Triply Swirled Triplets

Paul & Joe is a brand that has always caught my eye. Uhh...hello? Have you seen some of their packaging?! Like, lipstick bullets in the shape of a cat's head??!?! YAS PLZ. Despite their absolutely PRECIOUS packaging, I've never gotten around to trying them. I don't hear much about them in the blogosphere and from what I recall they're fairly expensive? Plus available online only. However, quite a while ago I was lucky enough to win one of Dawn's giveaways and three of the Paul & Joe Triple Cheek Colours were included! These have actually been sitting in my drawers for a ridiculous amount of time untouched because I had to take photos before I ruined the delightful swirl!! And then I just got lazy and never took photos... But here we are - finally! Keep reading for my thoughts on these guys!


Like Music to My Ears #3

It's right about that time...assessment time! Meaning...I've been listening to a helluva lotta muzac! Attempts to make studying less dreary ay... It's also been a time of quite a few album releases so there are a bunch of new jamz that I've had on repeat for the past few weeks!


Geeking Out

Makeup Geek is a brand that's always been on my mind, but is it just me, or have they blown up recently? Maybe it's just because I got wildly obsessed with Jaclyn Hill, but my urge to make a Makeup Geek order got to be too much! When they had a free shipping promotion a little while ago - I jumped on that 'ish and made a big ol' order! Pretty much all of these are Jaclyn Hill faves haha :P


A Treat Yo' Self Haul

(Relatively) long time no haul! My last haul was in July so my li'l "spending ban" lasted around two months. Solid, solid...though not really. Even if I wasn't on a "spending ban" (imagine me doing air bunnies quotation marks right now), I didn't really have very much disposable income becauseeeee...I lost ma job :( I dun wanna talk about it but basically they stopped giving me shifts because I was too old and expensive. Gotta love life ayy. ANYWAYS, I got a new job last month and I promised myself I'd TREAT MA SELF when my first paycheck rolled in. Wut wuuuut so here we are. Majority of this stuff is high end cos GAL I WAS FEELIN' SPENDY. (BTW background is also a purchase: an amazing canvas from Kmart of course.)


Preachin' the Peachy-Pink // Behind the Frames

Today we have a very special post - a guest post by Sheri from Behind the Frames featuring her favourite peachy-pink products! This is some what of a 'colab' (as all da cool Youtubers would call it) as I've shared all of my favourite peachy-pink prods on Sheri's blog, so be sure to check it out! Sheri has to be one of my bestest blogger buddies and we've known each other for something like 2 years! It is so awesome to finally have her over on my blog and I promise you, we will meet each other in the flesh - ONE DAY. Anyway, enough of me - keep reading for your daily dose of Sheri charm ;)


Monthly Favourites // September 2015

September actually went by at a reasonable pace for me! It's been jam packed with a bunch of stuff and I've been suuuper busy with my new job and a BOAT LOAD of assessment that is due very soon which I am stressing out about and quietly crappin' ma pants. ANYway, that is why I've been a tad bit absent on the blog and I might slip back to one post a week for the time being but come November, it'll be full steam ahead as I am free and clear of Uni! Favourites-wise, I was actually strugglin' a little to come up with a handful of products. I've been using a lot of old faves mainly to try and use them up, and since I haven't hauled in a while - I was feeling a bit stagnant! I did gather some products I've really been loving though, so let's jump in! And also come pay day...I'll be haulin' ;)