ColourPop Reviews #2

It's been a minute (aka months) since I actually hauled these Colourpop bits, so I thought I'd better get my ass into gear and review them! Also I figured I'd start a new "series" featuring Colourpop reviews since whenever I buy anything from Colourpop, it's usually quite a few items so review posts with a bunch of products tend to pop up quite often here! I've been using these for the past few months and really been enjoying them, so it's time to share my thoughts and some swatches!


What I've Been Watching #9

It's about time for another "What I've Been Watching"! I actually haven't been binging too many new shows but there have definitely been a few notable ones that I want to talk about. I've also been preoccupied with Game of Thrones every week - I can't quite believe the season is over next week already. Overall season 7 has been better than I expected (after the disasters of seasons 5 and 6 :P ), the epicness just makes me fangirl but the ridiculousness of timelines, some pretty dumb storylines and some characters acting completely ridiculously (*cough* Arya *cough*) have been getting me pretty annoyed! But you know me, I'm invested so I'm gonna be out here glued to the TV and screeching my head off :) :) :) Anyway - let's get into some other TV!


Haul // Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics #3

Priceline's twice yearly 40% off sale is upon us again and I popped in yesterday to have a squiz. When it comes to these sales, I'm usually armed with a meticulous wishlist and I'm in and out in a flash, but this time there really wasn't anything I had a hankering for and I just decided to go in and wing it (but wing it responsibly of course)! I think I was really restrained, there were a few items that went into my basket that I later put back (props to me), but there were a couple impulse buys as well. The sale ends today, so it's not too late to pop in and bag a bargain!


Empties #14

Another quarter, another empties. As usual, I've gone through quite a bit of skincare and body products, but pretty much no makeup! I'll keep this intro short and jump right in because we all know these posts can tend to get quite long!


New Specs

Something you guys may or may not know about me is that I am a glasses-wearer! I'm short-sighted and while my vision isn't terrible (I don't wear my glasses around the house), I definitely need to wear my glasses whenever I go out. I've come to actually really love wearing glasses - I think of them as an accessory and find they add another element of interest to my face. One thing about me though is that I'm pretty sensitive in the sun - I get super squinty and my eyes start watering if I look into the sun for too long lmao. So - prescription sunglasses are a must for me! I've amassed quite the collection of glasses (more than pictured), but I recently got a few new pairs that I thought I'd share with you guys!