Haul // Estee Lauder Corporate Store #3

Talk about a throwback post if there ever was one! It's been a looooong time since my last Estee Lauder Corporate Store haul (2+ years actually) - not that I ever went there often but going to the corporate store actually reminded me of my early blogging days funnily enough! My mum actually got a membership thing through her work which means she can go whenever she wants, and I was able to sign up too so now I can go whenever too?! That could be dangerous... If you guys are unfamiliar with it, the Estee Lauder Corporate Store is where they sell any excess or limited edition Estee Lauder owned brands' products at a discounted price. You can usually go by invitation only, but I'm not completely sure on the rules! Even though I can now go whenever, I doubt I'll go a lot because I don't believe they get new stock that often! Also, randomly, since watching Beauty News's video about how old their makeup is, I was paranoid that this stuff would be super old (since it's excess stock), but I actually checked and everything was made last year so still pretty new!


Like Music to my Ears #11

It's about that time again for me to round up what I've been listening to lately! I actually got Spotify premium at the end of last year, and since then my music listening life has kind of been changed forever! I can actually listen to ALL OF THE music while I'm out and about (and not just the albums I've downloaded onto my phone). Because of that, I've kind of been listening to a bunch of stuff and not really dedicating time to any one album. That being said - here are some of the (mostly new) releases that have stuck out to me!


Shimmer, Glitter + Glow with Stila

I am notoriously bad at reviewing things in a timely matter - case in point, here I am reviewing products from a limited edition holiday set from last year! Whoops! While not totally on time, this review is still suuuuper relevant ;) The Stila Eye for Elegance Liquid Eye Shadow Set sold out super quickly last year, but thankfully pretty much all of these shades are available permanently. The set contained six minis of their liquid eyeshadows, three in the Shimmer & Glow formula, and three from the now famous Glitter & Glow formula. The Shimmer & Glows actually just launched in Australia, so maybe this review is timely after all!