Monthly Favourites // March 2016

It's that time again, and as always - it's here way too quick! March has been mostly me getting back into the daily struggle routine of Uni lyfe. MUCH EXCITE THO - we adopted a puppy! My dad has been looking for a dog for a while and visited the pound over the weekend and found one! She is a four month old Kelpie x Cattle dog and we've named her Peppa :P She will be making her Instagram debut soon (to make an account for her though, or nah?) (EDIT: I made her an account! @peppathekelpie) I'm sure! She is quite chill and well behaved, and not too jumpy or aggressive which is great - she's settling in really well! Anyway, back to the makeups - I have quite a few faves and almost all of them are from my USA haul (see here and here), as I predicted! Let's jump in!


Like Music to My Ears #4

It's time for a long overdue music post! I've been meaning to do an update for a while since I've been listening to a lot of new music! These four artists have been the standouts for me recently though, and have made the commute to uni a little less dreary! 


Current Lip Balms + A Giveaway!

One product that I seem to constantly cycle through is lip balm. Lip balm is a kind of "behind the scenes" product that doesn't get much of a mention on my blog, but rest assured, I am constantly going through tubes and tubs of lip balm. Often times I don't even finish them (whoops) because they're just not good enough (or I get bored!) and I move on to the next one. I do have a few new additions to my lip balm collection that are definitely worth keeping around though!


Trippin' // Colorado

Time for the second instalment of my USA travel posts! In case you missed my first post, it was all about the Grand Canyon, plus a summary of all the places I went! Today's post documents my couple of days in Colorado - more specifically, we stayed just outside Denver with our family friends. They were super hospitable and graciously took us around. We actually didn't make it into the city, but we did take a bit of a road trip to the Rocky Mountains which was amazing! We stopped by a couple of towns and the surroundings were so picturesque! Even driving on the highway, the view is amazing as it's surrounded by the mountains! I really wish I took more photos but I got a few with the incredible sunset! Most people come to Colorado for the skiing which we didn't have time for (not that I'm much of a skier anyways :P), but you really get the ski feeling in these little holiday towns!


Pop the Champers!

Apparently I've been feeling quite "pop-y" on the cheeks lately! Rather unintentional as I've been meaning to write this review for YONKS. I even questioned whether or not I should even write a review on this product since it's been SO hyped up and practically everyone and their mother already owns it. The product in question is, of course, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop, a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. I acquired this a few months ago from Sephora au as soon as it launched. I'd been hanging out for this highlighter pretty much since Jaclyn announced her collaboration. It created so much hype and instantly became THE hottest product of the year. I had hope then that it would be made permanent (so I could eventually get my hands on it) and as I predicted - it has been! (gotta keep milkin' that money makin' machine ayyy). Anyway, I'm sure you guys are all sick of hearing about this, and have long since moved onto newer, shinier highlighters, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents (or sixty dollars)!


Dem Cheeks be Poppin' Some More

My dream would be to have a bouquet of Clinique Cheek Pops...wouldn't that be just SO DARN PRETTY?!? Alas, two will have to do me! In case you missed it, I added another Clinique Cheek Pop to my collection - Fig Pop - while I was in the US. Unfortunately it seems we won't be getting this shade in Australia. A couple more shades have been introduced here recently (Pink, Melon, Pansy and Rosy) but I don't think we'll get the full line up, which is a shame as there are some gorgeous shades! Anyway, we all know I absolutely adore this formula of blush given how many times I've raved about Peach Pop, but I figured I'd share some swatches of Fig Pop! (plus it's an excuse to take photos of these CUTIES). 


Trippin' // Grand Canyon

I've finally started sorting through my USA photos, which means I can finally start posting some travel posts on ze blog! Yay! I don't think I've properly mentioned where I actually went, but I was away for three weeks and began my trip in Anaheim for two days at Disneyland! We landed in Los Angeles and caught a shuttle to Anaheim. We then went back to LAX to fly to Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, we hired a car to drive to Tusayan, Arizona, a town super close to the Grand Canyon. We stayed there for a couple of nights before driving back to Las Vegas to catch a flight to Denver. We actually stayed just outside Denver with family friends so we didn't actually make it into the city unfortunately! We did drive up to the rocky mountains though which were stunning! From Denver, we flew to San Francisco where we stayed for a few nights. Our trip finally came to a close with our last stop in Los Angeles! Anyway, I'm still sorting through photos and I thought I'd start out with what was probably the highlight of the trip; the Grand Canyon!


NOTD // Chilled-Out-O

Though summer has officially come to a close, and autumn has begun...it sure don't feel like it! Since coming back from negative winter temps in the US, I've forgotten how to cope in the heat! The last few days have been especially bad as it's been SO hot, but also rainy so the humidity REALLY sticks around. It's like walking through sweat. Eugh. But anyway, a very summery nail polish to have graced my tips this season was Essie Chillato. This was part of their summer 2015 collection which we only got in Australia fairly recently. 


Monthly Favourites // February 2016

Well this is a bit weird, March of 2016 has officially begun. WhahatatTatAT?!?? It's especially odd for me as this is my first favourites post of the year as I missed January! It wasn't intentional, I was just so busy packing and then travelling that I completely forgot. Also, I really wasn't using anything new so you can refer to my December/2015 favourites for what I was loving during January! Anyway, Feb's faves aren't particularly exciting either as I was pretty much living out of a makeup bag on my travels. I can ASSURE you that next month's will be quite exciting though ;)