Monthly Favourites // January 2015

The first monthly favourites of the year! Surprisingly, January actually felt like a real month, like actual, whole days have passed and it hasn't just "whizzed" past. Maybe I'm in denial that it's actually, currently 2015? Regardless, let's chat about the products I've loved! A lot of these are quite "minimal" makeup bits because I guess you could say my skin needed a bit of a detox after wearing so much makeup during December! Me chowing down on sugary foods probably didn't help either...


LUMA Cosmetics by Jess Hart

Happy Aussie day peeps! What better way to celebrate the national day than feature a few products from Australian born and bred brand; Luma! Luma was created by Australian supermodel Jess Hart and focuses on using natural ingredients (free of nasties like parabens, synthetic colours, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances) to achieve the natural, glowing look. These days, I definitely think less is more with makeup, and we've all been really gravitating towards that natural, minimalistic makeup, which these Luma products are perfect for. I also really love that they list on the packaging in percentage how natural the product is. Keep reading though because as much as I love the concept, I don't think they quite deliver to the fullest extent...


Collective Haul // MAKIN' IT RAIN

...or at least I think I am. Now that I have a job and a wee bit of spare monies in my pocket, I seem to be spending it all up! Especially that I work at Priceline, I seem to buy something every time I work... (okay, an exaggeration but my 25% off discount is SO DANGEROUS). In my defense, this is very collective and stretches back to boxing day sales, and also, a lot of it was on sale/I only paid full price for a couple of things! There are a few things that I've bought but haven't hauled which I've featured here and here. Keep reading to see what I blew all my cash on... (it's a pretty long-ass post).


Guest Post // Top 5 Blushes

Well hello there readers of Shiwashiful! My name is Gabbie and I am visiting from thebeautybabbler. Tasha and I decided it would be fun to do a "guest post" to mix things up for our readers. It took a little discussion but we came to the conclusion that both of us have blush collection bordering on obsessive and that it would be fun to share our top 5!



I'm sure any fellow Australians would have read their fill on the Australis Contouring & Highlighting Kit by now! This bugger has been so popular, there's an Australia wide shortage on it. It isn't, however, limited edition, so if you want it, but you ain't got it, hang tight! This sucker caught everyone's attention due to its extreme likeness to the Anastasia Contour Kit which has gotten many a rave. Since Australis is much more affordable and accessible (as a brand), it's really the perfect alternative!


NOTD // Skimpy Swimwear

So I recently found myself in possession of Essie Bikini So Teeny which I bought for a friend using my work discount (you're welcome Rosa, though shanks for letting me use it). To not let a manicure go to waste - a NOTD post was of course in order!


Giveaway // 400 Followers & 2 Years

Shiwashiful turned the ripe old age of two a couple of days ago! Eep! We've reached the Terrible Twos! I actually cannot believe that I've kept this going for that long, it astounds me! Perhaps I should have more faith in myself...heh! Regardless, I really hope I can keep on keeping on for as long as possible, and that you guys will keep reading my random ramblings haha! As you guys know, I also hit 400 followers a little while back which is so exciting (for me at least)! So, I decided to roll the two milestones together and hold a giveaway to commemorate the both of them, and to say thanks to you guys for your support! This is my first giveaway ever - so forgive me for any hiccups! This giveaway will also be open internationally :)


The Best of 2014 // Makeup

Kiddies, it's time for the big 'un. The pinnacle and summation of 2014, documented in makeup products. I didn't want to make this post too long, and really tried to pick the products I used and loved most throughout 2014. I also didn't want to repeat anything from 2013's favourites, so products like the Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder or Lorac Pro Palette which I used and loved immensely, haven't been included. Speaking of 2013's faves, looking back, while a lot I still like, others I've completely ignored. Funny how opinions change! Also, APOLOGIES for the slightly grainy/off photos, the weather was shitty this day, and I had to edit the crap out of them! BUT anyways, I've done reviews for most of the products, so they'll be linked where applicable!


The Best of 2014 // Skin & Hair

Happy new year peeps! I hope y'all had an amazing NYE. I had a rather uneventful night, though we had a barbecue with family friends which was quite fun and food-filled! I'm sure yours was much more adventurous ;) Well, today is my first "Best of 2014" post for you all, featuring my most loved skincare and haircare products from the year! I will have my makeup one up next week (probably) :).