NOTD | Dipping into Dots

Today I have a NOTD featuring a bit of nail art! 

For this look, I tried my hand at the Gradient Dot nail art which I first saw on Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. It is just dots that graduate from smaller dots to larger dots.

For the colours, I used Sinful Colors Pistache and Envy and I also used a random black nail polish. For dots I just used some dotting tools which I bought from ebay for a couple of bucks.

Pistache is a really pretty light yellow-toned green that is quite pistachio reminiscent! I've been wanting a pistachio coloured polish for a while and this one fits the bill! Great formula too, opaque in two coats.

Envy is a deep green which is supposedly a dupe of OPI Jade is the New Black which I've been wanting for a while. It is a really pretty shade and again has a very good formula.

The Gradient dot look was very easy to do and this was my first time trying it. I am quite happy with the results, though my right hand didn't turn out as well, haha. I topped it with my Revlon Colorstay topcoat which lasts a really long time, about 5 days without chipping!

I think the Gradient Dot nail art is a very easy look and I'll definitely be doing it again! I also really enjoyed the Sinful Colors polishes and am interested in picking up some more!
Sidenote: I saw Iron Man 3 on Friday and it was amazing! A definite must see!

What nail colours/art looks have you guys been rocking lately?


Burning on a Budget

Hi guys! Today I have a post about scented candles! I love burning candles as I love the aroma they give off and in general their ambiance and how for me they immediately make a room seem more cozy. But, being the stingy cheapskate I am, I would never pay upward of $15 for one! So I have a review of my favourite scented candles for their price!

They are the Kmart Fragrant Candles! I have six scents that I will be reviewing, though please bear with me as I really suck at describing scents! Kmart has a range of about eight different scents I believe, with a number of different types like jars, tea lights, cylinder ones (don't know the proper name!), etc.

These first ones are the smallest and cheapest, packaged in adorable glass jars. These retail for only $1! I have all four scents in this packaging.

Fig & Papaya:
This is the green one and probably my second favourite out of the whole bunch. It is a slightly sweet fruity scent. It is quite a subdued fruity smell, not citrus-y but it's definitely still quite fresh. I actually have no idea what fig smells like but this candle isn't very papaya-y in my opinion. I just really love this scent!

Apple & Rhubarb:
This is the red one and I really love this scent! It is probably the closest to like a 'baked goods' sort of scent..? It smells something like Apple and Rhubarb crumble and it just smells so yummy..

Clean Linen:
This is the white one and I'm not really a soapy scent type of person and this one isn't an exception. I just picked it up on a whim, it was only $1 after all. It just smells straight up like soap, not really like clean linen. I thought it might be nice to burn in the bathroom, but it doesn't really give off much scent at all anyway.

Blackcurrant & Plum:
This is the purple one and I really cannot describe the scent of this one! It's quite similar to the Apple & Rhubarb, only with more berry and less edible smelling... I do really like it though!

All of these had really good scent throw (how much scent it gives off) bar Clean Linen. For their size they can really make a room smell good!

These larger varieties packaged in glass cups cost $3 each. These come in four scents (different from the range of small jar candles) of which I have two.

Comforting Vanilla and Jasmine:
This is by far my favourite scent of all of them! It is a classic, clean vanilla scent and is quite sweet. It is very warming to the room and as the name suggests, I really feel quite comforted when I burn this candle. This has  the best scent throw of the ones I've tried and really coats the room.

Uplifting Lemongrass & Lime:
This is the green one and is very fresh, summery scent. The Lemongrass is definitely there but isn't overwhelming like some lemongrass scents. I'd say that the 'Lime' offers up a bit of citrus to the mix. This one doesn't have an amazing scent throw but you can definitely smell it when you walk into a room.

So that is my Kmart candle collection! I think these are awesome, they definitely surprised me quality wise and for the price, there's really nothing to lose! I also quite like the packaging, haha. Great to repurpose as storage! Head in to your Kmart and give these a sniff! They live in the lighting section.


Loreal on the Lips

Today I have a couple of Loreal lipsticks to share with you. I picked these up in my recent haul for less than half price!

These are both from Loreal's Colour Riche Nutri-shine line. I have the Nutri-shine lipstick in Pink Nude and the Nutri-shine tinted lip balm in 02 Nudy Coral.

The packaging on these is really nice and sleek. The square tubes are coloured corresponding to the lipstick shade and they are almost translucent which I think looks really pretty, almost like a gemstone! They feel very sturdy and close securely.

Pink Nude is a really pretty creamy neutral colour. It is sort of a peachy-pink with a hint of nude. It's an amazing everyday shade and I think the colour really complements my skintone! I absolutely love the way it looks! It also doesn't contain any shimmer.

Nudy Coral being a tinted lip balm has very little to no colour payoff. You get the slightest hint of orange, but really it's not very obvious at all, especially on my rather pigmented lips. What you do get though, is a lovely gloss to the lips, like a lipgloss, though not as thick and without the stickiness. It also contains a very fine shimmer which shows up and looks very pretty on the lips.

Nudy Coral, Pink Nude

Onto the formula of these products:

The Nutri-shine lipstick has a formula very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. Pink Nude has lovely colour payoff and is extremely creamy and comfortable to wear on the lips. It is also rather moisturising and I would say probably more than the Lip Butters. It has a reasonable staying power, probably to the same caliber as other sheer lipsticks.

While the tinted lip balm doesn't have the best colour payoff, it is a really lovely lip balm. It is really moisturising and like I said before, leaves a lovely shine to the lips. After wearing it, my lips are noticeably smoother and hydrated. 

Nudy Coral, Pink Nude

I really like both of these lipsticks/balms for different reasons. I can definitely see myself wearing Pink Nude a whole lot, and I already have been, because I think the shade is so flattering. The Nutri-shine lipbalm retails for $12.95 and the lipstick for $22.95.

Have you tried these Loreal Lippies?


To BB or not to BB...

Hello! Today I have a post all about BB creams! I will be comparing the three BB creams I own; the original Garnier BB cream, the Garnier BB cream for oily/combination skins and the Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream. I will mostly be sort of comparing Western BB creams to the Asian ones, and the two Garnier ones.

Original Garnier BB Cream
"Miracle Skin Perfector" in shade Medium
This was the first BB cream I ever bought, and actually one of the first makeup products I ever bought! I would describe it as really a tinted moisturiser with a teensy bit more coverage. It offers very little coverage in the scheme of things, somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a light foundation. The texture is on the thick side and it has a slight scent to it. This is the BB cream I would recommend for dry/normal skins. With my combination skin I get quite oily in my T-zone with this product, more than I would usually, so definitely stay away if you're skin is on the oily side!

Garnier BB cream for Oily/Combination skin
"Miracle Skin Perfector" in shade Medium (Oil free)
This version of the Garnier BB creams is completely different to the original, in terms of finish, coverage, texture! The coverage on this is higher, definitely more like a light coverage foundation. It has a very runny/liquid-y consistency. It has a rather matte finish and is therefore much more suited to oilier skins (along with it being oil-free). The packaging is quite inconvenient on this one, it has a nozzle applicator and the product often runs out of it quite uncontrollably. I do much prefer this one to the original and I definitely get my use out of it.

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream
"Beblesh Balm" with Triple Functions
I already have a full review on this one here so I'm not going to rant on about is but it is very different to Garnier's aforementioned offerings. This has better coverage I would say, but only a bit more than the Combo/Oily version. It's texture is quite thick, almost sticky. What definitely makes this asian variant different is the slew of skincare benefits it contains and the fact that it is a one-shade-fits-all situation. Though I do think for those with deep skintones (even a smidge deeper than mine) would probably not be able to get away with it due to its ashy/grey cast. It does colour change quite well though. This is really good for, I think, pretty much all skintypes, bar the very dry. Though, with thorough moisturisation, you could probably get away with it.

Garnier Original, Garnier oily/combo, Skin79 hot pink

As you can see here the difference in textures, the oily/combo being the thinnest and the Skin79 the thickest.

Garnier Original, Garnier oily/combo, Skin79 hot pink
Garnier Original, Garnier oily/combo, Skin79 hot pink (blended)

Here you can see the colour differences, the Skin79 being quite grey and pale. The Medium shades of the Garnier are quite orangey/very pink on my skintone.

So, there was my brief overview and comparison of the BB creams I own. As you could probably tell, the Western variants differ quite a bit from the original asian ones, so just keep that in mind if you are keen to buy one! My pick of the three would definitely be the Skin79, just because it looks the most natural whilst giving the best coverage, also the colour is much better for me (seeing that it oxidizes). 

What BB creams have you tried? Do you prefer Asian ones or Western ones?


Spotty Superhero

Today I have a skincare review of the Origins Super Spot Remover. This has received many good reviews, though some bad as well. I had just ran out of my other spot treatment, so I decided to give this one a go.

It's packaged in a little squeezable blue bottle which holds 10mL. It is easy to dispense the right amount of product and it has a screw top lid.

It's a gel consistency with quite a strong smell. It's key ingredients are salicylic acid and witch hazel. It also has clove bud oil to fade spots but I did not find that it really helped with fading scars. I use this twice daily, at night and in the morning. In terms of actually 'removing' pimples, it doesn't really remove them overnight by any means. I find different results depending on what sort of blemish I use it on. For larger, under the skin pimples I find it doesn't really help too much. It still takes about a week for them to calm down, but they still leave a mark. I find it does help bring them to head though (bring them to the skin's surface). For whiteheads, again I get different results. For really small whiteheads, I find they're gone after about one-two days. For larger whiteheads it takes a bit longer, anywhere between three days to a week. 

When I first used it, it did sting a bit, but afterward it was okay. After exfoliating my skin though, I find it stings quite a bit with a cooling sensation, it tightens up the area and almost makes them a bit itchy. I find this sensation only lasts for a few minutes though and it's definitely bearable.

So, is it worth the money? The price is $19 for only 10mL of product (such a tiny bottle!), though I think this will last me quite a long time. It's definitely better that the last spot treatment I used (Clinique anti-blemish solutions spot treatment gel) but I haven't tried any others so I don't have a lot to compare it to. I do really like it but I'm not sure if I would repurchase, we'll see by the end of the bottle. But, I'm still searching for the perfect, miracle spot treatment! Origins is available from Kit Cosmetics and Mecca Cosmetica/Maxima.

Have you tried the Origins Super Spot Remover?


Home is where the Heart is

Today I have a Limited Edition Essence blush to share with you all! It is from the Home Sweet Home collection. Essence Trend Editions tend to sell out really quickly, so make sure you grab them while you can!

I have the shade 02 Wool-d You Cuddle Me? which I think is an absolutely adorable name! I really wanted both shades of the blush as you saw in my Wishlist, however this was the last one left! I'm still hoping to pick up the other shade but my local Target has a very poorly stocked stand and even the lady said they hadn't received an Essence shipment in ages (I picked up this blush from a different Target)!

The packaging is Essence's classic plastic clam-shell compact. It is quite sturdy and secure, quite good packaging coming from such a budget brand.

The real star of the show though, is the adorable pattern embossed into the product! I absolutely love the attention to detail Essence puts into their products, and this one was no exception! The imprint resembles a cable knit piece which goes perfectly with the homely and warm theme of the collection. Wool-d You Cuddle Me? comes with two colours; a light, pastel, golden peach and a cable of a medium/deep raspberry pink. When blended together you get a lovely peachy-pink shade (as you would expect!). The area of each colour is large enough so that you could just pick up one shade if you wanted. The colours match my scarf quite well!

Peach, Pink, Blended
The texture of the blush is smooth and well-pigmented. It is quite a 'hard' blush being not so soft that the imprint is worn down with a couple of swatches...if that makes sense. But it is still very easy to pick up colour. The blush has quite a sheen-y finish. It is not overly shimmery but still gives a lovely glow to the skin. The colours give a beautiful warmth to the skin, and I think they are quite autumn/winter appropriate. I would most likely just swirl the shades together or just use the pink, as the peach is much more of a highlight shade for my complexion.

I absolutely adore this blush! I love everything about it; the colours, packaging and imprint! I highly reccommend checking out the blushes in this collection! The collection also contains some nail polishes, eyeshadows and lipsticks. It is exclusive to Target. The blush retails for AUD$5.50 for 8g of product.


Wishlist #1 | Birthday and New Releases

Today I have my very first wishlist post! These are some things I have been lusting after. Some are new releases that I can't wait to get my hands on! I also have a few things on my birthday want-list which is coming up in a month!

1. Rimmel Apocalips
These lip lacquers have been receiving some serious hype in the beauty blogosphere and I absolutely cannot wait for them to land in Australia, assuming that they will! They are basically like glossy, liquid lipsticks. The shades I've got my eye on are Celestial (nudey pink) and Stellar (coral-ly red).

2. Michael Kors Gold Rose Edition Perfume
This is something I'm hoping to get for my birthday! I've smelt it many times and I love the scent! I find myself spritzing it on every time I walk into Myer! Also, of course, I was sucked in by its Rose Gold packaging and name!

3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
This has actually already landed in Coles, but I've only seen it in the shade Ivory which is too light for me. I'm the hugest fan of the foundation, so its only natural that I need the concealer too...right?

4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige
I've not seen these in store yet but I've been hearing lots of good things about them! My tiny collection of cream shadows is growing and this easy beige champagne shade would be a welcome addition!

5. Essence Home Sweet Home Blushes
I'm still pretty cut that I missed out on the blush from the Cherry Blossom Girl collection, so I will be happy if I can at least get one of these! They are both very unique shades and I'm loving the quilted print embossed on them! This collection is exclusive to Target.

6. Real Techniques Brushes
Man, these have been a long time coming! I've wanted these for absolutely ages as they seem like the perfect brushes! Cheap and probably the most raved about! I'm hoping to use my birthday money to pick up the Core Collection, Starter Set, Stippling Brush and the Blush Brush. Though, the limited edition set looks awfully tempting...

Well that's it! What have you guys been lusting after lately?


Magic Water

Today I have a review of the extremely hyped up Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellaire Solution! I bought this off of Ebay for about $18 for the 250mL bottle.

The packaging is a plain bottle with an opening that dispenses product well and is easily controlled.

Its purpose is as a makeup remover for face and eyes, specifically for sensitive skin so therefore it doesn't irritate eyes or cause stinging. I find that it removes everything well except for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It can remove them but does involve some tugging which I would prefer not to do around my eye area. I pour a little on a cotton round and it removes makeup super easily with little product. It doesn't leave behind any oily residue or any of the sort, doesn't leave the skin feeling tight or uncomfortable, it's really just like water!

It can be used as a gentle cleanser also. There is also no irritating fragrance to it either.

Overall I really like this product. I don't use it everyday, only on days when I'm wearing a lot of face makeup. I use it sparingly only because it cost so much! To be honest for the price I paid, I don't really think it's worth it. I don't see why it is receiving so much hype as I can get the same results from facial wipes. I will, of course, continue to enjoy and use this product, but I don't think I'll repurchase for a while unless I find it for a really good price. I think it'll last me for a good while though.

Have you guys tried the famous Bioderma Micellaire water?


Haul | Bountiful Bargains

Another haul so soon? Well, I went shopping and encountered a number of awesome bargains that I wanted to share!

First up are the L'oreal products I picked up from Myer. It might just be mine, but Myer had a bunch of L'oreal products for less than half price!! They had a number of foundations, heaps of mascaras, a few eyeshadows, nail polishes and lipsticks. I did however go to another Myer and they also had cleared out a lot of their L'oreal stand and had it on clearance too! I have no idea why they are being clearanced and why Myer is the only store doing it! I'd recommend checking out your local Myer in case you find some products you like! Whew, anyway, I bought two lippies and a mascara. I got one of their Nutri-shine lipsticks in the shade Pink Nude for only $11 (Full price ~$23). These lipsticks are very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. I also got a Nutri-shine lip balm in the shade Nudy Coral for $6 (full price $12.95). It's just a very sheer tinted lip balm. The Telescopic waterproof mascara was $13 (full price $26.95) and I've been wanting it for a little while because of Viviannadoesmakeup's constant raving! 

I also picked up a Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids lipstick in the shade Vibrant Mandarin for around $8 (full price ~$16) from Chemist Warehouse.

Next up are some truly bodacious bargains from Kmart! As you may or may not know, Revlon released a new formulation of their very popular Colorstay foundation with a pump! This, of course, meant they were clearancing all of their old ones! Originally they had them half price but there were only two left at my Kmart and had been further reduced to only $10! I thought that was a bargain as I have been wanting to try this foundation for a while. I would have preferred the pump packaging but you can't beat $10! Also, I was super lucky that there was one left in my shade 320 True Beige with the Oily/combination formula. I won't do a review on this since this formula has now been discontinued, but first impressions are that it has good coverage (medium-full, buildable), matte finish, clings slightly to dry patches, does not have a natural look on the skin and smells of paint (not too appealing...).

The other thing bought on clearance is the Australis double decker eyeshadow in the shade Supernova Casanova for only $4. It contains a dark bown cream shadow with copper flecks and a peach-champagne, rose-goldy loose powder shadow. Likewise with the foundation, I won't do a review since it's been discontinued. First impressions are that the cream shadow is very creamy feeling and applies pretty easily with the warmth of my fingers almost 'melting' it. It did crease quite quickly on me, though it's not marketed as a creaseless formula. The loose shadow is absolutely stunning and I love the colour. It's quite glittery and pretty. These probably look best layered together, loose shadow on top.

Cream, Loose powder, layered together

I really love how Kmart discounts their products accordingly and keeps reducing the price as time goes on. For example, Target had one of the double decker shadows left, but it was still $7. 

But wait, there's more!

I couldn't not mention this little steal right here! This pair of black, faux suede wedges from Kmart (they have the best bargains!) were only $2 reduced from $25. $2!!!! I thought that was a bargain I could not refuse, especially as they were the last pair and in my size! The universe is sending me all the signs! Though they aren't of the best quality, they are decently comfortable. They had a bunch of heels and wedges for $2, so if you fancy a new pair, or an amazing bargain, check out Kmart!

Well that was my bountiful haul filled with my bodacious bargains (loving the alliteration?). Hope you guys weren't too overwhelmed with all of the words, haha. I'll have reviews most of the products up in due time (the mascara probably won't be for a while). I won't be buying much more anytime soon! 


Collective Haul | February + March 2013

Today I have a collective haul to share that I have been accumulating for around 2 months! I've been buying things here and there so this is what's new!

First up, a few skincare bits:

Yes, the esteemed Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellare Solution. I've been wanting this for a little while and bought a 2 pack from Ebay which I split with my sister. It came to $18 each, which is quite expensive for 250mL of product, in my opinion. I'll have a full review up soon about whether or not I think it's worth it!
Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips for $4 (Full price ~$6) from Chemist Warehouse. A lot of mixed and skeptical reviews on this product!
Garnier Pure 3in1 Wash-Scrub-Mask for $7 from Kmart (Full price ~$12).

Origins Super Spot Remover for $19 from Mecca Maxima.
Sportsgirl Nail polished in Galactic Glamour and Ruby Slippers for $3.40 each (Full price $7.95).
Maybelline Color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze for $6.75 (full price $11.75) from Kmart.
Ulta3 lipsticks in Hot Pink Kisses and Sunkiss me for $3.95 and $2.95 respectively from Terry White Chemist.

Sinful Colors Nail polishes in Pistache and Envy for $4 each from Kmart. I would recommend buying these from Kmart as they are 95c cheaper than Target!
Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream for $3.89 (Full price ~$5) from Target.
Essence Lip Liner in Satin Mauve for $1.46 (full price $1.95) from Target.

So those are all my purchases from the past two months! I was actually naughty and bought a couple of things yesterday, but I'll save those for another post!


Monthly Favourites | March 2013

Today I have my March favourites to share and surprisingly, this month has not gone as fast as usual! These are the products I have been loving for the month.

First up I have a few skincare/body care things to talk about.

The Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash-Scrub-Mask has been quite a nice product that I've been using lately. Masks are products that my 'collection' are severely lacking so I picked this one up on a whim, having heard good things about it and it being on sale. I've been really liking it as a mask and a scrub! I find it quite purifying and has helped my skin a bit. I will have a more in-depth review up soon though!

For the bod, I've been slathering on L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Body Lotion. It's quite a light weight lotion but is intensely moisturising. It sinks in very quickly and by the next day them legs don't look quite so much like a dehydrated desert.... I'm sure I will be using this lots in the coming cooler months!

For my base, I've been head over heels for Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation which has already received a rave here. I just love the finish of it and the oh-so natural glow it gives the skin. I've also been liking mixing it with my moisturiser to provide a bit of a sheerer coverage for daily wear.

For concealer I've been using Estee Lauder's Double Wear concealer in the shade light medium. I used to use this as my all over concealer but it has since become a bit too light for me. This past month I've been using it under my eyes and I really like it! It slight brightens the area and covers darkness. It doesn't cake, settle and isn't drying. I find it is much more long wearing under the eyes than on blemishes.

For lips I've been liking my EOS Lip Sphere in Summer Fruit which I'm actually so close to finishing! I find it's perfect for underneath lipsticks and the like as it is moisturising but has a thin texture so it doesn't mix with the lip product on top. I love the smell and taste too!

For when I do wear eyeshadow and want quite a natural look, the Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Nude Palette has been my go-to. Filled with matte shades, it has just been so easy to get that naturally enhanced look to the eyelids and the cheeks. I have a full review with swatches here.

On my cheeks has been a long-time fave, Clinique's Young Face Powder Blusher in Honey Blush. This is sadly discontinued but I absolutely love it for a natural but bright colour. It's matte so it's not obvious but it instantly brightens up my complexion.

A couple of random faves that I've been loving are:

The Comforting Vanilla & Jasmine Fragrant Candle from Kmart. On the dreary days of the month I've been loving this scent. Super warming to the room and very 'comforting'. Also can't beat the $3 price tag! I have quite a few of the candles from Kmart so I might just do a post on them.

I have been obsessed with this bracelet from Forever New! I love the rose gold and dainty studs with diamantes!

So those are my faves, what have you been loving for March?