The USA Haul // High End

Aaaaand now for part two of my USA haul - all da high end shiz! Looking over my purchases, I actually don't think I bought that much...heh *scoffs*. I mean, obviously it still cost a buttload but I feel like I didn't go CRAY, especially considering I didn't end up getting any eye products, or that many face products (lips dominated y'all, MATTE lips). While I was over there, it felt like a lot (I went to Sephora in every city...MULTIPLE TIMES) but I only bought 2-3 things each trip (can't bear to hand over a wad of cash that big...what's up with atms not giving out notes bigger than 20s???). Anyway, enough rambling, of course there's still enough here for a haul! Like I mentioned in my drugstore haul, I didn't end up buying everything I mentioned in my wishlist, such as the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops or Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette because the drops are actually cheaper here (on PMstudio) and I can get KVD from Sephora online for the same price (saved me lugging it home in my already very full bag). Also, Burberry Pale Barley was sold out everywhere! :( Same with both of the other highlighters I wanted - Laura Geller swirly highlighter and turns out the Anastasia highlighters aren't available instore anymore (Y U LIE MACYS???). So I was let down a few times but it saved my wallet I guess!


The USA Haul // Drugstore

'Ello, 'Ello! It's been a while hasn't it?! Well, I'm back from my three week trip to the US and of course, I return with a WHOPPER of a haul! Like my wishlist posts, I'm splitting it into a (somewhat) more manageable two parts; drugstore and high end! I guess it's also a good way to compare to my wishlist what I bought and what I didn't. Some items I skipped because I figured it would be easier to buy online (a. wouldn't have to lug it back, b. I didn't have much cash haha :P), and others, once I saw in the flesh, I decided against! I actually stuck pretty well to my list, and overall am super happy with my purchases! With regards to my actual trip...I had an amazing time! You can check out my Instagram for a snippet of my adventures, but I will sure be uploading some photos and travel posts on here! Anyway, let's get into the loot!