Collective Haul // May 2015

I think it's fair to say that May has been a DOOZY spending-wise. A few excuses reasons for this: 1) it was my birthday month! #treatyoself was in full swing, I got some birthday money and gift vouchers - so I was fully justified in my spending ;), 2) some of these were gifts and giveaway wins and 3) My last proper collective haul was back in January! :O But I have been spending in between...check my instagram for some insta hauls. Oops. But after this I'm going on a bit of a semi-official beauty spending ban! I need to start saving up for my trip to the US next year (I'll be doing some major spending over there, no doubt, no doubt) and I've decided I want to re-do my makeup storage! I'm moving into my sister's old room since she's moved out and it's bigger than my current room, and so I've been getting really into homewares :P Dats gonna be my uni break project! And I'm excited. Anyway - buckle up kids, it's a long one!


Rimmel: Pencilled In

Remember when Priceline had their 40% off cosmetics sale earlier this year? This was all I bought! Talk about restraint, hey?! ;) Then again... I haven't exactly been restrained in my purchases for May (haul coming soon!)... Anyway, I've been meaning to pick up both of these products for a while, so I figured I might as well buy them in the sale. Both from Rimmel, they are the Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Eastend Snob and the Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in In the Nude.


So Apparently I Like Nude Lipstick Now?

BACK AT IT. Sorry for the momentary lapse in post/s last Thursday. Uni assessment has finally caught up with my procrastinatory ways! It pains me to have missed a post (for the first time EVER), but I've got to get my priorities straight! I can't promise that the schedule will be back 100%, but I'll try and have a post up at least once a week. Anyway - onto today's post: my sudden affection for nude lipsticks?! If you remember back in the early days, I was all about dem bold lips. I rarely wore nude shades, considering that most of the ones I tried clashed terribly with my skintone and made me look dead. Well, quite recently I've been reaching for nudey/neutral shades more and more because I've found some that actually suit me! Let's get into them, shall we?


18 Things in 18 Years

Whelp, it's my birthday today. I'm officially 18 and I can finally get lewse without society constantly getting in my way! Lol jks, I'm still a homebody with no life. But IT'S A WHOLE NEW WORLD OUT THERE. This post was heavily inspired by Sheri's...yeah, not gonna lie, I basically copied, hope ya don't mind! ;) (YOU JUST SO INSPIRATIONAL, GURL). But yeah, I rarely do reflective/personal posts on here, mainly because I hate talking about myself, but I thought I'd share a few random morsels I've gathered hither and thither over the years. It's a bit of a hodge podge of advice, things I've learnt, things about me and facts about LIFE. 


In the Spotlight // Napoleon Perdis

A type of post that I love reading, but have never done myself, is a "brand spotlight" post, where I showcase all of the products I have from one particular brand. Looking at my collection, I actually don't have a lot of products from many brands, brand loyal I am not! I do, however, have a few products from Australian brand, Napoleon Perdis, many of which I haven't properly reviewed on the blog. Now is their time to shine!


Put the Shadow in the Coconut...

...And drink it all up! Well, in this case, you put it on your eyes. I'm talkin' bout Josie Maran's Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow which I have in the shade Rio de Rose Gold. I've been wanting to get my hands on this product for so long, but just my luck, just when I was ready to buy, this shade decided to be perpetually out of stock! I finally got my hands on it a few weeks ago, and am here to dish out the dirt...the very pretty, metallic dirt at that ;)