Monthly Favourites // July 2015

Well, July came and went like THAT! *snaps finger for dramatic effect*. Legit though, I feel like I did absolutely nothing with my mid year break, oops. I did redo/move into my new room, so there's that!? Room tour coming soon(ish) - that is, if you want one! heh :P Anyway, favourites wise I did try quite a few new products throughout the month that you can check out in my haul. Some I acquired more towards the beginning of the month, and others more recently which will probably show up in my August faves! 


The Unnecessarily Necessary Haul

It's about that time again...the time for a big ass haul. As usual with hauls of this calibre - it's very much collective, products that have accumulated over the past couple of months but mostly through July! I call it "unnecessarily necessary" as there are some items here that I've been wanting to try for ages, although there are also some that I really didn't need but YOLO'd it anyways :P It's gonna be a long one...as per the usual!


Bouquet of Blushes

When I first heard and saw photos of this palette online...I was like, "I'M GONN' NEED DAT". So pretty much as soon as it popped up on the Mecca website, I trotted off in store and BOUGHT THE DAMN THING. My love for blush is just too strong. The palette which I so eagerly dropped my "hard-earned" money on is the Stila Field of Florals Convertible Colour dual lip and cheek palette. I already own one of the CCs in full size (Gerbera) and I love that shiz dearly, I'm pretty sure it's my favourite cream blush formula. Knowing I loved the formula already, obviously I had to get this limited edition palette with basically every colour they make???

Look at me going outside!!!!1!1!11! :O #onewithnature


NOTD // The Showpo Pink

Very recently, Kit and Mecca created a few nail polish shades in collaboration with beauty gurus and notable beauty icons! They were available as a gift with purchase (yep, I was bad and bought more stuff), and I ended up with this shade by Jane Lu, the CEO of Showpo. I really wanted Michelle's shade but unfortunately they only had Jane's left. Not so unfortunate though because I absolutely adore this colour!


In the Spotlight // ColourPop

ColourPop has been the brand on everybody's lips right now (literally, and figuratively). They have gained so much traction being an affordable, fun and quirky brand with a wide range of products and colours. They are also on fire with new releases! I figured I would do a brand spotlight post on all the products I have from them (so far) as opposed to individual reviews. I suspect it will be a long post, so leggo!


Empties #8

It's been a little while since my last empties, and when the empties bin starts overflowing, you know it's time for an update! I have quite a few products to talk through (no makeup though, that shiz is impossible to finish up), so let's get started!


Smells like Chocolate

Tried to choose a good lyric from Chocolate by The 1975, but let's face it, all of their lyrics are weird, and not really about chocolate :P. So I went with the boring, but extremely applicable, and my car smells like chocolate, because the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow collection (didn't realise it was actually a "collection" not a palette...) does indeed smell like chocolate. Besides the novelty scent and adorable packaging, the eyeshadows inside are just as good as the real thing! 

I then proceeded to demolish a good chunk of that chocolate bar...


Like Music to My Ears #2

It's time for a music update, y'all! Not much has changed since my last "music-y" post, I still really like all of those albums, as well as Andy Bull who I mentioned in a recent favourites post, but there are a few new tunes my ears have been enjoying!


The Long Night is coming, and the dead (skin) come with it

Gotta love a good ol' Game of Thrones related title eh?!? I was tempted to do 'Winter is Coming' but gosh darn that is so cliche, so I went with a quote from Jon Snow (... :'( ) in the latest season. ANYWAY, it is currently Winter in Australia, and as I type this up, I'm huddled in my onesie next to the warm coals of a dwindling fire (dat imagery). I wanted to do a post about products I love when the weather gets colder to help combat dry skin and other wintery blues, so here it is!