Monthly Favourites // April 2015

For serial doe, WHERE DID APRIL GO?!? I feel like I did nothing this month, study wise (oops). What with the Easter break, it felt like holidays and subsequently I watched a bunch of TV shows (more on that later) and movies (AVENGERS AOU!!!). But anyway, I have quite a few favourites this month so let's dig in!


Persephone's Fave Lippy

K, first I shall explain the somewhat odd title. It has more relevance than you think ;) LET'S GET CULTURED, Y'ALL. Hades (Greek god of the underworld) gave Persephone pomegranate seeds to eat, which she did. Since she had eaten food of the underworld, she had to spend part of the year with Hades as the queen of the underworld. (Thanks Tam and Yasmin for making the connections haha). Sooo, there's the Persephone reference in the Pomegranate seeds, plus Korres is a Greek brand. Coincidence?!??! I THINK NOT. So yeah, if you couldn't tell, I'll be reviewing the Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate for you guys today! It's a product I've wanted to try since the beginning of time (legit), so keep reading to see what I thought of it!


Empties #7

Slowly, but surely, I've been making my way downtown through quite a few products! Sort of justifies the huge amount of hair and skincare products I've come into the possession of...right? Anyway, let's dig into the empties!


The Lowdown on Lodhi

While the intensely pigmented lip crayon/pencil products have been the hot thing in the beauty community at the moment, perhaps the original pow-wow lip pencils came from NARS in the form of their Satin and Matte Lip Pencil. Last month I did a review on the Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Pencils which are supposedly similar to the NARS Matte Lip Pencils, but today I have the Satin Lip Pencil in Lodhi to share.


TAG // Addicted to Blush

If there's one thing you probably know about me, it's that I love me some blush. Being (probably) my favourite item of makeup, I've amassed quite the collection! The only thing from stopping me buying up a storm, is that my drawer is pretty much full to the point where I can't close it...(lol jks, that ain't stopping me). It's only fitting, of course, that I do the Addicted to Blush tag created by Kat! Thank you to the lovelies Lena and Jennifer for tagging me, and keep reading for my answers!


NOTD // Hawaii Hangz

Aloha! Although the new Hawaii collection from OPI for Spring/Summer 2015 is very much bright and tropical, there are a few shades peppered through that are very much appropriate for the Autumn weather we're experiencing down under (it's finally starting to cool down a little, at least here in Brisbane!)! I was sent a couple of shades that could definitely be sported all year round.


Elemis Skincare

Elemis is not a brand I hear a lot about, but one I've always been curious about! They are a leading luxury skincare brand from the UK that offer an array of skin and body products. I was so excited to see that they had a display set up at Obsession 2015 and the two lovely Elemis gals gave a few demos of some of their key products, all of which felt amazing! Our hands were extremely soft afterward ;) In our goodie bag, they kindly included four deluxe sized samples for us to try; the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash*, Papaya Enzyme Peel*, Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules* and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream*. I've been using these products for the last couple of weeks, and am ready to report back!


They see me Rollin'...They Hatin'

Ah yes, I'm back with another song-inspired title. Today I have the much-talked about Benefit Roller Lash* which has been on the hype train for the past month-ish. Isn't that always the way with Benefit products! They certainly know how to make a fuss! I was very kindly gifted the mascara at the Obsession 2015 event. The whole shebang about this mascara is that it supposedly curls even the straightest, shortest lashes. Straight? Short? That's me! I had pretty high hopes for this mascara, what with the millions of reviews already out there, but I think my skepticism has proved to be right...


Monthly Favourites // March 2015

March was a pretty busy month for me! It was basically my first month of uni where I actually started doing work, though...let's not talk about how I'm so behind on readings and should get back to doing the assignment that's due tonight! Favourites wise, I was actually grasping! Well, that's a bit extreme, but a lot is the same from last month. While I did get a boat load of stuff mid-month (thaaaanks Obsession!) I've been slowing starting to try things and wanted to test them out for a bit longer before I declared any faves! Though, there are definitely some gems in that bunch! Let's get stuck in here though!