Monthly Favourites // May 2017

As always, May has come to a close quite quickly! It was my birthday month so I was fairly spoilt, got my fair share of loyalty program freebies and had an amazing night out mini golfing with my buds! I actually did quite a bit of shopping this month too (haul to come! Once my final order arrives...), so there will be plenty of new reviews and content coming soon! I've got a few assessments in the coming couple weeks, but I'm free after that! I have a select few favourites for this month, but some new products that I thought I'd share with you!


Flashin' Those Pearly Lights

Remember how I said I was content with my highlighter collection...? Whelp - here I am with a brand new one to add to the stash (aaaand I also got the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero palette haha :P )! To be fair though, my lovely friends Lucy and Jacinta (shoutouts!) gave this to me for my birthday, so it's really not my fault that they're feeding my addiction... The highlighter palette in question is the collaboration between Smashbox and Casey Holmes - the Spotlight Palette in Pearl. This wasn't one that really caught my attention very much, but I'm actually really liking it so big ups to ma mates. Also do ya like the title, pearly lights...pearly whites? Geddit?


What I've Been Watching #8

Whelp! It's actually my birthday today - so that's exciting I guess! (Actually writing this the day before so technically not really lel). Sorry I'm not here with an insightful and reflective post on my 20 years on this planet, but I'm coming at you with a TV post which in my opinny is way better ;) As per the usual, these are all Netlfix shows cos it's just DANG convenient. That being said, quite a few of my favourite shows are back, like Veep and Silicon Valley. Also, Agents of Shield is almost over but its latest episodes have been FIRE. So good. Anyways - here are the shows I've been watching recently and (shocker!), I actually don't like all of them!!


Monthly Favourites // April 2017

MAYDAY, MAYDAY! IT'S MAY...DAY! Yup, that's right. It's the first of May...HOW. I cannot belieb we are already in May (my birthday month!) - this year is going crazy quick. I didn't do a monthly favourites last month because I was pretty busy but also I wasn't loving much new stuff. I have quite a few products worth talking about this month though so let's get into them!