Monthly Favourites // June 2014

Howdy! Favourites time again! I'm currently enjoying mid-year school holidays, which are always good because we get three weeks instead of two, but they seem to be speeding by :P. The first half of June was stressful to say the least, I had five exams spread within a week and there was little sleep to be had, and much cramming to be done. Glad to say that's over, but not looking forward to next term which is shaping up to be even more stressful...aah Grade 12...fun times. Anyway, let's crack on to the faves!

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter
I got this travel size for my birthday and was actually really excited for it! These body butters get a lot of love in the beauty community - I've only tried one before and wasn't overly impressed, but to be fair I think it was a bit old :/ haha. This one however, I have been really enjoying! I was 'eh' about the scent to begin with, but I must say it has grown on me immensely! I actually have no idea what Moringa smells like, but it's florally, fresh and almost a bit Jasmine-y. The butter itself is lighter feeling than I thought it would be, it's been moisturising my dry winter skin really well!

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +
Like I said, because it's Winter, my skin has actually gotten noticeably drier, and not just on my body! I've noticed my face is a little less oily and getting a tad drier in the cheek region. This Rose hip oil has been amazing for helping moisturise my skin! I simply mix four drops in with my nighttime moisturiser and I am set with moisturised, soft and plump skin when I wake up. I've also been adding a drop to my morning moisturiser some days and it doesn't make me more oily which is great!

Puretopia Hydrating & Soothing Facial Mist & Toner
Again with the drier skin, I've been really enjoying misting this after my regular toner some days. I find it really helps moisturise, soothe and refresh my skin. It feels really lovely and I'm abiding to Caroline Hirons' whole 'double toning' thing, not that I really care that much, but it does feel really nice and moisturising.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow palette
Huzzah! Didn't I predict it? Come holiday time, whenever I go out (albeit...not often (I have such an eventful life...)) I reach for some eyeshadow, and this has been the only palette I've been using! To be fair, it's only really because I want to experiment with the shades, test out the infamous UD formula, etc. A review post will be coming with my thoughts, and although I love the selection of shades and have been using them a bunch, I'm not sure that I've been blown away with it! 

Face of Australia Blush in the shade Nutmeg
I won this in a giveaway and initially was not really into it, I will admit, the formula leaves a bit left to be desired. It's a bit sheer and not overly soft or smooth. I have been loving it though, especially in combination with the Naked 3 palette and the lip product I'll talk about next. It's like the neutral rosy blushes I've come to love - a nothing-y shade on the cheek - but slightly more of the peachy-pink variety. It has a slight shimmer but it's not overly noticeable. It just adds a tiny flush of natural colour to the cheeks which is very complimentary to a stronger eye look.

Maybelline Colour Elixir in Caramel Infused
This shade is pretty much the perfect my lips but better, and it's rosy, warm tone goes perfectly with the Naked 3 palette. The formula itself is really lovely and lives up to the hype. Glossy, yet balmy with no stickiness and good colour payoff.

Rimmel Matte BB Cream in Medium
Technically I haven't used this tube yet, but I got a sample sachet which has lasted me a good few uses! I really like the finish of this, it's not entirely matte but doesn't have any sheen or dewiness to it. It looks really natural and the coverage is pretty good for a BB cream, light but slightly buildable. The colour is a little orangey looking which was a bit concerning, but it seems to blend out really well, and ends up being a pretty good match for me! Good things on the longevity front too.


Collective Haul // June 2014

It seems there is no shortage of hauls on this blog...oops. But! I bought majority of this on sale (of course), what with all of the EOFY sales and it means more blog content - yay! Let's dig in shallst we...

Antipodes Moisture Boost MINIs - Divine Face Oil (10mL) and Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream (15mL)
I didn't end up picking up the Priceline Skincare goody bag GWP, though it did look really good this year! I ended up buying this little duo from Antipodes though, it was 20% off coming down to $15. I've really been wanting to try out the brand, and apparently this deluxe sized set is limited edition so I decided to pick it up while I still could! They also have a nighttime version, though that was sold out.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm
I bought this from a shop at my local shopping centre, it's sort of like a watered-down Priceline. A couple of friends got me a voucher for there for my birthday and I decided to buy this MUCH raved about lip balm. It's  quite expensive ($20) so I was glad I had a voucher! I've been using this for the past week or so and I'm not sure how I feel about it...

Rimmel Matte BB Cream in Medium
I got a sample sachet in the mail from a facebook promotion Rimmel was doing. It took forever to arrive but I finally got it and ended up really enjoying it! Medium is a really good shade match for me and I was pretty impressed by the formula - longevity, finish and coverage. It came with a $3 off coupon which I decided to use, bringing it down to $10.

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in 52 Light Beige
Bourjois is 30% off currently at Priceline so I decided to take the plunge and pick up this foundation (came to around $20) - I've been hearing really good things about it, particularly from Anna, and even that it's comparable to Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua. I intended to pick up the luminous primer as well but they were sold out (probably a good thing actually...). The shade range is horrendous. There are only four shades, and they are hella dark, like I'm the second lightest shade?! Ridiculous. Regardless I think it's a good match for me and I'm super excited to use it!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 02 Frambourjoise and 04 Peach Club
I bought these a week and a bit ago when all Bourjois lip products were $10 each. These have been getting RAVES - the best liquid lipstick according to Anna, so of course I had to pick them up. They are retailing for something like $24 which is ridiculous, but ain't that the world we live in. And by we, I mean Australians. I needed to take advantage of the $10 offer, that's less than half price! Sadly, I doubt they will be this cheap again. Although the shades offered are really nice, I don't think it's the best range. These were the two that appealed to me most.

Maybelline Colour Elixir in Caramel Infused
Again these are coming into the market quite expensively - something like $18. I picked mine up for 10% off (~$16) at some VIP event they were doing at the Priceline nearest to me, but they're currently on sale for like $13. I had a swatch of them all and surprisingly I was content with just one. This shade seems to be the perfect 'my lips but better', and I'm really enjoying the formula, but more of that in a review post.

Sportsgirl Party Popper and Galaxy
It ain't a shiwashiful haul without a Sportsgirl nail polish ayy. As you can see, these were reduced (only way to go), and are super awesome matte glitters! The colour combos are really pretty and I'm really excited to give these guys a go.

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in China Flower
This was actually in a duo I picked up for $10, the other shade was Pink Pineapple which I decided to save for a gift. I've already worn this and I must say, the formula was really nice. Basically opaque in one coat, shiny and it's a really striking, warm red. Can't say I was the hugest fan of the scent though (something about it reminded me of toilet cleaner? Like Duck or something? Idek.), but it actually grew on me slightly as it wore.

I picked these up from Dissh for only $20! I thought that was a really good deal as they were $60 full price. I'd seen these a few months ago when they were full price, and I really wanted them, so when I saw them on clearance I just had to pick them up! They've got ma fave neon peachy-pink shade throughout, and a cool metallic gold and neon aztec-y print. Plus they're high-waisted - ma fave. Definitely won't be wearing these till Spring/Summer rolls around, but boy I'm excited to!

So that was my haul for the month, I'm really excited about the products I picked up actually! And technically I didn't pay full price for anything - those be my bargain hunting ways ;)


Sandy Peach

We're probably all sick of the chubby lip crayon thing by now, pretty much every single brand has a range out. While I haven't succumbed to that many, there was one that I desperately wanted from the first time I saw it online - Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Peach on the Beach. It took a little while to get to Australia, but the real issue was it being perpetually out of stock at every Priceline I went to. It was only at the beginning of this year that I FINALLY got my hands on it - at full price too - so I thought, it better be worth the wait.

And boy, it was. First things first (~I'm the realest~) though, the packaging. Pretty standard for any chubby lip crayon, twist up, the outer colour matches the inner, although - it has that silver writing that tends to rub off pretty quickly.

The formula is definitely rather unique, in my opinion. I've heard it as being described as a gloss in crayon form, which I'd have to agree with. It lives up to its name and is quite glossy - not overly so, but it gives a nice shine, and no stickiness at all. It's very emollient and melty, after just one use the side of my nub had worn down quite a bit. Also, if too much is applied it can tend to build and gather - you know when you rub your lips together and it creases a bit? Yup, so it's best to go lightly with it, or blot slightly. You don't need overly much though as it's pretty decently pigmented. It's very comfortable on the lips and is pretty moisturising I'd say. The lasting power is okay, definitely not 10 hours, though Bourjois always tends to overestimate their products' wear time. The glossiness wears down pretty soon after application, but the colour hangs around for another few hours or so, even staining the lips. It requires reapplication after eating though, you tend to be left with the ring where the middle has worn off.

Peach on the Beach sure is a stunner of a shade. It's basically like an almost neon peachy-pink (but still super wearable, and not overly bold or bright), ma faaave. Once the products settles a bit on the lips, and after the gloss has worn down, the colour transforms a bit into a slightly deeper, bright warm pink-peach, there isn't that much variation though. The stain left is even slightly darker again.

So overall, I'm a fan. The shade is super amazing and totally up my street, the formula is really nice and the lasting power is pretty dece for such a glossy product. It retails for AUD$15 at Priceline. This was a slightly seasonally inappropriate review, but hey I don't conform to seasonal rules (plus it's still quite warm and sunny here!), but I will be getting a ton more use out of it once Spring/Summer rolls around again!


Polish me Clean

Hey guys! Today I have another skincare product from Sanctuary Spa to review. It is the Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser and is from the same 'line' as the Brightening Exfoliator that I reviewed last month. I picked this up after reading decent reviews, and it being one of the few hot cloth cleansers on the drugstore market here. The only other hot cloth cleanser I've tried is the Fab Pore one from Soap & Glory which I did really enjoy, so we'll see how this one measured up.

Packaging wise, it comes in a standard white tube with  screw top lid. It's practical and minimalistic, I really like the silver on white writing.

If you're unaware of what a hot cloth cleanser is, it is essentially a thicker cream cleanser that you work into dry/damp skin and massage/wipe off with a hot, damp face cloth. The Sanctuary Spa cleanser comes with a Muslin cloth, but it's nothing special. I prefer to use a thicker face cloth. The texture of this particular cleanser is pretty similar to that of the Soap & Glory, creamy and thick, but not actually that dense. Once you spread and work it into the skin, it tends to thin out quite a bit, especially the wetter your skin is. It also does have a scent, I can't really pin point it but it's almost tea like? Slightly floral and herbally, but slightly spa-like at the same time. It's not overly offensive, but I'm not the hugest fan of it.

Because the cleanser tends to thin out, I don't find it that moisturising or especially effective at removing my makeup. I double cleanse with this to get all of my makeup off and that tends to be sufficient. It leaves my face feeling slightly dry, not tight, but definitely not as soft or moisturised as the Soap & Glory one did. To be honest, my face doesn't feel great after using this cleanser. You know the feeling, when you just can't wait to slap on a moisturiser. Yup, that. As for the "brightening" effect, I definitely don't notice that it does anything to brighten my skin in any way, or give me a 'glow' at all.

My skin has been in pretty good condition since using this cleanser for the past 5 ish months, but I'd more so attribute that to other skincare products I'm using. I don't believe this cleanser has done anything special for me, it's not terrible, I mean it cleanses my skin decently and I'll finish the tube, but I definitely won't be repurchasing. I've definitely become accustomed to cleansers that leave my skin feeling soft, at the very least, and in the case of Lush's Ultrabland, super moisturised.

The Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser retails for AUD$19.95 at Priceline.


NOTD // Sprinkles & Frosting

So I think by now you guys know how much I adore Sportsgirl nail polishes, it's been well documented on this here blog. They're trendy, have unique finishes and effects, are pretty cheap, they're pretty good quality and often go on clearance (that's when I stock up ;) ). The shade I have to share today is Pink Icing. It's another one of those milky glitters that I love, but is fairly unique in my collection.

As you can see, this shade is a very peppy, cheerful pink. It consists of a bubblegum type pale-yet-bright pink creme with a variety of matte glitters submerged throughout. They are green, blue and hot pink and are of varying sizes. The effect is almost like some sort of jawbreaker/gobstopper candy or something, or icing with sprinkles. Sweet nonetheless. It definitely reminds me of some of the first Indie polishes with matte glitter throughout. The formula was actually really nice, was very easy to apply and only took two coats for opacity. The glitters were a bit sparse throughout the polish and took a little more effort to find and apply, but I still adore the effect. As always with glittery polishes, I topped with top coat and used my trusty Essence Peel Off base coat for easy removal. It lasted pretty averagely on my nails - 3/4 days before chipping.

I think this nail polish is absolutely adorable and I totally loved the effect it gave my nails. Have you tried any nail polishes similar to this?


Empties #4

Well do I have quite the empties post for you guys today! It's been long overdue, I'd actually already taken the photos weeks ago but realised I forgot to include a few things, then I finished more products so it just ended up accumulating! 

Clear Nourishing Shampoo and Daily Conditioner
As you can see, I have both the full sizes and travel minis. I'll probably keep the mini bottles to refill for travelling later. I thoroughly enjoyed this shampoo and conditioner. I definitely felt that it was nourishing, making my hair soft and smooth. It was moisturising on the scalp but didn't make me overly oily, and cleaned well. 
Repurchase? In the future, yes!

Initially I really enjoyed this mask, however towards the middle/end I didn't notice it doing overly much for me. It's supposed to be very moisturising on the hair and help repair damage. When I used this, I didn't notice much moisturisation - my hair didn't feel softer than usual - and my hair only felt conditioned when I followed up with a conditioner.
Repurchase? No

Holy grail product, and it was in my last empties (albeit, 4 months ago), so I clearly go through the stuff! I've talked about it countless times but I genuinely feel like this helps keep my skin relatively clear.
Repurchase? Yes already have, though in the future I really would like to try the+ version!

Another product that's been previously featured in one of my empties. I do feel like this helps fade acne scars gradually, as well as giving my skin somewhat of a 'glow'. I just really like the texture and feel of this moisturiser as well.
Repurchase? Yes, though trying to use up other moisturisers at the moment. I'd also like to give others a go.

Beauty Care Co Green Tea Facial Wipes
My second pack of these and I bought them because they were cheap ($2). They're decent enough however the actual towel is a bit dry, and the last couple of wipes I had in here dried out. I've since moved on to the Smart Skin ones from Woolworths which are much more moist, for the same price.
Repurchase? No

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser
Haven't seen this guy round these parts in a while have we? He finally bit the bullet and while I did initially love it, and still do think it is a really good, effective cleanser, I guess I got a bit bored of it towards the end? I didn't find it to be as thick or balm like as I originally thought. Now that I've tried cleansers like Lush Ultrabland, this one felt quite thin in comparison. I will always like it though because it was the first proper cleanser I used that helped my skin on the road to recovery!
Repurchase? Not at the moment or near future, but I wouldn't rule it out!

Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose hip Oil
I really adored this rose hip oil and it probably still stands as my favourite. It has so many benefits to the skin. I found it sunk in well, was extremely moisturising and helped my skin with acne and evening out its tone.
Repurchase? In the future, yes

A'kin Pure Radiance Rose hip Oil
This had the same look and feel and the Kosmea one, so I thought it would be similar, but no. I really dislike this one! I don't think I could pinpoint a specific reason, but I just found it didn't make my skin feel good. I used it for about a week or so and really just disliked it. Upon going back to the Trilogy one I am currently using, my skin went back to feeling moisturised and less congested.
Repurchase? No

Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Fast & Gentle Polish Remover
For some reason, I/my mum always purchases this one, it's just the one we've always used! I will admit, it's not the most effective because it's acetone-free, especially with glittery polishes, but it does the job and doesn't dry out my hands/nails or cause any irritation.
Repurchase? Already have, and probably will in the future - though I should probably investigate others!

Soap & Glory Hand Food
This is pretty old and actually not completely empty but the cream has turned to a runny, sour liquid - yuck. Definitely time for the bin! I did really enjoy this hand cream though! It smells divine, and it was quite a thin feeling texture that sunk in quickly and didn't leave a greasy residue. Because it is a thinner texture, I didn't find it absolutely crazy moisturising but it's not as rich so it's understandable. Great for on the go though!
Repurchase? In the future, yes

Original Source Lime Shower Gel
This was a pretty standard shower gel. It lathered well and left my skin feeling clean - not squeakily so or dry, but also not moisturised or soft. The scent smells like lemon-lime Solo soft drink which was refreshing at first, but after a while it began to remind me of some sort of citrus cleaner...
Repurchase? Not this particular scent, but possibly another scent in the future.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
I really liked this - it was the first lip scrub I'd tried and I found it very effective in removing dead, dry skin. The Popcorn scent was really nice, more of a sugary-salty-caramel than actual popcorn. However, it was a slight nuisance to use as the sugary bits would often fall so I always made sure to do it over a sink. It's very expensive for what it is so a luxury product for me. I get the job done with a face cloth in the shower.
Repurchase? In the future, yes but it's not an essential.

Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter
Probably one of my favourite lip balms. I find this super moisturising, creamy and it smells delicious! I found this really helped heal my lips when they were irritated, but not if they are severely dry or chapped.
Repurchase? Yes, but I'm trying to get through other lip balms at the moment.


Gradated Heat

Hola peeps! Today I have a review on a blush that I harped on about in my May Favourites, and that I have been using a whole heck of a lot since I bought it! It is the Essence Blush Up! in Heat Wave. It is part of Essence's latest new releases, and I snapped it up because a) LOOK at that ombre, b) the shade is right up my street and c) I love Essence blushes.

L-R: Orange side, blended, Pink side

I have to say, I think the packaging on this blush is really sleek. It's a simple clear, plastic square that allows you to see the gorgeousness within. It's minimalistic yet functional. One niggle though is that the corners are quite sharp! Be careful kids! Also, while I can appreciate that Priceline seals their stuff with sticky tape, it's SO annoying now that I have sticky residue left on my product (can't really see it in these photos, but trust me, it's there). 

As you can see, the blush consists of a two shade ombre; a vivid peachy orange and a hot pink, which blend together to create a lovely, vibrant peachy-pink coral shade. This stuff is pretty pigmented, but in saying that I almost feel like it retains translucency. Obviously you wouldn't want to apply blush opaquely, but there's something about this blush that really allows your skin to show through, like your freckles, etc, leaving a really nice translucent, sheer overlay of colour. I really like the finish and think it looks very natural. The blush is matte but not flat looking on the skin. I will say that it can be a bit chalky on the skin, but when applied and blended with a brush, it looks perf. Because it's so pigmented, I don't find it ideal to swirl your brush in the pan to mix the colours. I typically just dab my brush in the middle of the pan, but I also find if you 'roll' your brush over the pan, it blends the colours together when you apply it to your face.

I also found the staying power to be surprisingly good on this blush. I find it is still there at the end of a 10 hour day, faded slightly but still there. Typically only my theBalm blushes last that long, so props to you Essence!

So there you have it! Heatwave ain't just a pretty face, he's very functional too! I highly recommend you guys check out this blush, and ASAP if you would like! Although it's part of their regular range, we all know how much Essence likes to discontinue bestsellers...it retails for AUD$6.45.


Collective Haul // 16 going on 17

It was my 17th birthday in May, the 11th to be precise, so I do have a bit of a haul to share with you guys! Majority were gifts from my amaze friends, but I also used some birthday vouchers I got from some shops for being part of their 'club'. I've signed up to like all of the stores haha, it's basically free money as I like to say!

The Body Shop Moringa Soap, Shower Gel and Body butter, and Passionberry Born Lippy
A couple of my friends actually unintentionally matched as one got me the soap duo and the other got me the mini body butter in the same scent! I've already dug into the body butter and am thoroughly enjoying it - the scent is definitely growing on me! I'm actually not a big fan of the Born Lippys, I don't find they do much in the moisturisation department. I used to have the strawberry one which I particularly didn't like because it was tinted and made my lips look all big and swollen. Passionberry on the other hand doesn't give off any colour, and the scent is delicious!

L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream and Almond Body cream samples
I got these for free from the store as my local(ish) shopping centre was having a bit of a 'do and the stores were having offers on. I've already tried both of these products and really like them!

e.l.f Lip Balm Tint in Nude
I picked this up from iHerb to make up the cost to get a $10 voucher off in the order for my friend's birthday gift. It was somewhat spontaneous, though I did look up a few reviews and they all seemed to really like it! The shade is a really nice peachy nude. Similar to Revlon Complex but a sheerer, glossy balm version.

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
Aaah it is finally mine! This was the one product that I really wanted so I was ecstatic when a few of my friends got it for me. Mm rosy-neutral deliciousness is contained in that box. I can tell it's most definitely probably going to be in my June favourites.

Witchery Picnic Check Poncho
I couldn't get a dece photo of its adorable-ness so I'm using it as the background haha! Check out the link to see what it properly looks like. Yes it's from the kids section, but what can I say, it's adorable. I bought it because I had a $20 bday voucher, a $10 vouch for doing a survey, plus my mum and dad's survey vouchers, plus it was 20% off knitwear SO it came down to like SIX DOLLARS from SEVENTY. Bargain-bagger Tasha strikes again! Its so adorable and cosy - I love it!

Kmart Novelty socks in the Pug pattern!!
Ah ma gahd, LOOK AT HIS FACE. These are the most adorable socks I will ever own, though they also have a kitten print which was all sold out and hopefully they'll be mine too! I bought these because, well, just look at them, and they were only $1.50! Realistically, they look really weird on (he gets all distorted), and I probably won't wear them out but we'll see...

Mimco Pony Set in Black
The Mimcollective (I see what you did there ;) ) gives out $30 vouchers for your birthday so defs take advantage of that peeps! I purchased this little set of three hair bands with rose gold charms which were $29.95 so I didn't have to pay in (that's how I operate yo). I like that they look good on the wrist as well as the hair! BUT I would never pay money for these because the actual elastic is TERRIBLE. Like it's flimsy, thin and just plain shit. Get yo act together Mimco! I can get $2 ones from Woolies which are way better.

Assorted Earrings
I got a few pairs of earrings for my birthday as well. Excited for them, especially the blue ones from Colette as I don't have too many dangly pairs that I actually wear.

kikki.K Uppsala Small Pouch
I got a $10 voucher from kikki.K and decided to purchase this little pouch and pay in $4.95. I thought it was too adorable to pass up! I love the fruity, delicate print and I thought it would be sweet for makeup, or random bits and bobs.

kikki.K Wooden Greeting Stamp Set
So a couple of weeks down the track, I get an email to say that I hadn't spent my bday voucher, which I clearly did. I'm not complaining though! So I went in and purchased this stamp set which was on sale to begin with and so I only paid around $3 for it. Weird that, I guess the first lady must not have registered that I used it? Oh wells, like I say, free moneeeyy! [Gawd I'm so Asian]

Clutch bags from Ruby&Kit and Forever New
Both gifts from my lovely friends. I was actually in need of a clutch so these were perfect! The black one is a great size, and I'm sure I'll be using it heaps as it will basically go with anything! The Forever New one is so pretty, a light pastel blue and white. Very mod and sweet I think.

I did leave out a couple of things which I didn't think were worth sharing on here, or I forgot, or I'd already put them away, but this is the majority, and I'm very thankful :)! I also got a voucher to a cosmetics store so no doubt the aftermath of that will be cropping up soon. My fambam mainly bought me a ticket to see Katy Perry at the end of the year (YAY!), especially since tix are RIDONK expensive, like whoah dere. The Prismatic tour looks like it's going to be SO good though. Any other Bday money is going to my New Zealand trip at the end of the year as well.

I hope you guys found this post somewhat interesting, and I just thought I'd share the new things that have come my way :)


Monthly Favourites // May 2014

I cannot handle how fast this year is going! Half of 2014 is gone and I'm not ready for it to eeeend. Aaah, things are getting very real, very quickly. But of course, there will always be a favourites post to document the passing of another month. May was a good month - ma bday month as well as the birthday month of a lot of my friends, like geez there must have been much excitement in August '96...jus' sayin. So, there was much to be celebrated!

DKNY Delicious Night Eau de Parfum
Fragrance fave! My sister is moving down to Melbourne, *sad face* but that meant she was getting rid of a heap of her stuff - hair products, a couple of makeup bits and a shedload of clothes, as well as this perfume. This is probably one of the less popular out of the famous apple perfumes. I wasn't expecting to love this, but I have been spritzing it on most days! You would think from the name that it's more suited for nighttime wear, but actually since the weather has been cooling down it's not too heavy for the day. It's sweet and sexy but still has a fresh-fruity element. I might bring Smelly Sunday back to talk about it some more!

Garnier BB cream for Oily/Combo skin in Medium and Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB cream in shade 2
A base favourite this month has been a mixture of these two. The Garnier being too dark and the Heroine Make too light, the combo of the two gives a really good shade match. The formulas are somewhat similar, the Heroine Make being superior in the coverage and lasting power departments, but together they give a really good coverage and lasting power, easily buffed on with a buffing brush.

MAC Opulash Mascara
Another sloppy seconds from my sister, and again I didn't really expect to like it because I've really heard nothing about it. Also, the brush is HELLA big, like the size of my eye. What surprised me about this mascara though is that it doesn't clump. Like the first time I used it I swear I put on 3 coats of the stuff, and didn't need to comb through with a spoolie. This is CRAZY for me because I can't stand clumps, and even comb through mascaras that aren't even badly clumpy/sticking my lashes together. Combing through is habit for me, and I didn't need to with this! It looks pretty natural, but gives good thickness, decent length and volume. It also doesn't smudge too badly by the end of the day.

Nvey Eco Natural Bronze Organic Compact Bronzer
Another product from my sister, and another that I didn't think much of to begin with. Wow, sensing a theme? Firstly, the colour didn't look too great in the pan. It's quite warm and red-toned, almost like…a dirt colour? Yeah, not so appealing and it definitely isn't appropriate for concentrated contouring. With a fluffy brush, I like the Real Techniques Blush Brush, it applies really nicely and looks very natural, especially around the hairline mimicking a sunkissed look. Also when swept lightly under the cheekbones it provides definition and shadow without coming off too ruddily.  It's completely matte, blendable and pigmented.

Essence Blush Up! in 10 Heat Wave
So obviously I love it, it's an ombre blush. Also the colour is absolutely up my street. The formula ain't too bad either, haha! It's very pigmented, but at the same time retains a translucency? I don't know how to explain it, or maybe I'm imagining things but it still lets your skin show through, with like a sheer...overlay of colour. Get me...? It's also pretty dang long lasting too!

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip gloss in Coralista
Out of the Benefit Go Tropicoral kit, this was the product I thought I'd be most 'meh' about, but turns out to be the only one I'm using on a regular basis. I haven't gotten around to reviewing that kit, I will though - once I get around to actually, properly using the products inside. This gloss though feels much like a balm, quite slippy and with a medium level of glossiness. The pigmentation is definitely on the sheer side, like the slightest wash of colour. It's also not sticky at all, even when it wears down it sort of absorbs into the lips. I like it a lot!

Bastille Bad Blood
A music favourite this month has definitely been Bastille and their debut album Bad Blood. My friend has been nagging me for ages to listen them, and sorry Yas for taking so long! I've basically been listening to the album on repeat, Dan Smith's voice is majestic, plus he's an all round cutie. Said friend plus a couple others are going to their concert in a couple of weeks which I'm so jealous about! I am going to Katy Perry at the end of the year though, so my concert quota is all filled up :( (but much excite for Katy). 

So it was a month filled with unexpected favourites, but favourites nonetheless! What have you been loving in May?