Light Those Cheeks Up

Can't quite believe it's only a few days until Christmas but alas, here we are! While I didn't go ham with the holiday releases this year, one product that majorly stood out to me was the Smashbox Light It Up L.A. Lights Palette. This is my first product from Smashbox and it's definitely a brand I want to explore more (HEllooo Covershot eyeshadow palettes!). This palette contains nine face powders - a mix of blushes, highlighters and a bronzer - and is absolutely incredible value for money!  It contains almost 40g of product for a mere $57. That is like CRAZY good. Anyway - I'm here today to give you the full rundown on the palette! I probably left this a little late (sorry!) but maybe you guys need a last minute gift idea?? It seems to be out of stock online at the moment ( :( ) but you may still be able to find it instore at Mecca!


A Melted Merry Kissmas

I didn't get too many Christmas sets this year, but I was lucky enough to receive the Too Faced Melted Merry Kissmas Liquified Lipstick Set as a secret santa gift at a bloggers Christmas party (excellently organised by Dani and Kate - thanks gals!). I figured I should pop up a review sooner rather than later seeing as this set is limited edition - but if you like what you see, the featured shades are all permanent! I should say thank you to Maddie whose secret santa gift this was part of, but also to Sarah who actually stole this gift from me but let me keep this portion of it because she saw how devo I was haha. She's a sweetie ;) So technically, my real secret santa gift was a soap giftset from Lush which was also lovely. That santa remains a secret though - but thank you too! Anyway - let's dive into the review!


Haul // Direct From The US

When my friend Tam jetted off on her rather spontaneous trip to the US, I knew I had to get her to snag me some goodies. Even though I went on a trip to the US this year myself (and hauled quite a bit)...new things come out and my wishlist is forever growing! That being said, I actually didn't have a very long shopping list and surprisingly nothing from Sephora (shocker!). Well, I did want the Sephora Favourites highlighter set but that was sold out :( Funnily enough, this is the second time Tam has gotten me stuff from the US and the second time I've documented it! My first haul was one of my first posts on here and I'm sure you can tell my taste in makeup has grown exponentially... :P Ah what a noob I was back then. Anyways, many thanks to Tam for bringing this stuff back for me! Keep reading to see what I picked up.


What I've Been Watching #6

'Tis the season to binge watch all the shows. I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I have a few shows that I watched a while ago that I haven't spoken about yet that are definitely worth talking about! As usual, most of them are from Netflix :P  [I'm actually republishing this because I flailed and forgot to include two shows that I had to talk about!]


Monthly Favourites // November 2016

I can't quite believe we're in December, but alas, we are. It's crazy how fast this year has gone, and I don't know about you guys, but I'm not particularly excited for Christmas coming around! :P What can I say, working in retail during the holiday period really kills the excitement. November was pretty eventful beauty wise though - I hauled a decent amount in the past couple of months so I have a few new favourites to share!