Jergens in Australia

As I'm sure you've already heard, Jergens has made its way down under! It's really exciting to see such a popular brand in the US land on our shores. I can only hope more foreign brands will make their way over! One of their more famous products, Jergens Natural Glow* is one I've heard many raves about from our American sisters. When offered the opportunity to try it, I couldn't say no! I was also sent the Original Beauty Lotion* which I was also keen to try.

L-R: Original Beauty Lotion, Natural Glow

I am not someone who is fussy with body lotions. As long as it does the job and smells nice enough, I'm a happy chappy. This, unfortunately, did not fit the bill. First of all, the smell is, in my opinion, very unpleasant. It's supposedly infused with "Cherry Almond Essence", but the scent is more reminiscent of that medicinal, cherry scent, but worse because it has a hint of chemical. Now, I'm really not a fan of that particular cherry scent to begin with, so I really quite dislike the scent. Speaking of chemicals, let's take a look at the ingredients. Some sort of alcohol is the third and fourth ingredients. Am I the only one that finds this slightly concerning? I also don't see any typical hydrating ingredients (that I recognise) except for glycerin and lanolin oil (which is quite far down). I think this definitely shows through in the performance of the product. The lotion itself is very light and gel-like. It absorbs quickly and gives instant hydration, the skin does look hydrated and feel soft and smooth (not that much 'glow' though) however I really don't see the long term effects. The next morning my skin will feel dry and I just don't feel like the lotion is hydrating deep down!

Jergens Natural Glow for Fair to Medium Skin tones* (221mL, $14.99)
This was the product I was most excited to try. Now I'm not really into the whole fake tan thing, my natural skin colour is good enough for me! I do, however, have some pretty horrendous sock and shoulder tans which I really wanted to even out! This gradual tanning product gradually builds up colour over several days. It's built into a moisturiser which I find much better than the Original Beauty Lotion. It has a thicker texture and smells a lot nicer - sort of vanilla, musky? I don't find it immensely hydrating but it does the job well. The colour aspect was interesting. I began to notice slight colour after maybe three days, and it gradually gets darker each day you apply it. Now, the colour looks very natural (no orange-ness at all) however it doesn't match my own skintone which is my fault really. My aim was to even out my tan but while the depth was similar, the colour was a bit off. This wouldn't be an issue if you were just using it normally for all over colour! The shade has a bit more of an olivey tone which I do think looks quite natural. The Fair to Medium is the lighter of the two shades, so I didn't get a tonne of depth from it. I do think it would be amazing for lighter girls! If you used it consistently, I really think you would get an amazing all over shade with it. I think once my sock tan etc fades, I'll use it to keep up my slight tan!

So overall, a hit and a miss. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the Original Beauty Lotion, however the Natural Glow is pretty awesome if you're in the market for something like that! Jergens is available at Priceline.

Have you tried anything from Jergens?

*Products sent for consideration.


Cheeky Gerbera

Aaah, the Stila Convertible Colours. They've been on my wishlist for what seems like years, and I finally got my hands on one in Gerbera, the token peachy-pink of the range. Despite not having it for long, it's already popped up on the blog a couple of times. I thought I'd share my full review with you guys now that I've had ample play time!

L-R: swatched, blended

I must say, the packaging of these Convertible Colours fits in pretty perfectly with Stila's bright and playful branding. The compact is slim and contains a handy dandy mirror, making it perfect for a handbag touchup. The casing is the same colour as the product inside, making it easy to spot in your collection, and has a pretty floral embossing on the top.

The Convertible Colours are creamy products designed to work on both the cheeks and lips. My primary use is as a cream blush. I find on the lips it's a bit drying, and can accentuate dry patches and lines in the lips. It's not the worst I've encountered in a cream blush on the lips by any means, but this particular shade can appear chalky on my lips, as well as being too pale for me. On the cheeks though, we are definitely onto a winner. The texture of the product is quite thick and creamy, and pigmented. Trust me when I say it doesn't take much to achieve the desired look. I know some people find the texture a bit sticky, which it can feel in the pan/on the fingers, but I find personally, when applied it melds well with the skin looking super natural, and lending a lovely glow to the cheeks. I typically apply it with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and only need one tap for each cheek. It blends beautifully, and is just as nice applied with fingers. The lasting power is pretty good for a cream blush (in my experience), but typical in powder terms - around 5/6 hours wear time. You could set it with a powder to prolong lasting time.

Gerbera has always been the shade I've been drawn to. It's not the typical peachy-pink blush in my collection. It has quite a pastel, pink lean to it, with just enough warm peachy tones to suit my skintone. The slightly lighter shade gives a beautiful youthful glow that is so brightening and uplifting to the face. It also looks super natural! It's really just a pretty and easy blush shade.

I'm pretty infatuated with this blush, and there aren't many (if any) bad things to say about it! Given how many rave reviews I've read over the years, it does not disappoint as a blush! The Convertible Colours retail for AUD$34 at Mecca.

PS. I'm in New Zealand right now to celebrate graduating high school! I will be back on Saturday, so apologies in advance as I won't we able to read blog posts, or respond to comments (probably). There will still be a post going up on Thursday. :)


So Let Me Restart

Dermalogica has always seemed to be a brand I've admired from afar and while I knew about the Clear Start line, I never checked it out. It was mainly because I thought it would be quite expensive, but they actually aren't! The range is aimed at teens and young adults to help with skin concerns such as acne. When offered the opportunity to try a couple of products from the line, having acne-prone skin myself, I couldn't say no!

Top: Matte Moisturiser, Bottom: Overnight Treatment

L-R: Matte Moisturiser, Overnight Treatment

Both products are packaged in lightweight, plastic tubes and fliptop lids which I find quite practical and convenient. Each product has different coloured branding, yet maintains the same clean, minimalistic design which I think is quite cute and effective.

Dermalogica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser* (60mL, $27.50)
I was both wary and excited to try out this product. When it comes to a 'matte' moisturiser, either it isn't really matte, or it's not moisturising enough. This was no exception and leans more to the former. It doesn't really give off a 'matte' finish (though I do use an oily serum beforehand) however it doesn't dry out the skin at all, or leave it looking/feeling tight/uncomfortable. I do find it quite hydrating, for a day cream that is, and I think it would suit normal - oily skintypes, dryer ones may need something a tad more powerful, but then again it isn't aimed at those skintypes. I find it sits really well beneath makeup and doesn't make my skin feel any oilier or greasier throughout the day. I wouldn't say it's amazing at controlling oil but it works pretty well for my skintype. It has a thin texture that absorbs quite quickly and feels very lightweight. The SPF15 is a nice inclusion but I don't think it's sufficient for outside wear and tear.

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment* (60mL, $23.50)
I think of this treatment product as a serum, similar to La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, which y'all know is an holy grail of mine. I've been using this every night for the past few weeks and must say, it works very similarly. I apply it after serum and before moisturiser. It has a lightweight, gel-like texture that feels like nothing on the skin really. It contains many acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree. It's very hard to discern the effects of a product like this. My skin has been pretty well behaved for the past few months and I do attribute some of that to the Effaclar Duo. My skin didn't really change much when I started using the Overnight Treatment, and remained rather clear, any breakouts healed quite quickly and they were mainly hormonal or stress related. I have to say I'm pretty happy with this product but I can't choose between it and the La Roche-Posay!

So overall, my experience with the Clear Start range has been a good one. The Matte Moisturiser is nothing extremely remarkable but it works very well as a day cream and underneath makeup. The Overnight Treatment is the type of product that is a staple in my collection and something that I find really helps keep breakouts at bay! Check the Dermalogica website for your nearest stockists!

(PS. My title is a song lyric, if ya know the song, ILY bae.)

*Products sent for consideration.


In the Glamazon

As you may know, through numerous mentions on the blog, I have terrible cheekbones. Not only are they not very prominent, but they're also quite low down on my face. Le sigh, I will forever be jealous of the glorious cheekbones owned by Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. One product however that has been helping me achieve the cheekbones of your average joe (which is no mean feat in itself) is the Face of Australia GLAMAZON Contour & Highlight Kit in Leopardess. Reowrrr

L-R: Contour shade, Highlight shade

The packaging is a tad bulky, a bit thicker than need be, but there's no unnecessary brush or extra, wasted space. The compact clicks shut securely and even though leopard print can be quite tacky (IMO), I actually quite like it on this packaging. I think it's quite classy with the simple branding at the bottom. Not too shabs.

The powders themselves aren't too shabs either, and pretty amazing for a measly $9.95! Their texture is quite soft, but they don't kick up too much powder. The pigmentation varies between shades. The contour colour actually is rather pigmented, but not overly so which, when it comes to a contouring shade, is quite good! It's a little sheerer in a finger swatch but is much more potent when used with a brush. It's easy to build up to your desired opacity and due to it's slight sheerness it is easily blended, looking natural and effortless. The highlighter has a similar formula, if not slightly more pigmented. The shimmer isn't over the top, nor is it glittery or gritty. It gives a lovely glow, as a good highlighter should!

The contour shade has surprisingly become a staple in my collection. The actual colour of it is pretty much perfect for creating a natural shadow. It's cool-toned, yet not overly so that it appears grey, or dirty looking (provided you don't overdo it). It's also not too dark, nor too light, so I think it would suit a variety of skintones, building it up gradually. When used just below the cheekbone it really mimics a natural shadow and brings out what little cheekbone I have! The highlighter is also quite a natural shade, for my skintone that is. It's a bit more of a beige-y champagne that's not too gold or garish, quite simply a pretty glow!

If you couldn't tell, I really love this little duo. Not only are the formulas impressive, but the shades are appropriate for many skintones and give off a lovely, natural effect. This kit was limited edition, however it's still listed on the website so you may be able to find it at Priceline, Kmart and other Face of Australia stockists!


Haul // Estee Lauder Corporate Store #2

The most popular post on my blog is actually my haul from the Estee Lauder Corporate store - and today, I bring you another one! If you don't already know, the Corporate store is where all the discontinued, limited edition, factory seconds, etc go, and includes many brands owned by Estee Lauder. This time, my mum was invited through her work for a corporate night to raise money for breast cancer and she was allowed to bring along a couple of people. Of course I HAD to go, and here's what I picked up! Perhaps we should make this an annual thing heh ;)

Surprisingly I picked up quite a lot of Clinique stuff!

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Bronzer in Bronzed 1
I didn't pick this up intentionally, and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it actually! It's a grinder style powder and comes with a sh*t ton of product - 13.5g!! The colour is nice (from my swatching at the store), matte and not too orange and quite pigmented. I may end up keeping it for myself heh... I bought it because it came with the next product!

Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in Lots o' Latte
So yeah, I bought this and the bronzer for only $20! How good is that?! They were selling the eyeshadow crayons for $21 on their own, and you'd have to be stupid to buy it that way, through this lil' duo you're saving a dollar and getting a free bronzer! Plus, you know, it's already heavily discounted. I'm really excited to try this, it swatches so beautifully - pigmented, creamy, and long lasting! The shade is much like Maybelline Bad to the Bronze but it's much more conveniently packaged and so much creamier.

Clinique Colour Surge eye shadow quad in Spicy
I bought this for only $15 - it retails for something like $60 which is absolutely ridiculous for a quad! The shades in this one are actually really pretty, they've got that rosy/brown/taupe feel to them. The formula is actually so lovely as well, buttery soft and pigmented. I think this shade may be discontinued unfortunately! Which would explain why it was at the Corporate store.

Clinique Brush On Cream Liner in Smoke Grey
This was only $10 (retail $37) so I figured I may as well pick it up! It swatched extremely creamy and opaque. It's a bit of a softer alternative to black, plus you could use it for a taupe smokey eye, or even filling in the brows?! I might be experimenting with that...it could end in disaster, but why not?

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Pop in Peach Pop (I never realised how many 'pop's there were in the name, calm down Clinique)
I may have let out a squee when I saw these (Permission to squueeeeeeeeee - ILY if you got that reference)! They had all of the shades and I was so ready to buy them all (not really, but I sure as heck wanted to). I settled on Peach, even though I really liked the Ginger one too. It's such a typical me shade - a peachy-pink, but one I know I'll get wear out of. Plus, IT'S SO FRICKEN ADORABLE. I paid $24.

Also, now that I own a heap of Clinique shiz, I realised I love the  packaging. Silver, reflective and clear - oh so saxy.

Estee Lauder Stay-On Shadow Paint in Steel and Pink Zinc
Oooooh yeeeeah bebbeh. If you remember from my first haul, I picked up the shade Halo and grew to love it. The formula is probably my favourite cream shadow, so I was STOKED to pick up a couple more. You will never guess how cheap these were. I'll tell ya in a sec ;) But anyway, Pink Zinc is that typical pretty peachy/champagne/bronze shade and Steel is a bit more of a glittery shade (purple, silver, blue shimmers) and a gunmetal base. Not one I'll get a tonne of use out of, but when I get to my clubbing days ;) lol jks, I'm sure it'll make a really pretty topping shade!

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Cheek Rush in Techno Jam
This product is a cheek stain gel thingo which I haven't tried yet, but I've swatched on my hand and even when a lot is dispensed it seems to sheer out really nicely. I anticipate that this'll be perfect for Summer time, but I also think the shade could go well in the cooler months.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Intense Kajal Eyeliner in Blackened Black
Guys, I think I've found my HOLY GRAIL eyeliner! This stuff is insane. I really wasn't expecting to be wowed but HO, this stuff lasts on the tightline. Like legit, hardly any smudging (on a bad day) and it's still there come night time. That is some impressive stuff. I'm pretty devo that I only have a tiny lil' nubbin :(

But ANYway, so those four Estee Lauder prods came in a little pack for...$20. TWENTY DOLLARS I TELL YOU. If we do a little mathy math, the full prices are $42 + $42 + $60 = $144 for $20, not to mention the mini eyeliner! HOW CRAZY IS THAT. This bargain is beyond.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul
I was actually surprised and excited to see this there, but then I remembered that the Mineralize line underwent a packaging makeover so it made sense. But also, I think this may be discontinued here?? It's no longer on the MAC Australia website (neither are any of the Mineralize blushes, dunno what's going on there)! Shocker because I know so many people love it! I'm really excited to own it myself, it's a gorgeous peachy bronze which is subtle yet adds life and warmth to the face. It really goes with everything! I paid $26.

So that's everything! I hope you guys enjoyed and I may or may not have picked up a couple of things for you guys for a future giveaway!! ;) ;) ;) I think I'll be holding one (hopefully) when I get to either 400 followers, or my 2 year blogiversary. Exciting times peeps!


Moisture Minis

Antipodes is a brand I've always heard so much about, being certified organic and using all natural ingredients, and one that I've always wanted to try products from. When they released a couple of limited edition mini sets, I knew I had to get my hands on one! They proved to be popular and I managed to snag the Moisture Boost Minis on sale, which features deluxe sized samples of the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream and the Divine Face Oil.

The packaging of this is adorable, it's a petite metal tube that holds 15mL of product. I absolutely adore Antipodes' packaging style, and it well reflects the brand's natural ethos. The smell of this moisturiser is INCR-EDIBLE. It's just so delightfully delicious,  vanillary but comforting and almost a bit jasminey? Basically, it's amazing. So much so that when I used it at a sleepover, my friends were like "what is that smell?!" and I was like "ma moisturiser" ;)

Anyways, I've already featured this in a favourites post so y'all know I love it. The texture is quite thick and creamy, but easily rubbed into the skin. I find that it absorbs almost instantly and leaves skin feeling soft but dry to the touch, if that makes sense. It's so deliciously moisturising, but miraculously, sits really well under makeup, never making my skin feel oily or weighed down. A day cream that's lightweight yet uber moisturising? Yes please! I've since finished up the whole tube, and would definitely repurchase in the future!

The packaging on this one is equally as adorable. The teeny tiny bottle holds 10mL of product with its own lil' dropper, making it perfect for travel! I did actually take this on my one week trip down to Melbourne and it worked really well. I'll definitely be keeping the bottle and refilling it for travelling. 

As for the oil itself, I'm not sure it really wowed me to be honest! To be fair though, the extreme weather difference of Melbourne really took its toll on my skin! It was extremely dry and exposed to wind a lot of the time. I used this oil every night and occasionally in the morning, and I can't say it really helped my skin that much unfortunately! I was also using a different moisturiser though, so that needs to be taken into account as well. I'm not really a huge fan of the scent, though facial oils never really tend to smell that great! It isn't by any means a bad oil, it did moisturise my skin, sink in well and it didn't leave my face feeling greasy at all, it's just that I have others that perform much better. I haven't had the chance to test it in Brisbane weather conditions, mostly because I'm saving it for travel, but I will definitely report back when I do! 

So overall, one hit and one...miss(ish). There's no denying though that I still really want to try out more of the range! You may still be able to get your hands on the mini sizes at Priceline, but Antipodes is actually 20% off at Priceline at the moment so do take advantage!

Have you tried anything from Antipodes?


Empties #5

It's empties time y'all! I actually haven't done one of these in quite a while, but I've accumulated quite the load of rubbish. Since taking the photos for this post, I've actually finished up/am near finished quite a few others, so expect another empties soon!

Wow whee, talk about a throwback. This was featured in one of my early hauls and for those first few months, I really did love this. Its basic ingredients are pretty much witch hazel and alcohol which isn't that great. I didn't actually find it too drying, but it wasn't great. I feel like it did help clear my skin to some degree, though I've moved on to far better and brighter toners.
Repurchase? No.

Dang, I loved these pads. They are essentially pads soaked in a gentle chemical exfoliant which really helped keep my skin clear, helped fade dark spots, as well as improve my skin's texture. I'm currently back using my Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening toner, but I've now decided that a chemical exfoliant is definitely a skincare product I'd rather not be without!
Repurchase? Not right now, but totally in the future!

I found this serum really helped out with dark spots, skin texture and acne - very much similar to the FAB pads. It also acts somewhat like a chemical exfoliant with the inclusion of Glycolic acid, though in a serum form. It's quite an affordable way to get some chemical exfoliating-ness in your routine!
Repurchase? I already have!

Indeed Labs Hydraluron
Contrary to everyone else, I really did not see any difference when using this serum. I used it every morning and I honestly can't say it helped much in the way of my skin's moisture of hydration. Personally I found it very disappointing. It's probably just my skin type but it was for sure a waste of money for me.
Repurchase? No.

Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream
I did really like this at one point, but in comparison to other moisturisers I've tried (Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream), I didn't find this outstanding. It was sufficiently hydrating, but I only ever used it mixed in with a facial oil. I did also find it slightly greasier than other night creams I've used.
Repurchase? Probably not.

Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturiser
I got this as a plane freebie, and it was interesting to say the least. It had a very gel like, almost a bit sticky, texture which in theory sounds like it would be totally moisturising, and while on the lips it does feel that way, I don't think it really moisturised my lips very much. It's been a while since I used it, and I honestly can't remember what it was like. I guess that's a testament to how much I cared for it.
Repurchase? No.

Beauty Care Co Makeup Remover Pads
I think these have been featured in other empties posts. These are the cheapest cotton rounds I've found - they're $2 for 200 which is a bargain! That is, however, reflected in the quality. They are a bit fluffy and come apart easily, but personally I don't mind, and for something like cotton pads, I'd rather not pay a lot.
Repurchase? Yep, unless I find something cheaper!

This was nice while I used it. I really do like the Moringa scent, however the soap itself isn't amazing, especially for coming from a brand like The Body Shop. It leaves my skin feeling a bit taut, and not moisturised at all. I'll be sticking to my Dove Beauty Bars thanks!
Repurchase? No.

Indola Glamour Precious Oil
This was one of my first hair oils, and I must say I enjoyed it right up till the end. It did everything a hair oil should; left it looking smooth and shiny, soft to the touch and hydrated. While I did really love it, I think the L'oreal Mythic Oil has surpassed it.
Repurchase? Probably not.

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge
Probably the best thing for cleaning brushes - and it's only $2.80! It cleans brushes really well with minimal effort. 
Repurchase? Definitely!

I got this little sample through their facebook page and I liked it enough to purchase it! It gives a really good coverage for a BB cream, a nice satin finish that lasts really well throughout the day on my combo skin. I tend to think of it more like a lightweight, light coverage foundation than a BB cream.
Repurchase? Well, I bought the full size!


Out on a Limb

It's tan time! Lawl jks. But not really, because guiz, I've been experimenting with fake tan. Wot a shocker. I really don't have any desire for fake tan because I'm tan enough for my liking, and diddly damn it seems like SO much effort! I've watched enough useless "Tanning 101s" to know that much. I did, however, want to even out my terrible ombre shirt tan for my formal, so I dug out my sample can of the Le Tan Wash Off instant tan in Bronze. I utilised all the knowledge I had gained from said tanning videos, and went in with some proper skin prep beforehand.

L-R: Breakfast Scrub, Body Milk

Wash Off sprayed

Wash Off blended (can ya even tell)

One thing I do know about tan, is do not try applying it to dry skin. It'll cling, be obvious and just plain ratchet (I'm guessing). So, as a bit of an excuse, I ventured out to purchase a body scrub. I've been wanting this one for ages but could never justify it. It's already made it into a favourites post, so it was a good purchase indeed! This shiz smells divine. Sugary, maple syrup deliciousness confined in one glorious tub that gives a pretty dang good scrub (yaaaass got tha rhythm and rhymes). I thought that this might be messy to use and the sugar bits would just fall all over the shower floor, but actually the stuff hangs together in a gritty paste, and scrubs the skin really well. My skin feels super soft and smooth after use and prep for dat tan ;)

After I hop out of the shower, I smother this dang thing all over my bod. It's a really lightweight lotion consistency that doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin. Definitely lovely for using in the hot weather, and I think good for applying tan on top. You wouldn't want anything too slippery right? It leaves my skin feeling moisturised indeed. It's also got quite a pleasant uplifting scent.

So clearly I'm not going for any gradual or lasting tan here. I really just wanted something easy, that was going to be a quick fix for the day. I was originally going to purchase Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs but remembered I had this guy sitting in my cupboard. I got it through a company called Pinch Me which pretty much sends out free samples for people to try and answer questions about. You guys know how much I love free stuff. But anyways, this guy fit the bill perfectly! It might look super dark, but as you can see, it blends really easily into the skin with hands, leaving a tint of colour that isn't streaky at all, and really looks quite natural. I'm lucky that the shade is pretty much on par with my natural skintone (they have two darker shades as well), so I could even out my pale-ass shoulders easily. It lasted through a hot night of dancing and shenanigans and as promised only came off with water and soap. Good stuff! Smells pretty nice too haha!

While delving into tan was a fun experience, I doubt I'll be doing it on any regular basis. Special occasions only really! Can you be bothered with fake tan?

*Product sent for consideration.