Monthly Favourites // August 2015

Where did August go? Honestly. August was a pretty heckers month (I had my driving test - and passed! Whoop!), but this coming week is going to be crazy too as assessment starts gearing up. Writing this blog post is just another way to "justify" my procrastination... Anyway, let's have a chat about some faves, shall we. I definitely have a mix of new and old favourites (and some music faves)!


Velvet Smooth Nails

As you guys know, I'm a bit of a nail polish junkie. I tend to switch up my nail polish at least once a week which often means my nails aren't always in the best condition! Though it's nothing serious, my nails are often stained, sometimes a bit ridge-y and generally could use a bit of TLC. Sometimes I do a bit of filing and buffing, but let's be real - I'm lazy. I was, however, very intrigued to hear about a new Scholl product called the Electronic Nail Care System* from their Velvet Smooth line. It's basically a three step system incorporated into an electronic pen! Whether it's better than your typical buffing block or file...you'll have to keep reading!


Mini Moxies

Bare Minerals is always a brand I've been meaning to try, but just never gotten around to. I don't know but, nothing out of the range particularly jumps out at me (though, at the moment, I'm super keen to try the Complexion Rescue). I do admire Bare Minerals though, they seem to do solid products, they come out with quite a few sets and limited edition items (which I do enjoy) and they're actually super reasonably priced! I succumbed one day, after having done my last exam for the semester (last semester that is) and bought the Nude Perfection kit which contains three mini sized Marvelous Moxie lipsticks for $18. I think this set was limited edition and doesn't seem to be on the Mecca website anymore, but these shades are available permanently in full size!


Souff-laying at the Beach

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of that title. APPRECIATE THE PUNNINESS. Aaaaanyway, back to the actual purpose of this post - I'm here to review the Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in the shade Watermelon/Moonstone. This isn't the most hyped up product ever, but I'd definitely read and seen some really good reviews. That and, Becca is basically known for their cheek products! The product itself is quite unique, so keep reading to see how I went with it!


The Humble Abode.

Well, well, well...look at us getting all up close and personal! I think we're at that stage where I can invite you over and give you a tour of my room ;) I have mentioned a few times on the blog that over the last couple of months I've been moving from my room, to my sister's (larger) room, as she recently moved out. It was a pretty tedious process of moving all of her crap out (now I thought I was a hoarder -_-) and cleaning up the place. That main wall was COVERED in blu tack from her "photo wall". Anyway, it's sad but true but the main reason I wanted to move in was because I was running out of space in my old makeup storage and was in desperate need of a new solution! I then became obsessed with wanting a dressing table and having a nice makeup "area" so yeah, I decided to move in! I also got a bed upgrade (since my other room was too small for the spare double we had) and basically had a lot of fun playing interior designer. I was totes going for that "minimal" vibe (though, bet's be real it's gonn' get real cluttered, real quick) and I was keen on lots of white with COPPER accents. Y'all know I love dat copper. Anyway, it's very photo heavy so I'll try to keep the text to a minimum!


The Minute Manis

Rimmel is not a brand I typically associate with the best nail polishes, but I must admit - they do some pretty great formulas! I have one from their Salon Pro line which I really like, and they recently revamped their 60 Second range with new shades! I'm not sure if they've been reformulated but the line has been given a refresh! I decided to pick up a few in a recent 50% off sale which made them cheap as chips. I was feeling a bit disenchanted with my nail polish collection and these pepped it right up!


Rose Golden Luxury

After lusting after the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set for a looooong time, and then painstakingly waiting for them to be shipped over (damn you Luxola!), I finally have them in my possession (thank you to my lovely frands for bday gifting them to me!)! I've been using them pretty consistently since I got them a few weeks ago and many have quickly made it into my daily routine! I will say a few of these brushes have quite similar Real Techniques counterparts but Lena did an excellent review and comparison post including those!


Sipping on Rosé

After dipping my toes into the world of Bite Beauty with a set of minis, I was very much enamoured with the formula of the Luminous Creme Lipsticks. I recently got my hands on a full size in the shade Rosé and am here to share my thoughts!