Liquid Perfection?

Hello friendlies! Recently I was sent a few Arbonne products to review, one of which was a foundation. I've already reviewed a couple of their products here, and have one more in the pipeline. The foundation I'm reviewing today is the Arbonne Perfecting Liquid foundation*. I was quite excited to receive this as I've heard pretty good things about it, and it's been a while since I'd tried a new foundation!

The foundation is packaged in a nice sturdy, plastic bottle with a very nice pump that doesn't get too grubby due to its nozzle (handy!). I actually like that the bottle is plastic because it's not too heavy nor will it crack/break if you drop it. The way the foundation is dispensed is through one of those plastic pusher-uppers (clearly not in with the lingo) which is good because it means you get all the foundation out and there isn't any left hanging out on the sides!

Onto the formula! On the scale of liquid foundations, the Perfecting Liquid foundation* has a thicker, more creamy liquid consistency - one that doesn't easily go running all willy nilly. It still blends very easily with a brush and especially with fingers, or my latest love - a sponge. The coverage is a good medium and slightly buildable, though I find it can tend to look slightly heavy when built up, especially if it's not blended well into the skin. I find I like one layer with a tad more over particular problem areas and that's just about the most coverage I really want. It's finish is definitely satin-matte, where it's definitely not matte or dry looking, but it also isn't really dewy at all. I actually really like the finish because it looks quite 'normal' and skinlike. I was actually most impressed with the wear time and longevity of this foundation. I found it lasted a good eight hours without getting oily (set with a powder, of course - but no primer). After a while, I do get a wee bit shiny on the nose (as I typically do) but in my other 'shiny' areas like the forehead, I was actually looking pretty good, with only the slightest 'healthy glow' coming through. I also found the foundation didn't break up or wear off weirdly at all.

The shade I have called Honey Beige is actually one or two shades too pale for me. I did get away with wearing it alone once but I had to heavily bronze up my face, even then I still looked a tad ghostly. I have since been mixing it in with my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in True Nude which is my darkest foundation. Their textures are quite similar, but their finishes differ. Wake Me Up is quite a bit more glowy, so a mix of the two is really nice and gives a healthy skin finish. Although it's too pale, because it's quite yellow toned I can work with it. Perhaps if/when I lighten up during this coming winter (WINTER IS COMING) I'll be able to use it alone, however mixing it has been quite good as I actually get some use out of that Rimmel foundation!

All in all, I think this really is an amazing all rounder foundation that I think would suit many skin types - and a foundation that I really cannot fault. I actually think it's worth the rather steep price tag of AUD$56, and is definitely a foundation I recommend if it's within your price range.

*Product was sent for consideration.


Collective Haul // April 2014

It's haul time again! Whenever I go on school holidays I tend to execute some major spending sprees, then vow to go on a ban 'til the next holidays (which succeeds mainly because I don't have the opportunity to go shopping). Regardless, here is what I've bought mainly in April, though also between now and my last haul in January. 

Nail stuff first as usual! 

Maybelline Color Show Brocades in Knitted Gold
The Brocades collection released fairly recently and I'd seen some swatches online of them and they looked so pretty but I was really only keen on this shade. I'm so glad I snagged it when I did (in Woolies of all places and it was the last one) because whenever I check out the Maybelline stand, this shade is sold out. My previous post was a NOTD featuring it so check it out if you'd like to see some swatches!

Illamasqua Speckle
Man oh man, as usual I had my eyeball out for those bargains. Illamasqua is one of the few high end brands that I actually notice clearancing their stock (I guess others send them to outlet/corporate stores and the like), so I made sure to check out their counter. Sure enough, they had all their speckle nail polishes for $5! FIVE DOLLARS! I was so excited, but managed to limit myself to just one. I wore it over the Easter break as I thought it was perfect for the occasion!

Sportsgirl Pink Icing
I can't seem to go a haul without a Sportsgirl nail polish can I? This is one I had my eye on for a while, but as usual I waited until it was on clearance. They had their 30% off further reduced so it came down to $3-ish. I'll have a NOTD up, but it's a good 'un. They have a white version out right now.

 Essence Blush Up! in 10 Heat Wave
Do you see this?! IT'S AN OMBRE BLUSH. FROM ESSENCE. AMAZE. Literally when I saw it, I couldn't make faster grabby hands. Ombre blushes are seriously fascinating, and this is reminiscent of that one from MAC and that one from Estee Lauder (you know the ones I'm talking about...maybe). Nonetheless the shade is totally up my street, and y'all know I love Essence blushes. It was on the more expensive side of Essence ($6.95) but still super affordable!

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Libido
Yup - that crazy bright red blush right there? I bought it *sheepish face*. This, like the nail polish, was on clearance - for half price ($14). Initially I scoffed at it like, "pfft I would never wear that!" and went home to promptly read some reviews of it because I couldn't get my mind off of it. Every single review was glowing. GLOWING I tell you. So I went back the next week and bought it! I'm guessing they are discontinuing this particular shade because it's probably not selling very well? I'll have a review up of it soon but trust me, it's not as scary as it looks (and might I add, a lot more orange).

Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Lipstick in Peach on the Beach
FINALLY! Gawd it feels like an eternity that I have been wanting this product! Every time I went into Priceline, this shade was sold out - even the tester had been used to it's last! I must be the last person ever to finally get this. I was so over it that I paid the rather high price of $15. I'm just glad to have it and gosh darn hope that it lives up to my expectations!

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms in Audacious and Complex
I've already reviewed these here - and I like 'em. I bought the pair for buy one get one free from Priceline.

Sportsgirl Pucker Up lip crayon in Fruit Tingle
This pencil was on sale for quite cheap (around $3) so I picked it up because I love the colour! However, it appears slightly sallow on me, and makes my teeth look a lil' yellow. I probably could have gone without it (who am I kidding? I could have done without all of this), but I'm sure I'll get some use out of it!

L'oreal Colour Riche Moisture Matte lipstick in Cherry Crush
I've also already done a review on this here, in short - it's amazing. Can you tell I was having a bit of a matte lip moment?

Benefit They're Real! Mascara
I got this mini in their mascara swap where you trade in an old mascara of any size or brand to get a free mini. It's still going on until May! I'm super excited to try out this crazy popular formula but won't open it until I finish my current mascara.

Skincare bits!

Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist & Toner
I picked this up on account of Sarah's good words about it, and my need for a new morning time toner. It was also on sale at Priceline for around $10 which pushed me over the edge to purchase it!

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion
I was in pretty desperate need of a new spot treatment as I'm coming near the end of my Lush Grease Lightning which I really wasn't a fan of anyway. I was completely stumped as to what to buy, and ended up going with this one as it's basically the be all end all of spot treatments, and one of the only to solely target cystic acne - which the majority of my pimples are. I decided not to faff with the cheaper ones and just go for the top! I've already tried a sample and I was quite satisfied with the results!

Lush Ultrabland facial cleanser
I decided to pick this guy up as I'm actually speeding through my current cleanser and I wanted to get a new cleanser before the end of the holidays. I've heard some pretty great things about this one, and the Lush girl talked it up HEAPS. I also really wanted to try a Balm Cleanser, if this can be classified as one. It was quite expensive at $17.95 for the 45g tub, so hopefully I don't use it up too quickly.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
I stumbled across this lil' tub at David Jones on clearance for $11! I was mad excited as recently I've been hearing raves about the brand, and though I hadn't heard a ton about this particular product (just that Meghan really likes them), it sounded like I would really like them. I'll have a full review up on it but they are basically toning pads that help exfoliate and brighten the skin! Just what I need amirite?

L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 hair mask
I was in need of a new hair mask as I've basically finished my current one. I'm not too fussy when it comes to hair masks and basically take whatever I can get. I have heard really good things about the L'oreal ones so I bought this one despite not reading any reviews or it not being on sale. Hopefully it works out!

Smart Skin Moisturising Facial Cleansing Wipes
Needed new face wipes and I decided to switch to these as I was starting to find the Beauty Care Co ones to be a tad dry. I'm quite liking these - they're very moist and remove most of my makeup. They're the same price ($2) and can be bought at Woolworths.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Miracle Complexion Sponge and Travel Essentials set (not pictured)
I made an iHerb order with my sister and bought a few Real Techniques goodies I've been wanting for a while. I've already reviewed the travel trio, and other reviews are in the works. I haven't included the sponge or the other brushes because they're quite dirty at the moment!

Beauty Care Co Makeup Remover Pads
I purchased these guys because they're still the cheapest I've found! $2 for 200.

I now have a few jewellery picks that I bought, and thought hey why not feature them?

Lovisa two gold necklaces and gold rings
Lovisa was having 3 for 2 and I wanted to pick up some things - I was mainly inspired by a few pieces some of my fave UK youtubers have been wearing. I thought these pieces were pretty nice, and I've actually gotten a ton of wear out of them these past holidays!

Sportsgirl Star sign necklace
This guy was on sale for only $2 and it was the last Taurus one left! I really like how dainty it is and just thought it was a cute necklace.

Phew! That was a long post - as basically all of my haul posts are! I hope you enjoyed reading about what I've been blowing my money on! 


NOTD // With Golden Needles

Time to share my monthly mani with you all! Today features a polish that I've been wanting for a while but was only released in Australia recently. It is the Maybelline Color Show Brocades collection that I believe was released around the holiday season in the US? Today I'm sharing my pick from the collection; Knitted Gold.

In sunlight

In shade

The polishes in the Brocades collection are basically shimmery/metallic polishes with glitter particles within them - aka shiny overload. They are certainly blingy nails combining two of the most metallic polish components. I can see why this was targeted as a holiday collection! I also imagine it would be extremely hard to remove which is why I used my Essence Peel off basecoat first. I do NOT want to deal with that bish of a removal. Knitted Gold has a champagne golden base with light pinky-gold glitters of varying sizes. The result is very shiny and blingy even to the point of too much on all ten nails! I think in future I'll wear this polish as either an accent nail, or a glitter gradient over a similar metallic polish. Don't get me wrong though - the effect is gorgeous and would be so pretty for a special event or the like, but for day to day wear for the average gal I think it's a bit overkill. Knitted Gold was the only shade that really jumped out at me because I thought it looked the most 'classy'? Or the most fancy I guess - the other shades are more colourful like bright green or red which I'm not sure was really to my taste. There was a deep blue shade that I think would've looked absolutely stunning!

The formula was very good and you got heaps of glitters on the brush. I used two coats, and that was mainly to build up the metallic base which isn't opaque in the first coat, or even the second as you can see in the sunlit photos, but it looks fine in the shade. Speaking of, as you can tell the polish appears slightly different depending on the lighting. In full sunlight the glitters are definitely more apparent, where in the shade I think it's a lot prettier as it's more pulled together on the nail.

If you're in the mood for a shiny, blingy nail I definitely recommend these Brocades nail polishes. They retail for AUD$5.95 each and I believe are limited edition, so grab them while you can! Have you tried any of them?


Autumnal with Arbonne

Arbonne is a brand I've been interested by recently as I'd seen it popping up on quite a few beauty blogs I follow, and gaining quite a number of glowing reviews! I'd never taken the step to ordering any of their products because a) they are on the higher end of things and b) they are online or via consultant only which I wasn't the hugest fan of, especially for the amount of money they cost. However, when Arbonne offered to send me some products to try, I was absolutely ecstatic! With the coming cooler months and its associating trends, these are a couple of products I was sent.

First up is their eye shadow in the shade Cabernet*. The packaging of their shadows is very nice, a sleek black plastic compact with a clear window through which you can clearly see the shade inside. While the packaging isn't the most luxe, or reflective of its price - it is very functional with a easy-to-open clasp that snaps shut securely.

The formula is lovely and a pleasure to use. The shadow is soft, but not so much that it kicks up a lot of powder, or causes a lot of fallout.The pigmentation of this shade is actually medium in my opinion. Due to Cabernet's dark colour, I was expecting full blown pigment but actually it's quite light and more of a formula you build to your desired opacity. In that sense, I quite enjoy it because it makes the shadow a bit easier to use and in a multitude of different ways, such as a smokey eye or a soft crease shade. In saying that, this wasn't that amazing to blend - it did blend well however it took a tad more effort as the shade sort of stuck where it was applied. This could be down to the primer I used though, but ultimately it did blend pretty seamlessly.

In the pan, Cabernet appears to be a shimmery, deep plummy purple. However, when swatched - what I'm guessing is - the brown base comes through a lot more. It therefore takes on more of a deep warm brown, with a plummy tinge. It is also less shimmery and more of a satin-matte with minimal shimmer and more of a slight purple/silver sheen.

Eyeshadow in Cabernet, Lipstick in Jam

Arbonne's Lipstick in the shade Jam* is cased in a very thin and long square tube.The tube has a decent weight to it and the lid closes pretty securely. The lipstick bullet itself is also very skinny making it very easy to get a precise and even coverage, despite it not having a pointed tip.

For the most part, I agree with their description of the formula provided on the box and website. It does glide on very well and has quite a thin balmy texture with a slight shine. It's pigmentation is not completely opaque though, so I don't agree with the 'full coverage' claim. It is very pigmented however still retains the slightest translucency. Don't get me wrong though, the lipstick is certainly buildable and you can get impactful colour from it. I also wouldn't agree that it 'intensely' hydrates the lips. Because of its balmy texture, it isn't at all drying, and could be considered hydrating but definitely not to an 'intense' extent. The longevity is pretty good. The sheen wears down rather quickly but this particular shade does stain the lips slightly meaning you could probably go without reapplication if you wanted - even after light eating. 

Jam is on the deeper side of things, being a berry toned red. It is very wearable and because of its rather buildable pigmentation, you can wear it sheerly or as a somewhat bold lip. Either way, it very much fits in with the Autumnal trend of a deeper berry lip. In the swatch below I'd say I've applied it to a medium pigmentation.

I've been thoroughly enjoying these two products and they'll both be getting a lot of use these coming cooler seasons. I'm not sure however that they are worth the rather hefty price tags (AUD$27 for the eyeshadow and $37 for the lipstick) but they certainly are lovely products that I do recommend.

* Products were sent for consideration.



Hey guys! Today I have a review on a product I've been dying to get my grubby little hands on for the longest time! It is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in the shade Exposed. These blushes have been raved about by basically every beauty blogger who has tried them, and Exposed is definitely one of their most notable and popular shades. Tarte is slowly becoming more easily accessible with Sephora planning to ship internationally (I think, not sure what the news is there) but previously the brand was extremely hard to get a hold of. Luckily for me - my amazeballs friend Yas picked up the blush for me during her time in New York!

Swatched, blended

L-R: Tarte Exposed (swatched more heavily), Essence Natural Beauty, Face of Australia Nutmeg, Napoleon Perdis Instyle Cream blush

I absolutely adore the packaging of this blush and I think it's very cute! It's all cased up in a thin, non-bulky 
compact whose exterior is the same colour as the blush inside. It comes with a mirror on the inside and a secure snap closure. The blush pan has a pretty pattern embossed in it and the top of the packaging has the logo as well as a cute vine-thang. 

On the website, it's described as being a 'supremely soft blush' which I don't find to be the case at all. The first thing that struck me about this blush is that it's very hard. The powder itself is stiff and not at all like some other blush formulas that are soft and can often kick up powder. I find its hard formula makes it a little hard to get colour from the blush, or transfer product easily say on a brush or even on your finger - quite a lot of pressure is required. I find the best way to apply this blush is with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush as recommended by Estée. The Stippling Brush's bristles are quite hard and therefore sort of 'dig in' to the powder gleaning more product and colour from it. With that brush, a quick swirl and tap is all I need. I hear a lot of people say these blushes are very pigmented, but personally I don't find that to be exactly the case. Coupled with the hard formula, I find the pigmentation to be good - one of those not too pigmented, not too sheer type blushes. Possibly with a brighter colour, the blush could be more obviously pigmented. Onto the main claim that's in the name (points for rhyming!), I found it's lasting power to be average - definitely not 12 hours by any means. When it comes to blush, it's one of the first things to fade off of my face and this one was no exception. I also think it's down to the rather 'nude' shade but it only lasted maybe, 8 hours tops

Exposed has a matte finish and is a rosy brown shade - the kind that goes with basically everything. It also can be slightly sculpting depending on how it's applied. It's a very natural shade, almost like a My Cheeks But Better where it looks natural and muted, but still brightens and gives a lovely flush of life to the face. Compared to other 'nothing-y' blushes in my collection, it's a lot more reddy-pink and I find on me, when applied too heavily it can start to look ruddy, and like natural redness in my skin, so it's best applied lightly to complement the rest of my makeup.I also find that since it is more 'nuded' but with a pink lean, I can only wear it with some base products. I can't wear it with any foundation that has a pink or even neutral tone to it as the pink in the blush really pulls out the pink in the base and makes my whole face look pink (wow, so much pink) and it's really not a good look on my very yellow complexion.

Overall, I am a fan of the blush and have been getting some really good use out of it, however because they have been raved about like none other, I guess I was left a little disappointed with it's not-so-superior lasting power and pigmentation. It also doesn't help that I (personally) can only wear it with certain base products! I do thoroughly enjoy the blush though, and when the time comes, would love to pick up some more!

Have you tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes?



Aah yes, I'm to contribute to the onslaught of Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm reviews, but what can I say, I really would like to share my thoughts on these! As soon as they were announced, there has been much hype surrounding them and they were just recently released here in Australia where I bought a couple during a buy one get one free sale. Revlon also brought out a range of Lacquer Balms which contain chunky shimmer - an element I am not a fan of - besides, the Matte Balms are where it's at!

Complex, Audacious

Like basically all other crayon type lip products out there now, these are housed in a twist-up packaging with a matte exterior matching the colour of the product within.

The last lip product I reviewed (a L'oreal Colour Riche Moisture Matte lipstick) was based on the similar premise of a non-drying matte lipstick, so naturally I'll be drawing a few comparisons. The texture of these Matte Balms is creamy and almost balmy feeling (as the name would suggest) but without the slip (obvs) and providing a velvet, soft matte finish that isn't chalky or dry looking. Their texture is very similar to the L'oreal, also being quite airy and light feeling on the lips. One difference between the two is that I'd say the Revlon catches on dry areas the slightest bit more. Don't get me wrong though, for a matte lip product, it's excellent at not accentuating dry patches or looking dry on the lips. I've heard people say they find the Matte Balms hydrating, which I wouldn't particularly agree with. After four hours of wear, I find my lips to feel and look a bit dryer than when I first applied, and a few dry flakies/patches start to appear, and a little more accentuation of lines. It's not badly drying and it's definitely still comfortable, but just a little harder to reapply straight on top. I find the L'oreal doesn't dry out my lips at all. The pigmentation of these balms is very good - you can get full blown opacity within a few strokes.I find lasting power can be upward of four hours depending if you are eating. The product does wear away in the centre of the lips and depending how bright the colour, it can look obvious. The brighter colour I have (Audacious) does stain slightly but nothing impactful.

Eek! My face looks quite pale in these photos... These lip swatches were done on pre-exfoliated lips.

Audacious is a bright orange toned coral that was the definite must have for me out of the range. It is super bold but still very wearable and can look more orange or more coral depending on the lighting. I'd say it's somewhere between MAC Morange and Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin. It's a stunner of a shade and I think it will be lovely for Summer!

Complex is a light peachy-brown nude shade which I first heard raves about from Suzie and Anna. I initially dismissed it because nudes are notoriously horrible on me, but the more I stared at the swatch on my hand, the more I fell in love and decided to risk it and take it home with me (it was basically free anyway...)! I'm so glad I did though because this is probably the most flattering nude-nude (for me) on me. Because it is very much warm and peach-toned, and not pink, it doesn't clash with my skintone or make me look dead, but is a shade I can wear with heavy or light makeup. As you can see though, this lighter shade does accentuate dry patches a bit more than Audacious, and has a slightly shorter lasting power but isn't too obvious when it wears off.

I absolutely love the shades I picked up, and their formulas are in general lovely for a matte lipstick - a finish typically associated with dry and chalky looking lips. While I do like these, I would say I prefer the L'oreal option more, but they are very similar. The Revlon Matte Balms retail for AUD$17.95.

What are your thoughts on these matte lippies?


The BB Heroine

Today I have a review of a BB cream of the Asian variety - the Asian brands seem to do the best BBs am I right? They were the originals after all! I have the Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB cream in the shade 02. Sadly they only have 2 shades and both are quite light, however that is how Asian BB creams tend to run. I picked this product on a total whim when I was in Hong Kong as I'd heard nothing about it, so I had no predispositions toward it!

The BB cream has an SPF of 34 with PA++ which is awesome to see in a makeup product - but considering how obsessed Asians are with protecting their skin, it's not surprising. Typically, Asian BB creams have many skincare benefits but seeing as all the writing on the package in another language, I'm not too sure if this one does (my Chinese reading skills aren't that good)! Regardless I'm not too fussed as that is why I use skincare!

The texture of the Lasting Mineral BB cream is thick but still creamy and easily blended. I usually use my fingers to really work the product into my skin, but a brush works fine too. Like I said in my last favourites, the coverage and lasting power of this BB cream are the best in my collection! The coverage is light to medium, but erring on the side of medium and buildable. When used rather thickly, I hardly need concealer and it functions as a foundation really, but it can also be applied lightly. It has a satin-matte finish initially. I find I can wear this for 10 hours and only really be shiny on the nose, and 'dewy' in the t-zone. It's actually a look I like as it's really melded with the skin and looks very natural. This is with setting powder (as always), however I don't use mattifying sunscreen underneath so it's definitely a testament to its staying power. Because it's a bit thicker, and a heavier coverage, it's not as natural looking or weightless on the skin as other BB creams. It doesn't accentuate dry patches or make my skin dry, but is a little bit more obvious on the skin - more like a foundation. Regardless - that is the trade off for a better coverage and staying power than lighter, skin-like products.

The shade 02 is a bit light for me, but what I like about it is that it is not grey toned or ashy like other Asian BB creams can be, but is actually yellow toned. Although the shade is a bit light, it's definitely workable and because it blends so well, it's hardly detectable! 

I absolutely love this BB cream and its staying power and coverage are outstanding. I've even been reaching for this over foundation as it offers similar coverage but has a better lasting power, and is one of those products that look better as the day goes on!


The Travelling Trio

Hello all! Today I have a brush review for you guys - a trio from Real Techniques. Seriously though, pretty much my whole brush collection is comprised of Real Techniques so I basically feel the need to collect all of their brushes - what's new? This is their Travel Essentials set containing the Multi-task, Essential Foundation and Domed Shadow brushes, also including a brush case. As I've already mentioned in previous Real Techniques reviews, they are made from synthetic taklon bristles, making them appropriate for all forms of makeup.

First up is the brush I practically bought the whole set for, the Multi-task brush. I've already spoken about how much I like it here, but to recap and expand, the Multi-task brush is basically the lovechild of the Blush and Buffing brushes. It is shorter and more paddle shaped than the Blush brush, and is a bit more dense, but still has the fluffiness and slight tapered sides that allow it to blend products excellently. I find this brush perfect for patting on face powder, as well as applying blush - powder or cream, but more of the sheer variety as it is still quite dense. In the cheek area, it's pretty perfect in the way of its size and shape. Like the name suggests though, this is pretty much awesome for any powder product, and some creams!

Blush brush, Multi-task brush

I was not too excited for the Essential Foundation brush as these traditional, paint brush style brushes are definitely not my favourite to apply foundation. It is however much better than the Pointed Foundation brush from the Core Collection. It is much bigger (about double the width), denser and stiffer making it much more effective in application however it does still leave some streaks which need to be patted and blended away. I also find these styles of brushes only really work well with liquid foundations. I do however use it occasionally to blend in concealer, or apply cream highlighter. 

Essential foundation brush, Pointed foundation brush

The Domed Shadow brush is basically what I like to call a fat shader brush. It is the same paddle shape but much thicker and denser with a slight domed top. Where I've said the Deluxe Crease brush is like a mini version of the Buffing brush, the Domed Shadow brush is like a mini version of the Expert Face brush. It works well for applying and blending both cream and powder eyeshadows. I also really like it for concealer (which I use the Deluxe Crease brush for) and it blends the product very well. These two brushes pretty much perform in the same way, but different methods are used when using them. The Domed is more of a swiping and blending with the side or top, and the Deluxe is more of a circular buffing motion.

Domed Shadow brush, Deluxe crease brush

Overall, I really love this set and I think you probably could travel with just these three brushes (though I'd need a brow brush)! I've definitely found a new favourite in the Multi-task brush, and if you're a Real Techniques collector, I think you should definitely check out this set! I purchase these brushes from iHerb and by using the code TKZ374 you can get a discount off of your first purchase!

Have you tried the Travel Essentials?