NARS Love Triangle // Hot Sand + Rita

Hey guys - I hope everyone is doing well as we ramp up for Christmas! I'm pretty hectic busy working those gruelling Christmas shopping shifts, and I still need to finish Christmas shopping myself (oops!). This will probably be my last post for..this year?? Maybe? I will be taking a bit of a break next week as I hang out with the fam, and we are going camping for a couple of days which should be fun! Today I'm reviewing a holiday release from this year, the NARS x Man Ray Love Triangle in Hot Sand and Rita. Unfortunately this is sold out online at Mecca - but neither of these are limited edition shades. The Audacious Lipstick in Rita is available permanently and Hot Sand is a highlighter shade that pops up pretty frequently. It seems to be available permanently in the US, but unfortunately not at Mecca!


My Summer Essentials

It took a minute, but summer is well and truly in full swing in Brisbane! The sun be swelterin' and the sweat be drippin'. I figured now was a good a time as any to share some of my essential products for combatting the hot weather (or rather making it more bearable!). 


In the Spotlight // Liquid Foundations

Welcome to my foundation station where we're looking at my foundation rotation! Gotta throw in all of the rhyming words ;) I am here with another instalment of my 'In the Spotlight' series (or rather, reviving it) where I take a look at all my makeup collection through different categories, whether it be a type of product or a brand. Over my time of wearing makeup, I've cycled through quite a few different foundations! Here are the ones that have managed to stick around, and that I actually do wear! For reference, my skintone is light-medium with yellow undertones and I have pretty oily skin. I'd say I'm around a MAC NC25 (though I've never actually been shade matched lmao), and not all of my foundations are perfect matches haha :P


Collective Haul // November 2017

The last haul (hurrah!) of the year! November was FILLED with sales - almost too many sales for that matter. Was it just me, or were black friday and cyber monday absolutely crazy this year? It felt like every single shop and online store was having a sale, it was quite frankly overwhelming! Buuut that didn't stop me from doing some damage haha. My bank account definitely took a battering and yet I still haven't even finished my Christmas shopping. Oops. Onto the haul!


My Watch Collection + a Giveaway!

As someone who used to never wear a watch (and could barely read the time on an analog face... :P ), I now can't go a day without wearing one! Along with knowing the time without having to whip my phone out, I love how a watch can complete an outfit and in general makes me look more chic and gives the illusion that I'm a punctual person ;). I don't have a huge collection, but I have three quite different styles that go with different outfits and occasions!


Monthly Favourites // November 2017

Annnnnd it's Christmas. How we managed to get here so quickly baffles me, and there's no doubt December will go even quicker! As a retail worker, December and Christmastime are not the greatest (I'm dead sick of Christmas carols by the time Christmas actually happens), but at least I'll be keeping busy. Not a whole lot of new favourites this month, but all amazing products (+ a movie fave!)!