Monthly Favourites // December 2015

Happy new year everyone! How is it even possible that a whole year has past... Like wut?!??? The first half of the year felt real but then the second half just like...evaporated before my eyes then BOOM 2016. I'm here to share the final monthly favourites of the year though and since last month was ALL ABOUT DA HAULS, I have quite a few new products I've been loving! I will be doing a 2015 favourites as well though tbh I haven't even thought about what's going in it...I need to have a proper sit down with my collection and assess the goods! Anyway, let's get into it as I'm wasting the precious seconds we have left of 2015...


NOTD // Street Flair

Nail of the days used to be a monthly occurrence round these parts but lately I've just gotten really lazy with my nails! I used to change up my polish every four days (like clockwork!), but lately I've just been letting it chip off and changing it once a week at most. I just can't be bothered really, plus where I work is very hard on my hands as I'm constantly ripping open boxes, etc so my polish really doesn't last very long! I also had a gel manicure which lasted like a month so I didn't use any other polishes then haha :P I have picked up a few new polish shades lately though and have been trying them all out, slowly but surely. I figured I'd squeeze in one last manicure for the year featuring one of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel polishes in the shade Street Flair


New In // Skincare

Before I get into the post, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope y'all have a joyous Christmas break filled with fun, family and FOOD. I also hope you guys are having a better Christmas Eve than me...I'm working all day today unfortunately (hella unexcited as I type this up the night before). Working retail during Christmastime is the WORST. I'm kinda sad I didn't do any festive posts this year, I usually do a NOTD post or something but I just haven't had time, nor have I really felt that festive! Oh wells, everyone and their dog has gift guides and holiday tutorials up anyways! Today's post is just a roundup of some new skincare I've been trying lately. Sort of a haul but with mini reviews!


What I've Been Watching #4

We should just start calling this series, "What I'm watching on Netflix rn" tbh. But anyways, as predicted, I've been watching BUNCH of new shows as I'm on holidays, though still super busy! Mostly I'm just working and watching tv...need to catch up on reading blog posts, whoops! ALSO, another shoutout to Jessica Jones which I mentioned in my November Favourites. I was going to talk about it again because, y'know, IT DESERVES ANOTHER SHOUTOUT, but then I would have five posters and that doesn't make an even shape...lel. Anyway, WATCH JESSICA JONES IT'S REALLY GOOD.


Game. Set. Match.

It's been a while since I've reviewed a foundation round these parts...In fact my last was of the Bourjois Happy Light foundation which was over a year ago. Say whuuut?! It's not like I haven't gotten new foundations since then but I'm a fickle chick and more often than not, I never get the right shade so I end up mixing it with another foundation therefore altering the formula. Oops. I was however sent Rimmel's latest base launches, their reformulated Match Perfection Foundation* and their Fix & Protect Makeup Primer*. I've actually been meaning to try Match Perfection for yonkles since a bunch of people rave about it, but I've never gotten around to it as I have a crap load of bases (though, I don't use a lot of them so only like 3?). I've also been on a bit of a primer kick lately so I was super keen to try these two products!


Empties #10

It's time to check in with my empties bin! My little bucket has been piling up and I thought I better get out an empties post before the year is out! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how many products I've managed to get through over the year and these posts have been semi-regular every 3 months-ish. Gold star for effort ayy. Anyway, onto tha goodz. Also ignore the weird colouring differences...foil-y metallic background is hard to photograph on!


One Shocking Moment

Holy wow Christmas is so soon and everyone's busting out their gift guides while I'm just here buying gifts for myself. wuuUTT WUUT. Anyway, I have to say the Holiday releases this year were pretty great, you can read about my picks here. I feel like the hype has sort of died down and hopefully everything hasn't sold out. I thought I would finally write up my review of the NARS x Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette. Hopefully this review isn't redundant seeing as most people have seen/heard a bunch about this palette or...they own it, and you guys know I already love it but what da heck, this guy deserves a post all to himself!


In The Spotlight // Antipodes

On the scene of green beauty brands, Antipodes is well at the forefront. They're a brand I constantly want to try more from and from trying a few of their products over the past couple of years, I definitely have some favourites! More recently though, I was sent a few of their hero products, as well as a new serum. My skincare routine for the past month or so has been Antipodes-heavy, but I have to say, my skin is looking pretty good! Keep reading for a round-up of mini reviews on the Antipodes products I have.