Hairy Times.

Hey peeps! Today I have a bit of a hairy post for you all, featuring a few new and notable products. I'm extremely low maintenance with my hair. I'm lucky enough to have really straight hair that's not frizzy, if anything lacking volume but let's be real, I'm too lazy to really care. These are a few basic things that I have been using in my routine to keep it clean, healthy looking, soft and shiny.

Lady Jayne Tangleze*
I recently received this detangling brush (popping up in stores in September and October) which is very much inspired by the Tangle Teezer. To be honest, I'm surprised that there has only been an influx of cheaper dupes recently (the Tangleze will retail for $12.99), considering the Tangle Teezer has been popular for a while. I haven't tried the original, but I must say I have noticed a difference with the Tangleze. My hair isn't particularly tangly by nature, but it is damaged and therefore knotty. The dual length bristles help glide through the hair with minimal catching, except on those tiny knots and actually require "untying" to get rid of. It apparently will "help minimise hair breakage to encourage the healthiest hair possible for all hair types" which I'm all for!

It's quite compact in size and like the Tangle Teezer it doesn't have a handle, which I find a little annoying and awkward to hold at times. You know what would make this the ultimate for "on-the-go" - a fold out handle! It doesn't have any particular shape though so it works out for both right-handers and lefties. What makes it most "on-the-go" is definitely the clip-in cover! I actually think that it's waaaay more hygienic, things don't get caught in the bristles, etc, etc. Good job Lady Jayne.

Unico Sensitive Shampoo*
The Sensitive range from Unico is aimed at treating "sensitive scalps, specifically flaky, itchy or irritable scalps". Not gonna lie y'all, because it's Winter over here, my scalp has been quite dry and itchy, and prone to the occasional dandruff flake. At first, I wasn't too impressed with the salon-level shampoo. It didn't lather too well and left my hair feeling slightly dry/a bit rubbery? I find it lathers better on the second wash. After continual use though over a few weeks I can happily report that my scalp actually isn't as itchy, and I think there's less dandruff? Must say though my scalp has been in pretty good condition. Although my scalp has been dry, it still gets greasy on the second day, and I've found since using this shampoo it hasn't been as greasy. It also has a bit of a herbaly-fresh scent that doesn't linger in the hair.

Unico Maintenance Conditioner*
The Maintenance range is moreso for your "normal" hair types, they're "gentle enough to use daily without being too rich in moisture". I find this conditioner okay. I have very long, damaged, split-end ridden hair so I do require something quite nourishing. I think the conditioner would best suit normal or oily hair as I don't think it really cuts it for me. It doesn't leave my hair feeling extremely soft or moisturised in the shower, but I can definitely tell that it has done something once my hair has dried. It's also quite thin in texture. The scent is very remeniscent of Menthol and Eucalyptus, almost like that stuff you inhale for a blocked nose!

L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Masque
I generally use a hair mask once a week to help inject some extra moisture and nourishment to my hair. I'm not particularly fussy about what I use, mostly because I haven't found one that I love yet. This one supposedly restores hair to be stronger, silkier and shinier. I'll admit, I'm not impressed with this but it does the job decently. It doesn't leave my hair feeling anything extra special like super soft, but I do think that it offers extra hydration and helps it look less damaged. Don't believe it's restored or 're-surfaced' my hair though!

L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil
I recently finished up the hair oil I'd been using for the past year or more, and finally got to crack this guy open! I remember Estee raving about it what seems like years ago! It's packaged really nicely with a handy pump and the oil itself is quite thin in texture. It spreads really well over the hair and absorbs nicely. My hair is left feeling rather nourished and soft to the touch, not oily at all, though not overly shiny. The smell is pretty delightful too, that typical hair product-y salon-y smell. Mmmm...

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! What are some hair products you've been using recently?

*Products sent for consideration.


Smelly Sunday // Moringa

Wow, long time no see Smelly Sunday! I swear it's probably been about a year since my last Smelly Sunday post, but what can I say, my nose hasn't been getting much action lately! Ahaha, anyways, I thought I might revive the series (even if it's only just for one post) to feature some products from The Body Shop, their soap, shower gel and body butter all from the Moringa line.

I actually have no idea what sort of flower the Moringa flower is, but gathering from the picture on the body butter, it's very pretty! At first I was a bit 'eh' on the scent, but it has definitely grown on me, and I now absolutely adore it! It's definitely a delicate floral that is quite reminiscent of Jasmine in my opinion. It's very soft but lush smelling, and as usual, I'm terrible at describing it! Y'all should just go ahead and take a whiff of it. By combining the soap/shower gel and the body butter, the scent really lingers on the skin, into the next day!

Moringa Soap
I may have mentioned once or twice on the blog that a daily staple for me is the Dove Beauty Bar bar soap. Unlike most peeps, I much prefer using bar soap (that is, the Dove one)! Most bar soaps I've tried pale in comparison, they either don't work up a good enough lather on the skin or leave my skin feeling tight, dry  and almost rubbery (you know the feeling, like water running off the skin? SO hard to explain!). This one seemed promising, the lather was good, it smoothed onto the skin and felt soft and moisturising, until I rinsed it off. It left that weird tight feeling on my skin! Not as bad as others, but still, it ain't no Beauty Bar which leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Moringa Shower Gel
I've tried one other shower gel from The Body Shop and my thoughts are the same; average. They seem like any other shower gel I've tried, they aren't supremely lathering or have superior 'cleaning ability' and they don't leave my skin feeling particularly moisturised either, if anything a bit on the dry side. See, reasons why I always revert to the Beauty Bars! This little mini will come in handy for travelling though.

Moringa Body Butter
I haven't tried a body butter from The Body Shop in a long time, so this was basically new for me! These are probably one of their most famous products, and I now understand the hype! The texture is very thick and heavy, but as you start working it into the skin it really spreads out and absorbs easily into the skin, leaving behind a soft, yet moisturised feel. I thought they may have left my skin feeling sticky or laden with product, but that's not the case at all! However, it's not as intensely moisturising as I thought it would be. I can still feel and smell it the morning after but to really have and sustain hydrated limbs, it needs to be applied everyday! That doesn't tend to happen because I'm too lazy...hah!


Matte Me BB

A matte BB cream is a relatively rare concept, as BB creams are typically known for their sheer, dewy finishes, but as one with combination/oily skin, I can definitely appreciate one of a matte variety! Apparently similar to the likes of the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint, the Rimmel BB Cream Matte is exactly that. After receiving a sample sachet, I liked it so much that I went out to purchase the full size (it also helped that I had a voucher...)!

The BB cream is packaged in a slim squeezy tube with a, fittingly, matte finish. While the tube is convenient and practical, I do have one gripe with it. Because the cream is on the thinner side, and the tube doesn't offer precise 'squeezing' (ie. a nozzle), the liquid can sometimes pool in the lid and around the sides of the 'nozzle'. It actually has leaked so that's a bit concerning! I wish it came in a bottle with a pump!

It boasts a formula of "9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup with a natural matte finish". I highly doubt it does every single one of those claims like "soothe" (what even?) or "help prevent blemishes". It does contain witch hazel in that respect though it's pretty far down in the ingredients list that I doubt it would have much of an effect. The texture like I said is on the thinner side of things. As you blend it into the skin it definitely dries down. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's 'liquid to powder' but it does leave a satin-matte finish to the skin, while looking natural, can exacerbate dry patches slightly. While you can apply the product with fingers, I much prefer using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which I find buffs the product into the skin quickly and effortlessly. Because the texture is thin, it's really lightweight on the skin, and I can barely feel it at all. The coverage is definitely good for a BB cream, it evens out the skin tone and redness but for prominent scars/blemishes you'll need a concealer. It's light to medium, and while buildable, I wouldn't use more than two layers as I think it can start to look a little cakey or really cling to dryness and skin texture.  

Despite the matte finish, I still like to powder (force of habit really), and I find the combination to last excellently. I only really get shiny in the nose area after about 5 or 6 hours, and dewy elsewhere in the t-zone, but it still looks good at the end of the day, which is certainly impressive for a BB cream. Because of it's matte finish, I don't feel like it would be the best for drier skin types, and for very dry skins it could be drying.

The shade Medium initially looked a bit orange-y/pink to me but when it blends to the skin it actually matches me really well. Sadly there are only three shades in the range, so you may not find a match.

Overall, this has definitely become one of my favourite BB creams - great coverage, lasting power and colour match. I think this may become a staple for me, especially in the warmer months (it also contains SPF15)! Have you guys tried any matte lightweight bases?


NOTD // Salmon & Avocado

Y'all know peachy-pink is one of my favourite colours, especially in beauty! I decided to pull out what I declare one of my favourite nail polishes (though I don't wear it enough!) - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Get Juiced. I decided to pair it with Sinful Colors Pistache and only until they were on my nails did I realise the colour combo was very reminiscent of salmon and avocado! My favourite sushi flavour, mmm...

I decided to do a 'trigger accent' manicure, where the index and middle fingers are painted with a different colour. Although this is a very simple manicure, I really loved it! Both polishes have a creamy finish, and are very Springy shades. 

Pistache is a pistachio-avocado green with a pretty good formula. It takes two coats to reach full opacity, the formula can be a little bit chalky going on and while it dries shiny, I felt like a slick of top coat really finished it off. Get Juiced is a stunning, saturated, juicy peachy pink, that really does look like fleshy salmon (eck, fleshy is a really gross word) haha! The formula of this polish is ace, goes on really smoothly and took two coats for full opacity. It almost looks a bit like a gel manicure? 

I really loved this manicure, it combined so many of my favourite things haha! What are your thoughts on my foodie mani?


Potent Paints

I was recently lucky enough to win an Instagram giveaway held by Ulta 3, the prize featured the full range of their Lip Paints plus matching nail polishes. Now, I'm a big fan of Ulta 3, out of my nail polish collection I own the most Ulta 3 polishes and I've also reviewed a couple of their lipsticks which are really good! I was very excited by this release but was scared they were going to be similar to the Rimmel Apocalips (ie. a wet, sloppy mess), but have no fear because they're much better!

The Lip Paints are packaged similarly to the Australis Pout Pastes; a squeezy tube with a doe-foot applicator, making the product very easy to apply. The tubes are colour co-ordinated making them very easy to spot in your collection. I really like the typography on the tubes, I think it's super cute and not tacky at all!

Basically these are another liquid lipstick type product - colour and longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application and shine of a gloss. So, as you can see, these babies are incredibly pigmented in one swipe, one layer is generally all you need. You can also sheer them out by applying a dab and blending over the lips. The texture is not thick, gloopy or sticky at all, but not uber thin or wet either. It's somewhere in the middle that allows it to be applied and spread easily over the lips, yet not be wet or transfer that easily (they still do a little though). They have a slight sheen but not very glossy, it just gives a comfortable feel on the lips. 

I was actually quite surprised by the staying power of these lippies! It still looked perfect after 3 or so hours, and it survived through lunch! I always have my friend do a lip check (after all, what are friends for) and she was like "It actually still looks really good! Good job whatever lipstick you're wearing!", so there ya go, good job Ulta 3! I didn't need to reapply for a while after, but I did get a bit of wear through the centre of the lips after another couple of hours, but it's not that noticeable as they do stain the lips slightly. They're very easy to reapply though!

They also claim to be enriched with Vitamin E making them moisturising. I wouldn't particularly say they're moisturising, while they did leave my lips a tad drier, it wasn't anything considerable. They are still extremely comfortable to wear. They also have a peppermint scent which I quite enjoy - it smells like Arnotts Mint Slice!

L-R: Eclectic Orange, Radical Red, Expressive Fuchsia, Extreme Pink, Manic Mauve, Loud Purple

Eclectic Orange is a bright, true orange. It's not very red-leaning making it a little less wearable. On my very yellow skintone, it can tend to look a little pumpkin-y, but still nice!

Radical Red is a nice, true red, if anything a tad blue-toned.

Expressive Fuchsia is a hot pink that is slightly fuchsia-leaning.

Extreme Pink is an incredibly pale, cool-toned bubblegum pink. Probably my least favourite shade because it doesn't sit very well on my skintone.

Manic Mauve is the perfect mauve for the cooler seasons. It's a very wearable, slightly berry-toned mauve.

Loud Purple is PURPLE, but dang I love it! It's definitely eye-catching and quite a grape-y purple/violet shade.

What I also love about these is how easy they are to mix and blend colours. I've found this is my favourite way to use them - there is an abundance of colours you can create! Makes some of the less wearable colours a bit more wearable. These are a few of my favourite combos:

L-R: Orange + Pink, Mauve + Purple, Fuchsia + Red

Overall I've thoroughly been enjoying the Ulta 3 Lip Paints. They definitely surpassed whatever expectations I had of them, and I think I'll definitely be reaching for them whenever I get the tingles for a bold lip. They are absolutely amazing for the low price of AUD$5.95 and I fo sho recommend them over the Apocalips.


Fab for Radiance

Hello humans! Today I have a skincare review coming at ya of the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. If a product has the word 'radiance' or 'brightening' in its title, I'm there. This brand has been getting a lot of hype lately, and when I saw these on clearance, I snapped 'em up as they've also been getting a lot of attention, mine included.

I really like the packaging and brand aesthetic, I think it's super cute. They outline the benefits/uses of the product clearly. The tub contains sixty pads which I think is a great amount. Each pad is very generously soaked with product, so much so that I cut my pads in half. I hate to be wasteful and I feel like there is so much leftover if you only use one pad, and also of course, I'm getting more bang for my buck! Half is more than enough for both your face and neck, going over twice! The actual pad has one flat side, and the other with circular bumps that help exfoliate further.

Basically, these pads aim to exfoliate, tone and brighten the skin. They contain both lactic and glycolic acids to chemically exfoliate the skin, though they are supposedly gentle enough to be used daily. They also contain Cucumber and Indian Gooseberry to tone, and lemon peel and licorice root to brighten. The ingredients really are lovely and super effective it seems! They do feel quite gentle and I have experienced no irritation at all, they don't sting at all. However, in some cases, my skin can feel a bit itchy after using this, but I think it's just craving some moisturisation. I've been using these every night for the past few months and have to say, I do think I've noticed a difference! It is always hard to tell with things like brightening, and scar fading, though I would say that I've noticed my skin to overall look a bit brighter and with a smoother, more refined texture. I think also it has helped speed up the fading process of scars left from acne marks, slowly but surely. Do keep in mind I'm still using other scar fading products!

Overall, I really love these toning pads and I think they do an excellent job as an everyday toner, whilst also helping with exfoliation and brightening. Definitely a lovely product to add to your routine! I'm not sure if they still sell FAB at David Jones where I bought mine, since they were clearancing a lot of their stock, but they are sold on various websites including Beauty Bay for AUD$33.80!


Naked, of House Urban Decay, the Third of Her Name

I make no apologies for the Game of Thrones/Medieval/it's really just Game of Thrones inspired title. Anyways today I'm reviewing the third addition to the Urban Decay Naked palette family. These shadows are my first taste of the ever-raved about cult favourites, and we shall see whether they lived up to the hype...

Lols, ignore my pajamas in the mirror :P
The Naked 3 palette is packaged beautimously (to use the words of the lovely Essiebutton), and definitely my favourite packaging of the three palettes. It comes in a rosey-gold metal case which is embossed with a ruched pattern, which I think adds a nice element of interest. I also really really like the gold writing on the top, with the italicized '3'. The closure isn't overly secure, and I do think it could be easily pried open. It comes with a large mirror, which is always handy, as well as a double ended Good Karma shadow brush. It's pretty good quality, one side is a small, thin and stiff brush good for packing on or smudging with the tip, the other is fluffier but still very dense.

For the most part, the formula of these shadows is consistent except for a couple (Dust and Buzz). To be completely honest, the formulas did not blow me away, especially with such HYPE these shadows have received. I have heard though that the Naked 3 is slightly lesser in quality than the first two, but still. Sure, they're still really pigmented, smooth and blendable, but they ain't soft like buttah. I think that the formula of Lorac shadows is better. 

One other thing that was alarming was when I used my Lorac eye primer, the shadows had creased and almost disappeared by the end of the night, like what? Maybe I put too much primer on, or it was because I applied it in the afternoon and my eyelids were already a bit oily? Anyways, I've used the shadows with the UD Primer Potion and I'm happy to report that they lasted much better (only slight creasing by the end of the day). Speaking of the Primer Potion, you receive sachets of the four shades. Personally, I would have prefered the single deluxe sized sample because sachets annoy me, but I will say I've actually been getting a few uses out of one!

One gripe that I have is that the actual range of shades within this palette aren't that versatile, which was actually quite surprising. From the swatches the light shades are all sort of the same depth, as the dark shades are sort of the same depth. A few of the shades are quite similar to each other like, Mugshot and Darkside, Liar and Factory and Dust and Burnout. Too similar, in my opinion, to justify having both. While you can of course create light, medium and deep, smokey looks, the range of looks you can create is quite limited, and look a bit same-y.

L-R: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick
Strange is a matte, light cream shade. It works really well as a browbone highlight. The pigmentation isn't strong but can be forgiven because of it's lightness. One of the softer shadows in the palette.

Dust is a light pink with strong silvery-pink glitter that's quite flakey and fallout-y. Rather aptly named because it is quite dusty! Definitely my least favourite shade.

Burnout is a really pretty, light, warm pink shimmery shade. Perfect for all over the lid!

Limit is a matte light pink with a hint of mauve through it. One of my least used shades because it's not deep enough for a crease shade (on my skin tone) and it's just okay as a lid shade.

Buzz is a rosy pink with silver glitter throughout. It has a similar formula to Dust though slightly better. It also has a more metallic finish at its base.

Trick has the same finish as Buzz but not as much glitter, therefore a much nicer formula. This is the only real rose-gold-copper shade in the palette, which is probably why it's my favourite!

L-R: Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart
Nooner is a matte, medium-deep mauvey-taupe shade. It's quite unique, but definitely the workhorse of the palette. I use this shade in pretty much every look I create as it is the perfect crease shade to complement the other colours.

Liar is a light burgundy shade with a shimmery finish.

Factory is a darker brown shade with burgundy hints. It has a shimmery finish though less shimmery than Liar or Mugshot.

Mugshot is a deep mushroom taupe shade with warm tones and a similar finish to Liar.

Darkside is a taupe-y grey with a similar finish to Factory. This is a bit of a 'meh' shade for me.

Blackheart is matte blackened-plum at it's base, with coppery shimmer/glitter particles. I really love using this shade along the lashline as eyeliner.

So there, it won't be making a disappointing products post, but it didn't really live up to the hype and glory that I expected of it. Not by any means a bad palette, I do adore the shades and will get a lot of use out of them, but they aren't the most versatile, or the best quality.

What are your thoughts on the Naked 3?


Hot Flushes

Bright. Red. Blush. Never, did I ever think that I would end up purchasing a shade like this, but alas, here I am. This particular shade of cream blush, Libido (seriously, is there a competition for most risque blush names?), from Illamasqua was on clearance at their counter and after initially scoffing at it, I couldn't get it off my mind as I googled and read every review ever. Here I am to give my 2 cents!

The packaging is standard for Illamasqua, a pinched square with a clear window through which you can clearly see the shade. Whilst I love the packaging, it's iconic shape, rather luxe feel - it is quite bulky. There is quite a bit of excess plastic that makes it bigger and bulkier than it need be, it only contains 4g of product.

With regards to the formula, I have always wanted to try one of Illamasqua's blushes, whether it be powder or cream, both have received many raves! This shade is incredibly pigmented, you need barely a touch to yield enough product for both cheeks. The texture of the blush is very creamy, but also very thin with an emollient slip to it, not at all thick or pasty. It's a pleasure to apply with either fingers or a stippling brush, despite it's bright colour, it blends out very easily. This shade is very buildable, you can start out very sheer and of course build the colour up to be much more potent. The formula feels weightless on the cheeks and really melds with the skin, leaving an extremely natural finish. Because I use it very sheerly, with very little product, I'm only really depositing colour and not a whole lot of sheen or creamy dew, so it leaves a rather semi-matte finish that doesn't accentuate dryness. The lasting power is excellent for a cream blush, 5-7 hours depending on how heavily you've applied it. It does fade throughout the day but the colour lingers. The formula also works on the lips, it isn't extremely drying and actually works quite well!

So, Libido, she's bright isn't she? Although it looks like a straight up warm-red in the pan, it actually comes off much more orange, rendering it more wearable in my opinion. When worn sheerly, it gives a really pretty orangey-red flush to the cheeks that I think looks really nice and in some cases, quite natural. Though this definitely wouldn't be as easy to wear on extremely fair skintones, I think it would suit most light-medium and darker complexions.

So overall, although the shade is a bit scary, have no fear - it sheers out! I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this product. The formula is probably the best cream blush I've tried and the colour is surprisingly wearable.

Would you ever wear a shade like this?