Monthly Favourites // June 2016

Whelp, June went like that *snaps fingers*. Which is unfortunate because, that means I'm back to uni soon...*cries*. I'd like to think I've been making good use of my holidays so far but let's be real, I've been sleeping in till midday and marathoning TV shows. But - I did join a gym this month! What?! Who am I?! True story. Although I'm a self-professed couch potato, I did finally join after my mother's incessant nagging. My friend (ayo Yas) is a gym junkie so at least I have a gym buddy! So far it's been pretty good though - I mostly just do classes because the machines are intimidating lbr. Anyways - let's get onto da faves!


Remedying Winter Woes

Though it had a sluggish start, winter has well and truly hit us in Brisbane! The past few weeks have been quite chilly, and to make things worse, quite wet as well. There was crazy rain the other weekend that caused flash flooding - you'd think it was summer! Anyway, as always, with the colder weather comes drier skin! I did a similar post last year and still highly recommend those products. The products I'm featuring today are the ones I'm currently loving and are saving my drier, more dull skin!


Trippin' // Los Angeles

Time for the final instalment in my Trippin' series from my trip to the USA! We end with the city of angels aka Los Angeles. In case you missed them, here are my other travel posts of the Grand Canyon, Colorado and San Francisco. On the whole, LA wasn't my favourite city! It is huge and sprawling and difficult to get around unless you have a car. When you do have a car, traffic is often a nightmare and it's super hard to find parking! Alas, there is definitely a lot to see and I'd like to think I saw a lot of the city, but I know there's probably a bunch of other cool (non-touristy) stuff that I missed out on, but to be completely honest I'm not itching to go back to LA! There are lots of cute shops, and good food places which I probably could've explored more! As a sidenote, In n Out was a total letdown for me! Shake Shack beats it hands down in my opinny. The In n Out fries were super dry and tasteless (even with the animal style stuff, which in itself tasted kinda plasticy?) and the burgers were pretty dry too and just like...Hungry Jacks? Shake Shack on the other hand was sooo delish and moist <3 Anyway - most of this will just be photos so I hope you enjoy!

Santa Monica


Colour Families // The Rusty Reds

You guys may or may not know, but I have a bit of a thing for colour coordination - especially when it comes to makeup. I like the whole monochrome thing of keeping all elements of a makeup look in the same colour family - it's highly doubtful you'll see me mixing warm and cool tones! So, the idea of starting somewhat of a 'series' on documenting my makeup collection through colour family sort of came naturally. I mean, here's an OG post of my colour coordinating makeup skillz. So, hopefully I keep this series up because I do love organising shiz by colour. The first fam I thought I'd showcase are the rusty reds aka super warm, orangey, terra cotta reds that have been super trendy of late, and are perfect for the current autumn/winter weather! Shockingly enough, I thought I'd have more products but turns out it's basically all lip products. Any eyeshadows I thought would fit are a bit too orange, though using various shades in the Morphe 35O palette can achieve a rusty red eye look. 


Bloggers United AU // Brisbane 2016

Why hello pals, it's been a minute, hasn't it? Well - I'm glad to say I've finished uni for the semester! Phew! I now have a few weeks off so I can hopefully get back into the swing of blogging - and tv marathoning :P What better way to get back into blogging than with a post all about a blogger event!? A couple of weeks ago I attended Bloggers United AU's first Brisbane event! Bloggers United AU was created by the lovely Jasmine and Nikita, and has been so successful having already hosted events in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne! The day itself was SO amazing, being able to connect with bloggers and brands alike. We also received an absolutely crazy goody bag that I for sure had difficulty lugging to the train haha! I thought I would show you guys what we got - no bragging intended obvi - in case you saw anything you would like me to review especially!