Monthly Favourites // June 2017

I can't quite believe June is over and I'm writing another monthly favourites! I feel like I'm always doing these because I've been posting less frequently and quite sporadically (which I do apologise for! Y'know though, life gets in the way!), but I try to always do a monthly faves post! ...Which results in every third or fourth post being a favourites haha oops! I'm hoping to get back into the swing of blogging now that I'm on uni holidays - but tomorrow I fly off to Melbourne for a week so I probably won't post then :P . Bear with me! I'll be going skiing this weekend which I'm both excited and nervous for - I've only skied once before and I was a wreck, so here's hoping this time goes a bit better! As for the rest of my time in Melbourne, I'm not sure what I'll be doing actually! Still need to plan some stuff out but I'm open to any recommendations any Melbournians have! Anyway, let's dive into the favourites!


Battle of the Anti-Fatigue Foundations

You could call it a coincidence, but within the last couple of months, both Rimmel and Bourjois have reformulated their Wake Me Up and Healthy Mix foundations respectively. I was very kindly sent both of them to review, and it didn't take me long to realise they were both claiming very similar things! Firstly, they're both "anti-fatigue" foundations that contain vitamins which are supposedly better for your skin! I'm not so sure about the actual efficacy of vitamins in foundations - I don't know about you but I don't really wear foundation for its skincare benefits. But anyway, as foundations - they're very similar formulas so I thought it would be worthwhile comparing them!


Bridal + Bridesmaid Makeup

A couple of months ago, my sister got married and I had the honour of doing her makeup! When my sister first suggested that I do her makeup, I was very hesitant...Me?! Doing your makeup on the day that you'll forever look back on!? But what if I screw it up! I'd like to think I'm pretty good at makeup on myself, and on other people, but hey, I ain't no makeup artist. That being said, I have done both of my sisters' makeup numerous times in the past, and they both seem to really like the finished results. So, the more I thought about it, the more I warmed to the idea. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a makeup artist when I can do it for free? I mean, we all know I have all the products and the fact that I could do a bunch of trial tests on her was appealing to the both of us - and trust me, we did a bunch of trials (she's fussy!). Eventually though, we settled on this look which thankfully, she really liked and was super happy with. I also had to do mine, my other sister's bridesmaid makeup and my mum's so to say I was a bit rushed the morning of is probably an understatement, but luckily everything turned out amazingly!


Collective Haul // May 2017

Technically, this is my first haul this year - and I'm pretty proud of that fact! I really haven't bought too many new beauty products this year, but I happened to go ham in the last month! To be fair, May was my birthday month so I was spoilt and got a few gifts, had some loyalty club bday perks and just plain felt spendy! Let's dive in because there's a fair bit to get through!