Skincare // Morning Routine 2016

Continuing on with my skincare routine, today's post will document my morning skincare routine! In case you missed it, I wrote all about the cleansers I use both day and night here (there are so many that they warrant their own post :P ). My skincare routine is pretty convoluted and high maintenance, but after chopping and changing for a few years, I've definitely found some staple products and a general routine that works for me! I should preface this with some info on my skin - I have combination skin (pretty normal on the cheeks and oily in the t-zone) with my main concerns being acne and acne scarring. 


Sheer & Shiny

Although we still have a full month left of winter, it already feels like spring here in Australia! Seriously, the other day it was like 30 degrees celsius, how is that at all a winter temperature?! Makeup brands have already begun to roll out their spring releases, one of which is from Rimmel. They've released a brand new line of lipstick - the Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine lipsticks, an offshoot of their traditional Moisture Renew line. I was very kindly sent the whole range and am here to review them for you!


Not So Peachy Keen...

So it's been a hot minute since the crazed furor over the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection with the hype finally dying down...slightly. I figured now was a good a time as any to post my review on it as I've had it for a couple of months and have been using it pretty consistently! This review may be useless as there are a million out there already, and the palette is limited edition and currently sold out (though apparently Too Faced is working on another release come the holidays), BUT I do have some thoughts on this palette that I thought were worth sharing! As the title may suggest, I have seriously mixed feelings on this palette! I will try and articulate my thoughts concisely, but no promises - this post could be a bit of a word vomit!


Like Music to My Ears #5

It's about time for a music update post y'all! I haven't been listening to a tonne of new music since my last post, but there have been a few notable releases that I have been obsessing over lately. I thought they were worth a mention and I actually really like doing these posts to somewhat document what music I've been liking throughout the year [like a musical diary basically). Do you guys ever find that if you listen to a particular album on repeat and go back to it later it totally takes you back to that time?? (like scents but music lol). So these posts are my way of logging musical memories? Anywaaaay - now I'm rambling, let's just get into it!


Skincare // Current Cleansers

It's been a while since I've outlined any sort of skincare routine on the blog, so over the next few weeks I'll be going over all the skincare I use day and night! Now, I use a lot of cleansers. So much so that if I were to put these in my day/night routine posts, they would be so long! So, I'm dedicating an entire post to them. I'll be sharing with you the products that I use to remove my makeup, cleanse and exfoliate my skin!


Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

Oh, the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes - what a throwback! These blushes have been a cult fave in the beauty community for years and were hyped up especially a few years ago, though that hype has seemingly died down. I've had Exposed for a good couple of years, and last year I added Captivating to my collection in a Sephora order. I've been meaning to write up a post about it for a while now, but kept forgetting! Well, here I am! I have already done a review post on Exposed, but in my opinion, the formulas between the two shades I have differ, so I thought it would be worth writing about (and sharing some swatches!).


What I've Been Watching #5

Sheesh it's been a hot minute since I last did a TV show round up! It's not that I stopped watching TV (that would be earth shattering), but in the last six months I haven't really started watching any new TV shows, or enough to warrant a post! Plus, most of the shows I watch were back (and uni) so I didn't have time for new ones! That being said, since my last post I have watched (and marathoned) a few new shows like Mr Robot (awesome), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 (hilay), Daredevil season 2 (AMAZING), House of Cards season 4 (got pretty dang good in the second half), Love (pretty goodish), The Night Manager (goood) and I finished The Office (worth it)! I've also been watching Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Outlander which were the only shows I really cared about the past few months. Soooo...turns out I did watch a bunch of shows?? :P Anyway, here are some that I've watched a little more recently!


Shaken, not Stirred

You guys might already be sick of seeing the Lancome Juicy Shakers as they've been everywhere lately, but I figured they deserved a post to themselves! I mean, look at how adorable they are! The Juicy Shakers are a fresh take on the OG Juicy Tubes which I remember collecting as a kid (they came with GWPs that my mum and grandma got) and I used to think I was da shiz. Looking back, they were terribly sticky and sooo shimmery! Definitely outdated now. The updated version are essentially a lip oil - not sticky at all and super wearable! I purchased Freedom of Peach (of course) myself, but I was also lucky enough to win Bohemian Raspberry (A+ name) in Mel's giveaway. Thanks so much Mel! Anyway, let's dive into the review!