Sheer Lip Shopping

I consider myself a lover of the majority of lip product formulas out there; glosses, velvety matte lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, the list goes on really! One that I'll always be partial toward though is the sheer, glossy lipstick! I've been gravitating toward them lately as I get into the groove of a minimal, everyday makeup look for uni, which of course justifies my buying more right? :P A few new additions to the stash are the Topshop Sheer Lips in the shades Alibi and Play With Fire. I managed to pick these up on sale so let's see how they performed, what with so many similar formulas out there!



I'm SO imaginative with that title aren't eye I ;) I've been ranting and raving about the Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad (now All About Shadow Quad) in 102 Spicy for long enough that I figured I should probably review it and show you guys some swatches! I actually think this shade has been discontinued (ooops, don't kill me!) since it's not on their website, and I bought it from the Corporate store, but I'd figured I'd still review it because the shadow formula has actually become one of my favourites! Plus, the shades aren't that unique so you could probably find some similar ones elsewhere.


I Do Marathons...Y'Know, of TV Shows

Something you guys probably know about me is that I love watching TV. I basically have two interests; beauty and TV, and both seem to involve me being glued to my laptop haha :P I don't think I've ever done a standalone TV post, aside from mentioning favourites here and there. Since I've been on holidays for the past couple of months (Uni and classes officially start next week, eek!), you could say I've been watching a fair amount of shows, and a few marathons have been run conducted. These are just a few shows that I've been watching more recently! I've also watched Pushing Daisies, the first season of American Horror Story, Outlander, Halt and Catch Fire, and that's not even including the shows I already watch! Also, sorry if I'm rambly and not very insightful about the shows...I'm better at fangirling about them than actually "reviewing" them :P


That Cindy Glow

When it comes to cheek products, theBalm has it down. I'm a big lover of their blushes, and of course arguably their most popular product, Mary-Lou Manizer is my favourite highlighter. It only made sense that I pick up their latest Manizer release, Cindy-Lou. I mean, she's the slightly rosier sister of Mary, what's not to love?!


Baby Bites

Bite Beauty is a brand of lipstick that I've wanted to try for ages! Made from food grade ingredients, their lip products are pretty much good enough to eat! Makes sense really, since they are going on your lips and where else does you lipstick go other than into your mouth? I managed to snag this little travel kit from Natural Supply Co which contains a few mini sized products; the Lip Shine in Sante and two Luminous Creme Lipsticks in Fig and Pepper


Throwing Shade on 50 Shades

Not really...But I'll be honest: when I first saw that OPI were bringing out a 50 Shades of Grey nail polish collection I was both amused and uninterested. I have not read the books, nor do I have any intention on seeing the movie. I don't have anything against the whole enterprise (who, let's face it, is really milking it through various makeup/nail/beauty campaigns and collections), but I'm really not an advocate! However, as a nail polish lover, I won't discriminate just because of the theme of a collection! When offered to try a few shades, I thought - why not!?


Empties #6

It's that time again! The rare, but fairly regular occurrence of an empties post. I seem to have had an influx of empty cleansers and skincare in general (all the more reason to buy more hey? ;) ) and it was about time I rounded it all up and shared my thoughts on all the products I've finished!


Dem Cheeks be Poppin'

Arguably the cutest blush, with the most repetitive name; Clinique's Cheek Pop Blush Pops certainly made a splash in the beauty community with their release last year. The general consensus is that these have a very unique, almost cream-like formula, and of course, you can't go past the adorable gerbera embossing. I managed to pick up Peach Pop at a discounted price and here are my thoughts...