Rimmel & Kate Moss // 15th Anniversary Lipsticks

Rimmel is once again killing it with their releases - the one drugstore brand I can always count on to come out with awesome new products! Their latest release is a particularly special one. They are celebrating their 15th anniversary of having Kate Moss as the face of their brand! It's quite impressive that she has been with the brand for that long, and during her tenure she's collaborated on some of their most popular products! I particularly love her lipstick ranges, so its fitting that the 15th anniversary collection is a selection of Kate's favourite nude and red shades in the Lasting Finish by Kate formula*! 


Collective Haul // October 2016

So, it's been a hot minute since I've done a haul on here. I think the last big makeup purchase I made was the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (which was back in May!), but my last actual haul that I did was in April. Must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for managing to stick to a spending ban - no matter how loose it was! I actually haven't been all that tempted by makeup recently actually. It's not that I've become disinterested in makeup, because trust me, I still love it! I just think I've become numb to all the HYPE! and NEWNESS!, and I also think that I've become quite content with my makeup collection. I only really consider purchasing something if I really love it, it's gotten good reviews or is somewhat unique in my collection. That being said, let's dive in!


Like Music to My Ears #6

New albums seem to come in waves don't they? There have been a bunch of new releases from a few of my favourite artists that I've been listening to over the past month or so, so I thought it was definitely time for a music update!


The Daily Makeup Edit

It's been a loooong, long time since I've done any sort of "daily makeup" routine post on the blog, and seeing as I've stuck to a pretty solid routine for the past several months, I figured I should update you guys! This post will also serve somewhat as a September favourites as I haven't really been using or loving anything new, just the same old shiz! I think that will change in the coming months though as I've broken my spending ban (a pretty lax one at that) and made a Colourpop order, and I anticipate I will be buying a bunch more with the impending holiday releases! I'm pretty proud of myself though, I pretty much hadn't bought anything since the Sweet Peach Palette which was all the way back in May! Anyway, if any of y'all are OG readers, some of these products might take you waaay back into the archives! I should say, I don't necessarily wear this makeup everyday but this look is typically my go-to for work (without the eye products) or long days at uni!