Monthly Favourites // June 2015

So June was a bit of a heckers month for me! I had two exams right at the beginning of the month and despite finishing on the 10th, I've still been incredibly busy! I've been clearing and cleaning out my sister's old room (as well as my own) and have done quite a bit of homewares shopping! I'm still not completely moved in but will be soon. I'll probably do a room tour at some point too! Now that my friends have finished exams too, I've been a bit of a "social butterfly". I saw Inside Out yesterday and oh my gawd, IT'S SO DAMN EMOTIONAL. Legit tears runnin' down ma face. Anyway, this month's faves are quite skincare heavy so let's get into them!


A Sweet Gift from the UK.

Today I bring you a bit of a mini haul sent all the way from Wales! It's a bit of a long story BUT, my friend met a lovely gal who lives in Wales over Tumblr (and their mutual adoration of Little Mix) and she very kindly offered to send over a few makeup bits! I kind of butted into this dealio because I was sort of very desperate to get my hands on a couple of things and I'm absolutely blown away by her kindness as she sent over all of these products as a gift! So thank you very much Lia! My friend and I have got a bit of a gift pack in the works featuring some Australian products to send off to her!


What I've Been Watching #2

So, as y'all know, whenever holidays roll around, so do the tv show binge watching tymz. I've been marathoning a couple of shows (OITNB season 3!) but I also thought I'd mention a few shows that I've been watching and enjoying lately and that often gave me brief reprieve from endless study (can't say those breaks were very well deserved :P ). You can read the first installment of this 'series' here


Born Pretty Store // Haul & Review

Perhaps I should call this the "haul of dupes" because that's very much what it's looking like! A little while ago, Born Pretty Store offered to send me a few things of my choosing and I jumped at the chance as I've seen products from them over the net for the past couple of years. I remember in my early days of nail polish and nail art obsession really wanting to purchase a stamping set from them, but I never got around to it! Probably for the better since I'm not really interested in that stuff as much anymore, heh! If you're not familiar with them, Born Pretty is basically a super cheap online store based in Asia which stocks a bunch of beauty products, as well as a pretty random assorment of other stuff too! They also offer free worldwide shipping which is pretty fab! Naturally, I gravitated towards the dupe-y products, because I'm a sucker for a good dupe!


Oh. My. Gloss.

CHANDLER BING?!???!! Had to do it. Anyway, if you didn't gather from the title, today I'm reviewing Rimmel's new Oh My Gloss! lip glosses! As you guys know, I'm pretty fussy when it comes to glosses - they CANNOT be sticky! Keep reading to see what I thought about the shades Glossaholic* and Snog*.



Now that I'm done with exams (YEEEEW), it's time to get back on the blogging bandwagon! I've been meaning to do a 'share the love' post for quite some time, but haven't ever gotten around to it because, let's face it, I love alotta bloggin' ladies! It was extremely hard to narrow down to any sort of one post manageable number, and no doubt I will have to do another of these in future! I've still got more love to share! These gals I'm mentioning today are some that I've been following for years and continue to inspire me everyday! I'm lucky enough to call a lot of them my friends (hopefully they call me the same :P), and I'm just so happy, greatful, gushy that I've gottten to know them through blogging! 



Monthly Favourites // May 2015

HOW ARE WE BASICALLY HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR. THIS IS INSANE. May has been a hectic month for me. In my friendship group, May is, like, THE birthday month so pretty much every weekend I had at least one birthday 'do to attend (mine included! ;) )! While it was extremely fun catching up with everyone, it also meant I was super busy. Coupled with gift shopping, work, study and procrastination, there was little time left for blogging unfortunately! My blogging schedule has been all out of whack (kills me) but hopefully everything will be back to normal once I finish exams on the 10th! I've been trying to keep my bloglovin' feed contained, but it's so easy for the blogposts to just PILE UP! So, I'm trying to catch up on those too! Anyway, favourites-wise, as you guys saw, I've gotten A LOT of new stuff lately so I've been trying it all and not really using any one product a lot. I've rounded up the things I've loved though, but maybe haven't used them a tonne.