What's In My Travel Beauty Bag(s)?

So I leave tomorrow for my three week trip to the US! I feel like I've been waiting forever for this trip to come, and now that it's here, I feel so unprepared! Why must I procrastinate in every aspect of my life?? I'm pretty sure I've never shared with you guys what products I've taken travelling in the past, usually it's nothing exciting, especially makeup wise as I'm never really bothered much in that department! I figured this trip I'd put more effort into my face as I'm going to some big cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Denver!). I tried to pack light, especially considering I'll be buying a WHOLE LOT while I'm there, but I may have overdone it on the skincare... :P My excuse is that my skin is actually pretty good right now and I don't want to mess it up! Plus I'm gone for three weeks so I cant just switch it up for an off week, y'know? Also, ignore the weird lighting in these photos. It was raining pretty heavily today! Plus, my camera decided to start acting up and basically died. Just before my trip of course!! I had to wipe the settings and I have no idea what they were to put it back to what it was lol. Ended up being a bad connection between the lens and the body which a quick clean fixed (for now...). 


The USA Wishlist // High End

Well guys, this time next week I'll be in the United States of America (or on the plane there at least!)! As promised, I'm following up my drugstore wishlist with my high end one! This one, as you can see, is a bit more crammed :P No doubt this is going to be a very expensive trip - especially with the horrendous exchange rate at the moment! Anyways, let's dig in! 


NOTD // Perfect Posy

The whole "two-step-at-home-gel-polishes" have been the rage for quite some time now, but clearly I'm only just getting into them! After all, my last nail post was about the Sally Hansen one, and today I'm sharing one of the shades of the new Rimmel Super Gel polishes. I was sent the shade Perfect Posy* which is such a me shade - I couldn't have picked it better!


The USA Wishlist // Drugstore

Ever since we booked our flights to the US many months ago, I've been formulating my wishlist, albeit, mentally. Writing it down would make me realise just HOW MANY things I wanted and how much it would all cost... However, seeing as my trip is two weeks away (!!!), I figured I should probably sit down and write down a LEGIT wishlist. I ain't playin' yo, I got my excel spreadsheet going with products, prices and where to buy them - WISHLISTIN' IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Legitimately though, it took me like half a day to do it all, researching what I wanted, looking up recommendations - it was an arduous task indeed. If I actually shared every single product with you guys...it would be a long-ass post. I figured I would tell y'all my must haves, and you guys can leave me your recommendations too! (feed me, enable me). A high end edition will be coming next week!


My Top 6 Movies of 2015

Back again with another 2015 related post...I just can't get past it can I?? I felt the need to do some sort of media/entertainment round-up post from the year, but throughout the year I've pretty much kept y'all updated with my music and tv loves - nothing new to report there! I haven't, however, talked overmuch of the movies I enjoyed last year. I thought I would dedicate a little post to my favourite movies from 2015. I chose six purely because that's how many posters fit evenly into a rectangle (lmao). I thought I was going to have to narrow down from, like, over 10, but turns out I could pretty much only come up with six... I was pretty shocked by that considering a lot of movies came out last year, but I suppose I had lukewarm feelings about most of them. Also, obviously I haven't seen every movie released in 2015 and there are still a tonne I need to watch! Now I'm no movie critic and this is a purely subjective list of movies I enjoyed watching! Also, in no particular order!


The Best of 2015

Hallo humans! I'm finally getting around to wrapping up my favourites of 2015! I hadn't thought of what I would put in this post (was probably procrastinating lbr), but when I sat down to write up my list, there were quite a few obvious picks! I had quite a bit of trouble narrowing it down, and will probably throw in some honourable mentions too heh. I decided to go about picking the products I used and loved during 2015, not necessarily new products of 2015, though I did get quite a few of them last year. I'm also not mentioning products I got in the last couple of months, but you can catch up on those faves in my November and December favourites posts! Anyway, enough rambling, let's jump in before this post becomes 10000 years long!


Reflecting on...2015

I was deliberating on whether or not to do one of "these" posts as I'm really not one for reflecting, or goal setting - so don't expect any new year's resolutions from me! But I don't know, the thought popped into my head so I thought, why da heck not. This post is probably a little late too since everyone's all like "HELLOOOOO 2016", but anyway, let's have a chit chat shall we.