No Knotts!

Today I have a hair product from the brand Original & Mineral to share. I have their No Knott Conditioning Detangler

This detangler contains a "perfect blend of nourishing Australian natural ingredients. Cold-pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil combine to recondition the hair leaving it glossy and knot-free".

 I would say it is quite nourishing but not to the extent if you were to apply a hair oil or leave-in conditioner because it is such a fine mist. Which reminds me, I really love the nozzle on this bottle! It coats the hair really nicely in a mist rather than a spray that only wets one section, if that makes sense? However, I found that on my rather normal/tiny bit oily scalp and dry-ish ends, if I were too trigger-happy it would make my hair feel oilier by the next day. I would advise not to spray this near the roots! My happy medium is around three spritzes for each half of my medium-long length hair.

In terms of detangling, to be honest my hair isn't particularly tangly to begin with. When wet the comb usually glides straight through with only some resistance. When dry though, my hair is quite tangly. For reference, I have thick hair which tends to not get very knotty, but I do have quite damaged ends. The directions of this detangler do, however, state to spray this into wet hair.

While I'm probably not the best person to review this product, I do find it a dream to use! It has a nice scent that is almost citrus-y and hair product-y at the same time? I do think that it helps the comb glide through easier and it helps nourish too!


  1. i totally understand your mist not spray thing ahah i have a hair product thats spray and its application is just too uneven!

    great review btw! dont really have issues with tangly hair but the brand looks really good :)

    ♥ M & L


    1. It's a delight to spritz! Haha, yeah the brand is quite nice, I really like the packaging!