In the Spotlight // Primers

Primer is one of those temperamental products that works for some people and doesn't for others. With my oily skin, primer is something I swear by and depend on to keep my makeup on all day! I've found some solid primers that work well for my skin, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mattifying primer that will control oil all day (the dream!). I thought I would run through my primer collection and give you guys reviews on them - some I love and some (or one) I don't... As I mentioned - I've got a very oily t-zone and pretty normal cheeks so keep that in mind when reading!


Colour Families // The Grungy Greiges

Back with another Colour Families post! I'm hoping one day I'll eventually chronicle my entire makeup collection through this series... haha! Today we'll be looking at the grungy greiges (as you can see, I'm still loving that alliteration) which I was super into maybe a year or so ago. After shunning cool tones for the longest time - I suddenly embraced them whole heartedly! Well, on the lips that is - I'm still not really a fan of taupe eyeshadows (but gimme mauves any day). I'm less obsessed with them now, but I've amassed a decent enough collection of them that I can do a post! Also, I've taken a bit of freedom with 'greige' haha. Some of these are cooler brown nudes, some veer a lot into the purple/mauve family, but on the whole we're basically in the same colour family! 


What's in my Custom Palette?

No favourites post again this month because there haven't been many new products I've been loving, so I thought I'd show some love to a constant fave in my collection that I don't mention too often (or at all really!) - my custom palette! It's actually a Z-Palette but since the whole social media debacle a year or so ago I don't totally want to support them (lol). Mine's actually basically full now though, so the next empty palette I buy will probably be from Colourpop or something (there are literally so many on the market so I'll have no probs not buying from Z-Palette again haha!). I have shadows from Colourpop, Makeup Geek and MAC in here, some of which are staples in my collection! So here is a dedicated post with swatches and reviews of all of them! :) 


Empties #17

It's empties time again! I'm a wee bit overdue this time around so I have a lot to talk about! It feels good to be finishing up products. I also did a wardrobe AND makeup declutter this past week so I'm feeling extra good about myself haha! I got rid of a tonne of makeup that I just wasn't using (or was super old) and my collection is a lot more streamlined. That being said, I still have a huge collection and way more than I actually need... haha. :P Anyway, let's dive into products I've actually finished!


Covergirl x Katy Perry // Katy Kat Palettes

While I'm overwhelmingly a dog person...I gotta admit that these palettes are pretty fricken adorable! Then again, I am a sucker for any makeup that has a special embossing or pattern on it! Today I'm coming at you with a review and swatches of the two limited edition Covergirl and Katy Perry Katy Kat Palettes in Hot Kat* and Cool Kat*. I'll be honest with ya, I wasn't expecting the greatest from these since I've become a bit of a snob with eyeshadow and much prefer high end brands (and Colourpop) - but these pleasantly surprised me!