My Top 6 Movies of 2017

This post is quite a bit late, but what can I say, I was struggling to come up with my favourite movies from last year! I kept delaying this post in hopes I would be able to see the movies I wanted to from last year but most of them are unavailable, and others I liked but not enough to make my faves. There are a couple of movies I still really want to see that might have made my list, like Lady Bird (which technically only comes out in cinemas here in Feb so it might make an appearance in my 2018 faves!) and Call Me By Your Name. There were a lot of movies I liked from last year, but not a lot that really blew me away, which is why I had a little trouble coming up with my list. These six films from last year are all amazing though, so let's get into them!

A movie from earlier in the year but it's still managing to create buzz now! Although it's been described as a horror, it really isn't scary at all (in my opinion). It's definitely more of a thriller, and has quite a bit of comedy in it (which definitely helps take the edge off the scary/serious subject matter). If you haven't already heard about Get Out, it's about an African-American guy meeting his (white) girlfriend's parents for a weekend away in their secluded house. You know something is iffy with them from the get-go and the film slowly feeds you information and by the time you've connected the dots, you're hit with quite the climactic ending. It's an incredibly smart, thrilling story with relevant social commentary. 

A sweet romantic comedy based on the true relationship between Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily. I'm a big fan of Nanjiani's (he's hilarious) so I was excited for this movie. The film follows Kumail and Emily's crazy - but true - relationship. The couple deal with cultural differences and what happens when Emily contracts an illness that forces her into a coma. Despite sounding like it could be depressing - I assure you it's very funny, heartwarming and sincere. It's a fresh take on the classic rom-com, highly enjoyable and has a different dynamic by dealing with cultural differences. 

DC actually managed to make a good movie?! In all seriousness, as much as I tend to dislike DC movies, Wonder Woman was a serious winner! A female-led superhero movie was waaaay overdue, and Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot managed to show us that they can be just as - if not more - successful than the standard male superhero movie. I really love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman - her character is quite adorable and her relationship with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) was tres cute. There's a helluva lot of girl power in the movie but it never feels trivial or forced. That no-mans-land scene is everything! I do have a major criticism though - the villain was...not great and the final battle was very "DC" - lots of big scale blow ups and ridiculousness that sort of took away from the grounded action of the rest of the movie. 

Though this list is in no particular order, Thor Ragnarok was my favourite movie of 2017! I know I'm a Marvel ~superfan~ but I'm not being biased when I say this is a heckin' good movie. By far the best Thor movie, and it's battling with Captain America Winter Soldier for my top spot. First of all, TAIKA WAITITI. Honestly, Taika can do no wrong. He really brought a breath of fresh air to the franchise and completely shook up the characters and tone of the Thor movies. Ragnarok is hilarious, and with a lot of the comedy being improvised, it feels fresh and natural. Thor gets a complete makeover (both physically and mentally) and his character is given a new lease on life. Besides being heckin' funny, visually stunning AND having an amazing soundtrack, Ragnarok actually has a great storyline and a good villain with legitimate motivations. Hela is arguably my favourite villain (besides Loki) - Cate Blanchett absolutely slayed. Honestly truly this movie is the bomb diggity. If you want to read more of my rambles on how much I loved this movie, I talked more in my November favourites.

Last superhero movie I promise! Logan kind of flew under the radar for me - I do like the X-Men films but they can be hit or miss for me, and I've never particularly loved the Wolverine character. That being said, I absolutely loved this movie! It's completely different to any of the other X-Men films - it's very violent (and at times gory) and both Logan and Professor X swear quite a lot which is pretty funny. Logan is supposedly Hugh Jackman's last film as Wolverine (and Patrick Stewart as Professor X) and it does their characters justice and sends them off in a very emotional way! Logan introduces a new character, X-23 played by Dafne Keen, who was absolutely amazing. I'm excited to see what they do with her character in the future! Logan is gritty and dark, and not only an entertaining action piece but also gives a deep, emotional dive into its main characters.

How is it that a movie based on the making of the best worst movie ever manages to be an actually great good movie? I only watched The Room this year (basically in prep for this film) and man oh man, it is an experience that everyone should have (I recommend watching it with friends so you can all take the piss out of it). It really is BAD but somehow so very good. The Disaster Artist basically follows Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco), their dream to become big Hollywood movie stars and the eventual creation of The Room. This film is damn funny. James Franco embodies the enigma that is Tommy Wiseau in every way and the resemblance is uncanny! While you don't need to have seen The Room to enjoy The Disaster Artist, there are definitely scenes that can be appreciated more if you have. The making of the most iconic scenes is absolutely hilarious. The Disaster Artist is certainly very funny, but it's also very endearing. It portrays Tommy and Greg sincerely and you really have to admire their persistence in going after their dreams, even when everyone else said they'd never make it. 

So there we have my favourite movies of 2017! Lots of superhero movies and lots of comedies. I don't typically talk about movie "disappointments" but canijustsay that Star Wars: The Last Jedi was SUCH a disappointment. Man I was let down :( Anyway, what were your favourite films of last year?!

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