Celebrity Nudes

The premise behind L'oreal's latest limited edition collection of lipsticks is that there is a nude for every skintone, as endorsed by their various celebrity faces. I really quite like the idea behind it, and having various celebs of different skintones behind each lipstick makes the collection a whole lot more diverse and appealing! I wasn't planning on picking one up, but I had a voucher and my staff discount, and y'know...once I had the colour swatched on my hand, I couldn't get it out of my head! And so, the Colour Riche Collection Exclusive lipstick in the shade Eva's Nude (Eva Longoria) came home with me.

I really quite enjoy the packaging of these lipsticks. They come in a matte black casing, with gold lettering. I find the celebrity's signature to be a lovely, personalised addition. One thing to note is that these lipsticks smell very much like old lady makeup. Not a fan! Though it's tolerable.

I'll just go out and say it, the formula of this lipstick is nothing special. But, at the same time, that's what I like about it! It's a no frills lipstick, and coupled with the shade, it's so easy to slap on. The formula is not too opaque but still has good pigmentation. It has quite a creamy, yet thin texture that smooths on easily and builds well. It's not matte, nor is it glossy, but it has a rather satin finish that is super comfortable on the lips. I don't find it too drying, but it's definitely not moisturisng. The lasting power isn't outstanding but it's better than most lipsticks with this sort of texture. Also, I don't ever expect paler shades like this to last long. 

Now I don't think I look at all alike to Eva Longoria...really, not at all, but out of the featured gals, she's probably the closest to me in skin tone! Plus, you know, this was the shade that definitely appealed to me most, and that I thought would suit me best. It's not a crazy pale nude and is a few shades darker making it one of those perfect my lips but better shades, or basically wearable with just about any makeup look. It definitely has peachy-brown undertones (just how I like ma nudes) but it's not too bland and has enough pinky/mauve in it to stop it looking too tan-like. It does have a slight silver frost to it which I didn't notice until I got home, but it's barely detectable, and it's mostly creamy on the lips.

While it's definitely not the most revolutionary lipstick in the world, it's basic, and I like it. It's become a lipstick I can rely on to go with everything and it's easy to apply and reapply - everything I want for a daily lip colour! I definitely recommend checking out the collection and seeing if there's a nude for you!

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