Trippin' // Vietnam

Hi guys! Today I thought I would share a few snaps from my trip to Vietnam in December. I went for about ten days to Hanoi, Sapa, Ha Long Bay and Ho Chi Minh City. I also went for a few days to Hong Kong but we didn't do too many touristy things since it was my third time going there. I have a couple of posts of my haulage from my trip which you can find here and here.

I first have some photos from Hanoi where we stayed in the Old Quarter of the city.

The traffic is absolutely cray cray in Hanoi, this photo doesn't really showcase it, but it's a nightmare to cross the street! We were absolute tourists and went on a 'cyclo' tour thing (the rickshaw on the right).

There are lots of shops and restaurants on the sides of the streets. The shops are essentially like markets as you can haggle with them. The street food experience was really interesting! A lot of them have the little baby sized tables and stools. The food was really yummy though - and cheap!

Hoan Kiem Lake

We took an overnight train to Sapa (the Victoria Express) which was certainly interesting! I slept for pretty much the whole time because I would have probably gotten motion sick otherwise. It was quite fun though! Sapa is a mountainous town located in the very north of Vietnam. It was quite cold up there and the town overlooks beautiful valleys and mountains. A lot of the time the view was shrouded in fog and mist but it was still very pretty!

Rice Paddies
Cat Cat Waterfall

Zitch Dog x3

We went to Ha Long bay next and went on a cruise (sort of). It was a rather small boat with about 10 double rooms that cruised through the Bay and the limestone islands. We only stayed overnight but it was absolutely amazing! It didn't even feel like I was on a boat, the water was so calm! The food was amazing on the boat and the islands are so beautiful and picturesque. 

One of the floating fishing villages in the Bay

The limestone caves inside one of the islands
Our boat: the "Ginger"
We then flew to Ho Chi Minh City which in comparison to Hanoi is much more westernized and metropolitan. I don't have too many photos of the city itself but we did do a few touristy things like the Cu Chi tunnels and a tour through the Mekong Delta. 

So those are just a few of the photos I took on my that I wanted to share! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Overall I really enjoyed my trip and it was certainly interesting to see and experience a different culture. My favourite part was definitely Ha Long Bay - it was so pretty and I really enjoyed the whole cruise (but on a smaller scale) experience. I probably wouldn't want to go back to Vietnam anytime soon, but it's definitely somewhere I'm glad to have gone.


  1. So cool! I learnt all about the history of Vietnam when I was in school and I've wanted to visit all the Indochina War places ever since. Usually when it comes to other countries I'm like "...what?" but I love that I know what you're talking about in this post haha. Where do you plan on going to next?

    1. I actually didn't know much at all about the history of Vietnam so it was so interesting to learn about it over there. We went to the War museum in Ho Chi Minh and it was so confronting, but also interesting to see it from their point of view as opposed to what you hear in Australia. I'm hoping to go to New Zealand at the end of this year, sort of for a schoolies thing but just with my close friends. I ain't the kinda gal who wants to go to the gold coast ;) haha

  2. Wow lovely photos of your holiday, I really liked the ones of the rice paddies! I hope you had fun, I'm yet to travel to Vietnam someday :) I went to Hong Kong in November but I didn't get enough time there which was a shame, I'll have to go another time!

    1. Yeah - the rice paddies were very picturesque! Hong Kong is great, though to be honest I don't think you need more than three or four days there.

  3. Oh my gosh Tashi, your photos are gorgeous. There are some that remind me a lot of my trip to Cambodia! :) x

    1. Aww, thank you! And yeah, I thought so! They are in the same region and I think they are quite similar countries in general.