Colouring Inside the Lines

Can we just appreciate how appropriate my background is today?! Yay for brightly coloured, random prints! Lip crayons are no new thing. While the "sheer, balmy" kinds have had their run, the bold and pigmented pencils are stealing the spotlight! Today I have a couple of Maybelline's Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils to review, Fab Orange and Nude Perfection. These have been out in the UK for a while and have gotten a lot of hype for supposedly being dupes of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I haven't tried those (though, I do love my one Satin Lip Pencil) but you know me, Miss Cheapskate, I'm always up for trying a budget alternative! And budget these are indeed, they only cost $9.95 a pop! Yay for reasonable prices :D


An ASOS Haul.

Since starting uni, outfit planning for every day has been a real struggle. Well, actually I only go in to uni three days a week, heh heh :P Who knew I would miss having a school uniform?? I don't often go clothes shopping, if I do, it's usually in sales and I only get like one thing. Can I be bothered to try stuff on?!?? But anyway, I made an ASOS order. I just really like ASOS; it's cheap and they have an awesome range of stuff. I like their "catwalk" feature as well, tres helpful. My haul's actually not that huge, but I picked up a few "basics" and other such "uni appropriate" attire. Pfft, I wear what I want bish. Also, apologies for shoddy photos and CREASED CLOTHING. Fashion ain't my forte, and I'm lazy.


NOTD // A few Ulta3 Polishes

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win a prize from Tried and Tested blog (thanks so much Snezana!) which was a massive box of (15!) Ulta3 nail polishes! Ulta3 is actually one of my favourite nail polish brands. They have a wide and diverse range of shades, great quality and super cheap at only a few dollars a bottle! The only sucky thing is that it can be hard to find a particular shade since they're display is pretty much just a bin full of nail polish. Needless to say though, they take up the majority of my nail polish collection! I've been slowly trying each of the new shades I won, and decided to share a few!


Obsession 2015 Blogger Event

Hey guys! As you may have seen from Instagram and the like, this past weekend was the first beauty blogger event in Brisbane; Obsession 2015! I was extremely lucky to attend, and I thought I would do a post on my experience, and also the ma-HOO-ssive goody bag(s) we were fortunate enough to receive! Please don't take this as bragging, guys! I just thought it would be fun to share what we got, and if you spot anything in particular you would like to see reviewed, please let me know! I'm pretty much going on an unofficial spending ban because LAWD knows, I have enough skin/hair/bodycare to last me the next year + lel.


Poppy Para-Para-Paradise

Josie Maran Cosmetics is a brand I've heard a lot about, and have been wanting to try for a long time! Model Josie Maran created her cosmetics brand in an effort to create makeup that wasn't toxic for the skin, but rather, good for it. She incorporates Argan oil throughout all of her products, and it's definitely one of the main reasons I'm so drawn to her brand! When they made their arrival into Mecca stores around Australia, I was more than keen to pick up one of their cult products, the Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee, of which I got the shade Poppy Paradise


Lashings of Rimmel

Rimmel is not a brand I would necessarily go to for mascaras, nor is it a brand that gets many raves for its mascaras, but, if you actually went to the Rimmel stand, you'd notice they have a load of different mascaras. It's actually really surprising. However, quality over quantity right? I've managed to come into the possession of two Rimmel mascaras; the Lash Accelerator Endless and the new Scandaleyes Mascara by Kate Moss*. Keep reading for my thoughts on them!


Celebrity Nudes

The premise behind L'oreal's latest limited edition collection of lipsticks is that there is a nude for every skintone, as endorsed by their various celebrity faces. I really quite like the idea behind it, and having various celebs of different skintones behind each lipstick makes the collection a whole lot more diverse and appealing! I wasn't planning on picking one up, but I had a voucher and my staff discount, and y'know...once I had the colour swatched on my hand, I couldn't get it out of my head! And so, the Colour Riche Collection Exclusive lipstick in the shade Eva's Nude (Eva Longoria) came home with me.


Like Music to my Ears #1

Good music is something I depend on to get through an otherwise extremely boring and tedious day. I'm listening to stuff constantly! While studying, blogging, commuting, even in the shower on occasion! I thought today I would share a few albums (and a podcast!) that I've been jamming out to lately. I don't have any specific taste in genre, I must say it's pretty eclectic; ranging from Pop to Alternative and everything in between (...except for Country probs)! If you couldn't tell, I'm sooort of trying to introduce a few random/non-beauty related posts to the blog! I'm starting off easy with my favourite music and TV shows and I'm not sure what else is in store hehe, though I'm open to suggestions!


Monthly Favourites // February 2015

Farewell February, you probably won't be missed. Half of February I was extremely anxious and nervous for starting university, while the other half was O-week and actually at uni! So far it's been pretty okay, can't say I've made many friendlies (*cough* typical) but there'll be plenty of time for that...right???? So now that I'm a uni student and all, I've sort of been getting back into the groove of daily makeup, and sussing out what's "appropriate". I've noticed that not a lot of people wear much makeup to uni so I haven't exactly been pulling out the bold lips or smoky eyes...but here is what I've been wearing a lot of! Also...it's Autumn now! Thought I'd get into the spirit with a knit background lel, even though I probably won't be wearing this till Winter - it's still hot as a mofo out there!