try these two products!


Empties #10

It's time to check in with my empties bin! My little bucket has been piling up and I thought I better get out an empties post before the year is out! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how many products I've managed to get through over the year and these posts have been semi-regular every 3 months-ish. Gold star for effort ayy. Anyway, onto tha goodz. Also ignore the weird colouring differences...foil-y metallic background is hard to photograph on!


One Shocking Moment

Holy wow Christmas is so soon and everyone's busting out their gift guides while I'm just here buying gifts for myself. wuuUTT WUUT. Anyway, I have to say the Holiday releases this year were pretty great, you can read about my picks here. I feel like the hype has sort of died down and hopefully everything hasn't sold out. I thought I would finally write up my review of the NARS x Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette. Hopefully this review isn't redundant seeing as most people have seen/heard a bunch about this palette or...they own it, and you guys know I already love it but what da heck, this guy deserves a post all to himself!


In The Spotlight // Antipodes

On the scene of green beauty brands, Antipodes is well at the forefront. They're a brand I constantly want to try more from and from trying a few of their products over the past couple of years, I definitely have some favourites! More recently though, I was sent a few of their hero products, as well as a new serum. My skincare routine for the past month or so has been Antipodes-heavy, but I have to say, my skin is looking pretty good! Keep reading for a round-up of mini reviews on the Antipodes products I have.


Monthly Favourites // November 2015

Although I finished Uni at the end of October, November has still been a pretty hectic month! I've been working a bunch (does that at all justify the millions of hauls that happened in November??? Plus more in the mail WHOOPS) and my days off have mostly been trying to catch up on blogs and chillin owwwt watching shows, etc. I have quite a few new products to share with you, which I predicted I would last month. Lots of haulage = lots of exciting new products. Let's jump in!


Sigma; Summed Up

Today I have another brand spotlight post for you all, but with a witty-ass title ;) The brand in question is Sigma and the nerdy side of me wanted to incorporate some maths (sigma in maths means the sum of .... whatever you want really). Anyway, if you got it from the get go, ILY but also I don't miss maths at all - BITCH BYE. A little while ago I was accepted into the Sigma Affiliate program which was suuuper exciting for me, and they very generously sent over a welcome pack with a range of amazing goodies! This is my first experience with Sigma and I must say, I'm impressed!


A Cheeky Sephora Haul

So apparently this month on my blog has just been an inundation of hauls. SOZ NOT SOZ. But we all love a good haul ayyyy? Let's hope this one will be the last for a while (I s2g I always say that and it never pans out). Today's post is a VERY cheeky Sephora Au haul - both literally and figuratively as I wasn't planning on making an order on the newly launched online store, but I did, and it happens to be all cheek products (y'all know my weakness)! I was actually planning on making an order at some point but it was accelerated by the fact that Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop was FINALLY launched! I managed to snag it before they even announced it and it was only $58 haha (thanks to Katina!) and figured I would pick up a couple of other things I wanted, not that I needed them because there's free shipping over $55! I ordered on Thursday the 12th and it arrived Friday the 20th. Not completely impressed seeing as some people who ordered the same day got theirs on Monday! Also I weirdly never got a confirmation email for either my order or that it was shipped... I don't wanna get into a rant lol but I find it quite sus that Sephora had to buy over Luxola in order to launch an online store. I'm not 100% a fan of Sephora au considering the issues they've had in launching, poor stock in their stores etc, but I ain't gonna turn down getting previously hard to get brands, am I now. :P


Haul // Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics

Another week, another haul - this time of the drugstore variety! If all goes well...I think I'll have another haul going up next week too (Sephoraaaaa hehehh). Yeeeeah I really need to get a handle on my spending. If you guys were unaware though, Priceline currently has their famous 40% off cosmetics sale on! It goes for two days and today is the last day so I thought I'd share the bits I picked up yesterday! I had a list, and I stuck to it! My savings were actually pretty great because the chick accidentally (I think it was an accident...) scanned my payback voucher twice so I got an extra $11 off haha :P Shh... It's been a while since I've hauled from Priceline though. Can't say I've been too eager to shop there since they sacked me :P Can't deny a good sale though and I picked up a few things I've been wanting to try for ages!


We're Cool for the Summer

Spring is almost over and Summer is upon us. Though, here in Brisbane Spring and Summer always seem to muddle up with each other! The weather of late has been hella rowdydowdy (yeah that's actually a word). It's basically been a series of suuuuper hot, humid days, followed by intense thunder and rain storms. It's been hot and cold and wet and just damn INDECISIVE. Figure yoself out weather. Anyway - I've managed to round up a few of what you could call my "Summer essentials". I tend to wear whatever makeup I want regardless of the season, but I think these products lend themselves particularly well to hot weather! 



'Tis the seeeason....FOR ALL THE HOLIDAY RELEASES. To be honest, the only reason I'm excited for this time of year is because of the holiday releases...just kidding (not really). On Tuesday, Mecca dropped all of their gift sets so I bought the last thing I wanted from this round of releases (can I just say though that Mecca's holiday decoration is BE-YOU-TI-FUL. THE BAG IS DRIPPING GOLD). I would say I was fairly restrained? Fairly??!? Well, none of my purchases overlap (ie one set for eyes, lips and face!). There are a bunch of things that tempted me but I've managed to resist (thus far). Things like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, the Laura Mercier baked trio palette with the highlighter/bronzer/blush, the Too Faced and Bare Minerals sets (the set of 10 mini lipsticks for $53 is amazing value!) and a bunch more. Here are the three things that actually made my basket...


What I've Been Watching #3

For the past few months, I have been ON that Netflix train. Legit. I've started and finished quite a few series since my last TV shows post that I wanted to give a mention. All the shows I watch are back as well which gives me reason to live. I've been loving tuning in to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, How to get Away with Murder and more on a weekly basis! To hear more about what I've been MARATHONING though, keep reading ;)


The Quintessential Mauve Lip

Mauve lips have had a massive surge thanks to one and only, Kylie Jenner. Deeper mauves, cool toned browns, browns in GENERAL have all become incredibly trendy. There are a plethora of those lipstick shades out there now! I have a few products to share today that fit right into that family, the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Trio in Mauve. The set itself is limited edition but the three full size products it contains are permanent! It includes their Marvelous Moxie lip liner in Thrilledlipstick in Break Away and lipgloss in Smooth Talker. I'm already quite the fan of their lipsticks, so keep reading to find out my thoughts on their other two lip products!


Monthly Favourites // October 2015

October faves comin' at ya today! A wee bit late (by my standards haha :P) due to exams and me werkin' all weekend but MY EXAMS ARE FINITO NOW! I'M DUN FOR THE YEAR! EVERYBODY CELEBRATE! Enough caps yet? Anyhow, October was a quiet month for the blog which I'm so sorry about but I promise y'all, I'm gonna get back into it in full force! I have quite a few new things to share with you this month, but I was also feeling VERY spendy so I'm sure next month will be even more exciting! ;) (oh god, it will be december by then WHAT IS HAPPENING)


Triply Swirled Triplets

Paul & Joe is a brand that has always caught my eye. Uhh...hello? Have you seen some of their packaging?! Like, lipstick bullets in the shape of a cat's head??!?! YAS PLZ. Despite their absolutely PRECIOUS packaging, I've never gotten around to trying them. I don't hear much about them in the blogosphere and from what I recall they're fairly expensive? Plus available online only. However, quite a while ago I was lucky enough to win one of Dawn's giveaways and three of the Paul & Joe Triple Cheek Colours were included! These have actually been sitting in my drawers for a ridiculous amount of time untouched because I had to take photos before I ruined the delightful swirl!! And then I just got lazy and never took photos... But here we are - finally! Keep reading for my thoughts on these guys!


Like Music to My Ears #3

It's right about that time...assessment time! Meaning...I've been listening to a helluva lotta muzac! Attempts to make studying less dreary ay... It's also been a time of quite a few album releases so there are a bunch of new jamz that I've had on repeat for the past few weeks!


Geeking Out

Makeup Geek is a brand that's always been on my mind, but is it just me, or have they blown up recently? Maybe it's just because I got wildly obsessed with Jaclyn Hill, but my urge to make a Makeup Geek order got to be too much! When they had a free shipping promotion a little while ago - I jumped on that 'ish and made a big ol' order! Pretty much all of these are Jaclyn Hill faves haha :P


A Treat Yo' Self Haul

(Relatively) long time no haul! My last haul was in July so my li'l "spending ban" lasted around two months. Solid, solid...though not really. Even if I wasn't on a "spending ban" (imagine me doing air bunnies quotation marks right now), I didn't really have very much disposable income becauseeeee...I lost ma job :( I dun wanna talk about it but basically they stopped giving me shifts because I was too old and expensive. Gotta love life ayy. ANYWAYS, I got a new job last month and I promised myself I'd TREAT MA SELF when my first paycheck rolled in. Wut wuuuut so here we are. Majority of this stuff is high end cos GAL I WAS FEELIN' SPENDY. (BTW background is also a purchase: an amazing canvas from Kmart of course.)


Preachin' the Peachy-Pink // Behind the Frames

Today we have a very special post - a guest post by Sheri from Behind the Frames featuring her favourite peachy-pink products! This is some what of a 'colab' (as all da cool Youtubers would call it) as I've shared all of my favourite peachy-pink prods on Sheri's blog, so be sure to check it out! Sheri has to be one of my bestest blogger buddies and we've known each other for something like 2 years! It is so awesome to finally have her over on my blog and I promise you, we will meet each other in the flesh - ONE DAY. Anyway, enough of me - keep reading for your daily dose of Sheri charm ;)


Monthly Favourites // September 2015

September actually went by at a reasonable pace for me! It's been jam packed with a bunch of stuff and I've been suuuper busy with my new job and a BOAT LOAD of assessment that is due very soon which I am stressing out about and quietly crappin' ma pants. ANYway, that is why I've been a tad bit absent on the blog and I might slip back to one post a week for the time being but come November, it'll be full steam ahead as I am free and clear of Uni! Favourites-wise, I was actually strugglin' a little to come up with a handful of products. I've been using a lot of old faves mainly to try and use them up, and since I haven't hauled in a while - I was feeling a bit stagnant! I did gather some products I've really been loving though, so let's jump in! And also come pay day...I'll be haulin' ;)


In the Spotlight // La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay is definitely up there with some of my favourite skincare brands. Since they've been easily accessible in Priceline for a while, I've slowly been accumulating many of their products and thought now was a good time to write up a brand spotlight on them! As a French skincare brand, they not only target sensitive skins, but also have many ranges suited for different skin types such as acne-prone, dry, those who suffer from redness and eczema, and more. A few of the products pictured I haven't yet tried, but threw them into the photo for effect, of course ;)


Just Brows-ing, Thanks.

Brows have been a pretty big thing for the last few years, but it seems like drugstore brands have only recently gotten on the bandwagon! Slowly, but surely, they're releasing more brow products and generally improving the shade range! Rimmel's new Brow This Way collection contains new Brow Sculpting Kits and Brow Styling Gels. I was very kindly sent a few products from the range which I've been testing the past couple of weeks. Although filling in my brows is a daily essential, I really only have my trusty Dolly Wink brow powder and Essence clear brow gel (both of which I've used for YONKS) so it's fun to finally be playing with some new products! 


The Little Black Book of Bronzers

I've come a long way since first getting into makeup three years ago, who woulda thought that me of all people would buy an entire palette dedicated to bronzers?!? I used to think that they were used to make you look more "tan", but I've since learned that bronzer can add so much dimension, warmth and LIFE to the face! I can't go a day without it now! Though, a whole palette of 'em still seems pretty excessive hey? Keep reading to find out my thoughts on the Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers...


NOTD // Penne at the Opera

OPI's latest collection release is their Venice Collection for Autumn/Winter 2015. There are some really lovely shades in this collection and, oddly enough, quite a few pastel and brighter shades which are super appropriate for us Aussies heading into Spring and Summer! I was sent the Venice Little Bambinos mini pack* of shades from the collection and two of the shades particularly jumped out at me - A Great Opera-tunity and Worth a Pretty Penne (see, my random-ass title makes sense now).


Empties #9

It hasn't been that long since my last empties, but wow - I've been on a roll! Either a bunch of products just decided to finish simultaneously or I've actually been using them (what a shocker). But yes, I'm trying to (sort of) make more of a conscious effort to finish products! These empties posts always end up being super long and rambly, so imma try and keep it short (ish) as we have a lot to get through!


In the Spotlight // Crop's Cosmetics

Crop Natural Skincare* is a relatively new brand that came out with a small range of skincare a little while ago, and just recently launched their makeup line! Crop is a natural brand with no nasties like parabens, mineral oil, petrochemicals, etc. It's suitable for sensitive skin and doesn't test on animals! The whole ethos behind the brand is very admirable and you can read more about it on their website! I was very generously sent almost the whole range of makeup (thank you so much Crop!) and have been testing them out for the past few weeks. Before I get into the reviews, I do want to mention the packaging! It's lovely and minimal and looks quite classy - I'm into it. Oh and, unfortunately I couldn't really test the liquid foundation or brow pencil as they are the wrong shades for me! I will try and keep this post concise and I've split the products up into recommendations, 'eh' products and ones that I wouldn't recommend, so keep reading for my thoughts!


Monthly Favourites // August 2015

Where did August go? Honestly. August was a pretty heckers month (I had my driving test - and passed! Whoop!), but this coming week is going to be crazy too as assessment starts gearing up. Writing this blog post is just another way to "justify" my procrastination... Anyway, let's have a chat about some faves, shall we. I definitely have a mix of new and old favourites (and some music faves)!


Velvet Smooth Nails

As you guys know, I'm a bit of a nail polish junkie. I tend to switch up my nail polish at least once a week which often means my nails aren't always in the best condition! Though it's nothing serious, my nails are often stained, sometimes a bit ridge-y and generally could use a bit of TLC. Sometimes I do a bit of filing and buffing, but let's be real - I'm lazy. I was, however, very intrigued to hear about a new Scholl product called the Electronic Nail Care System* from their Velvet Smooth line. It's basically a three step system incorporated into an electronic pen! Whether it's better than your typical buffing block or file...you'll have to keep reading!


Mini Moxies

Bare Minerals is always a brand I've been meaning to try, but just never gotten around to. I don't know but, nothing out of the range particularly jumps out at me (though, at the moment, I'm super keen to try the Complexion Rescue). I do admire Bare Minerals though, they seem to do solid products, they come out with quite a few sets and limited edition items (which I do enjoy) and they're actually super reasonably priced! I succumbed one day, after having done my last exam for the semester (last semester that is) and bought the Nude Perfection kit which contains three mini sized Marvelous Moxie lipsticks for $18. I think this set was limited edition and doesn't seem to be on the Mecca website anymore, but these shades are available permanently in full size!


Souff-laying at the Beach

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of that title. APPRECIATE THE PUNNINESS. Aaaaanyway, back to the actual purpose of this post - I'm here to review the Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in the shade Watermelon/Moonstone. This isn't the most hyped up product ever, but I'd definitely read and seen some really good reviews. That and, Becca is basically known for their cheek products! The product itself is quite unique, so keep reading to see how I went with it!


The Humble Abode.

Well, well, well...look at us getting all up close and personal! I think we're at that stage where I can invite you over and give you a tour of my room ;) I have mentioned a few times on the blog that over the last couple of months I've been moving from my room, to my sister's (larger) room, as she recently moved out. It was a pretty tedious process of moving all of her crap out (now I thought I was a hoarder -_-) and cleaning up the place. That main wall was COVERED in blu tack from her "photo wall". Anyway, it's sad but true but the main reason I wanted to move in was because I was running out of space in my old makeup storage and was in desperate need of a new solution! I then became obsessed with wanting a dressing table and having a nice makeup "area" so yeah, I decided to move in! I also got a bed upgrade (since my other room was too small for the spare double we had) and basically had a lot of fun playing interior designer. I was totes going for that "minimal" vibe (though, bet's be real it's gonn' get real cluttered, real quick) and I was keen on lots of white with COPPER accents. Y'all know I love dat copper. Anyway, it's very photo heavy so I'll try to keep the text to a minimum!


The Minute Manis

Rimmel is not a brand I typically associate with the best nail polishes, but I must admit - they do some pretty great formulas! I have one from their Salon Pro line which I really like, and they recently revamped their 60 Second range with new shades! I'm not sure if they've been reformulated but the line has been given a refresh! I decided to pick up a few in a recent 50% off sale which made them cheap as chips. I was feeling a bit disenchanted with my nail polish collection and these pepped it right up!


Rose Golden Luxury

After lusting after the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set for a looooong time, and then painstakingly waiting for them to be shipped over (damn you Luxola!), I finally have them in my possession (thank you to my lovely frands for bday gifting them to me!)! I've been using them pretty consistently since I got them a few weeks ago and many have quickly made it into my daily routine! I will say a few of these brushes have quite similar Real Techniques counterparts but Lena did an excellent review and comparison post including those!


Sipping on Rosé

After dipping my toes into the world of Bite Beauty with a set of minis, I was very much enamoured with the formula of the Luminous Creme Lipsticks. I recently got my hands on a full size in the shade Rosé and am here to share my thoughts!


Monthly Favourites // July 2015

Well, July came and went like THAT! *snaps finger for dramatic effect*. Legit though, I feel like I did absolutely nothing with my mid year break, oops. I did redo/move into my new room, so there's that!? Room tour coming soon(ish) - that is, if you want one! heh :P Anyway, favourites wise I did try quite a few new products throughout the month that you can check out in my haul. Some I acquired more towards the beginning of the month, and others more recently which will probably show up in my August faves! 


The Unnecessarily Necessary Haul

It's about that time again...the time for a big ass haul. As usual with hauls of this calibre - it's very much collective, products that have accumulated over the past couple of months but mostly through July! I call it "unnecessarily necessary" as there are some items here that I've been wanting to try for ages, although there are also some that I really didn't need but YOLO'd it anyways :P It's gonna be a long one...as per the usual!


Bouquet of Blushes

When I first heard and saw photos of this palette online...I was like, "I'M GONN' NEED DAT". So pretty much as soon as it popped up on the Mecca website, I trotted off in store and BOUGHT THE DAMN THING. My love for blush is just too strong. The palette which I so eagerly dropped my "hard-earned" money on is the Stila Field of Florals Convertible Colour dual lip and cheek palette. I already own one of the CCs in full size (Gerbera) and I love that shiz dearly, I'm pretty sure it's my favourite cream blush formula. Knowing I loved the formula already, obviously I had to get this limited edition palette with basically every colour they make???

Look at me going outside!!!!1!1!11! :O #onewithnature


NOTD // The Showpo Pink

Very recently, Kit and Mecca created a few nail polish shades in collaboration with beauty gurus and notable beauty icons! They were available as a gift with purchase (yep, I was bad and bought more stuff), and I ended up with this shade by Jane Lu, the CEO of Showpo. I really wanted Michelle's shade but unfortunately they only had Jane's left. Not so unfortunate though because I absolutely adore this colour!


In the Spotlight // ColourPop

ColourPop has been the brand on everybody's lips right now (literally, and figuratively). They have gained so much traction being an affordable, fun and quirky brand with a wide range of products and colours. They are also on fire with new releases! I figured I would do a brand spotlight post on all the products I have from them (so far) as opposed to individual reviews. I suspect it will be a long post, so leggo!


Empties #8

It's been a little while since my last empties, and when the empties bin starts overflowing, you know it's time for an update! I have quite a few products to talk through (no makeup though, that shiz is impossible to finish up), so let's get started!


Smells like Chocolate

Tried to choose a good lyric from Chocolate by The 1975, but let's face it, all of their lyrics are weird, and not really about chocolate :P. So I went with the boring, but extremely applicable, and my car smells like chocolate, because the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow collection (didn't realise it was actually a "collection" not a palette...) does indeed smell like chocolate. Besides the novelty scent and adorable packaging, the eyeshadows inside are just as good as the real thing! 

I then proceeded to demolish a good chunk of that chocolate bar...


Like Music to My Ears #2

It's time for a music update, y'all! Not much has changed since my last "music-y" post, I still really like all of those albums, as well as Andy Bull who I mentioned in a recent favourites post, but there are a few new tunes my ears have been enjoying!


The Long Night is coming, and the dead (skin) come with it

Gotta love a good ol' Game of Thrones related title eh?!? I was tempted to do 'Winter is Coming' but gosh darn that is so cliche, so I went with a quote from Jon Snow (... :'( ) in the latest season. ANYWAY, it is currently Winter in Australia, and as I type this up, I'm huddled in my onesie next to the warm coals of a dwindling fire (dat imagery). I wanted to do a post about products I love when the weather gets colder to help combat dry skin and other wintery blues, so here it is!


Monthly Favourites // June 2015

So June was a bit of a heckers month for me! I had two exams right at the beginning of the month and despite finishing on the 10th, I've still been incredibly busy! I've been clearing and cleaning out my sister's old room (as well as my own) and have done quite a bit of homewares shopping! I'm still not completely moved in but will be soon. I'll probably do a room tour at some point too! Now that my friends have finished exams too, I've been a bit of a "social butterfly". I saw Inside Out yesterday and oh my gawd, IT'S SO DAMN EMOTIONAL. Legit tears runnin' down ma face. Anyway, this month's faves are quite skincare heavy so let's get into them!


A Sweet Gift from the UK.

Today I bring you a bit of a mini haul sent all the way from Wales! It's a bit of a long story BUT, my friend met a lovely gal who lives in Wales over Tumblr (and their mutual adoration of Little Mix) and she very kindly offered to send over a few makeup bits! I kind of butted into this dealio because I was sort of very desperate to get my hands on a couple of things and I'm absolutely blown away by her kindness as she sent over all of these products as a gift! So thank you very much Lia! My friend and I have got a bit of a gift pack in the works featuring some Australian products to send off to her!


What I've Been Watching #2

So, as y'all know, whenever holidays roll around, so do the tv show binge watching tymz. I've been marathoning a couple of shows (OITNB season 3!) but I also thought I'd mention a few shows that I've been watching and enjoying lately and that often gave me brief reprieve from endless study (can't say those breaks were very well deserved :P ). You can read the first installment of this 'series' here


Born Pretty Store // Haul & Review

Perhaps I should call this the "haul of dupes" because that's very much what it's looking like! A little while ago, Born Pretty Store offered to send me a few things of my choosing and I jumped at the chance as I've seen products from them over the net for the past couple of years. I remember in my early days of nail polish and nail art obsession really wanting to purchase a stamping set from them, but I never got around to it! Probably for the better since I'm not really interested in that stuff as much anymore, heh! If you're not familiar with them, Born Pretty is basically a super cheap online store based in Asia which stocks a bunch of beauty products, as well as a pretty random assorment of other stuff too! They also offer free worldwide shipping which is pretty fab! Naturally, I gravitated towards the dupe-y products, because I'm a sucker for a good dupe!