Sippin' Bronze Champagne

Hey, hi, hello! Today's post will be showcasing a couple of products from Jane Iredale. Jane Iredale is a mineral makeup brand. Mineral makeup is not something I have much experience with so I was excited to try these when my sister gave them to me. I have the Bronzing Powder in the shade So Bronze 1 and the 24k Gold Dust Shimmer Powder in the shade Champagne.

First up is the bronzer:

The packaging on this product is so beautiful! It is encased in a gold screw top type packaging, with her 'I' logo embossed on the top and on the powder itself. The inside is navy and the packaging feels really luxe. Personally, I find screw tops a little annoying as they take a bit more time to open and close as opposed to a clamshell, but that's just me and my laziness! It also doesn't contain a mirror, but that doesn't bother me much.

So Bronze 1 is quite a warm toned, shimmery bronze shade. The warmth I think could border on orange for those of very fair skin, so do be aware! On my medium skin it works really well. The shimmer isn't overwhelming at all. It's more so a satin base with shimmer particles, and it's not frosty or metallic at all. The shimmer particles aren't super small either, so they can be detected on the face, but not a lot of them actually transfer on. I don't use this to contour with because its warmth and shimmer don't work well to create shadows. I really adore this for sweeping kind of over my cheeks, forehead and temples and on the nose for an overall bronze-y, warm look. I generally use this when my foundation is too light, or overall I look a bit lifeless or washed out, and it perks up my skin really well! 

It's nicely pigmented, but not overly so, so it's really easy to sweep on with little effort. The powder itself is very soft but not powdery, and it blends really well. I do see that the overall quality of this bronzer is really beautiful. I'm not sure as to whether it is because it is a mineral bronzer, or what, but it is certainly an amazing bronzer!

The Gold Dust is packaged in a small plastic pot, with a gold rim that has the brand name. Being a loose powder, it contains a sifter to let product through. I tend to just use whatever has accumulated on the inside of the lid.

The 24 Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powders certainly are a luxe feeling product! They use 24k food grade gold to create a 'gilded look'. These can be used as an eyeshadow, on the cheeks as a highlighter, on the lips or mixed in with foundation, moisturizer or hair gel for use in the hair! So far I've only used it on my eyes but I think this shade would be beautiful over the cheekbones as a more intense highlight, and really great to add a glow to your foundation or base. Champagne looks pinky in the packaging but it does translate as a slightly pink-toned champagne beige to the skin. The finish is very frosty and sparkly. In the champagne base, it contains pink and gold sparkles, giving a really beautiful glittering effect. I tend not to faff around with loose shadows (I'm such a klutz!) but this one isn't too sparkly, and doesn't have too much fallout. It feels very fine and smooth and is quite pigmented. You will want a lighter hand with this if you are using it on the cheeks.

Bronzer, 24k Gold Dust shimmer powder

In sunlight

The photos really don't to the shimmer dust justice! It's really a lot more shimmery in real life, and the different coloured sparkles come out. I really love both these products and I think they are of really high quality! I really want to try some more mineral makeup as it is supposedly better for your skin. 

Have you tried Jane Iredale?


  1. Ooh the shimmer powder looks really nice!

    1. It's really luxurious being real gold and all! haha

  2. Gorgeeeoooussss! I haven't heard of this brand though.

    1. Yeah, it's not a very well known brand, but the quality is really excellent!

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