Burning on a Budget

Hi guys! Today I have a post about scented candles! I love burning candles as I love the aroma they give off and in general their ambiance and how for me they immediately make a room seem more cozy. But, being the stingy cheapskate I am, I would never pay upward of $15 for one! So I have a review of my favourite scented candles for their price!

They are the Kmart Fragrant Candles! I have six scents that I will be reviewing, though please bear with me as I really suck at describing scents! Kmart has a range of about eight different scents I believe, with a number of different types like jars, tea lights, cylinder ones (don't know the proper name!), etc.

These first ones are the smallest and cheapest, packaged in adorable glass jars. These retail for only $1! I have all four scents in this packaging.

Fig & Papaya:
This is the green one and probably my second favourite out of the whole bunch. It is a slightly sweet fruity scent. It is quite a subdued fruity smell, not citrus-y but it's definitely still quite fresh. I actually have no idea what fig smells like but this candle isn't very papaya-y in my opinion. I just really love this scent!

Apple & Rhubarb:
This is the red one and I really love this scent! It is probably the closest to like a 'baked goods' sort of scent..? It smells something like Apple and Rhubarb crumble and it just smells so yummy..

Clean Linen:
This is the white one and I'm not really a soapy scent type of person and this one isn't an exception. I just picked it up on a whim, it was only $1 after all. It just smells straight up like soap, not really like clean linen. I thought it might be nice to burn in the bathroom, but it doesn't really give off much scent at all anyway.

Blackcurrant & Plum:
This is the purple one and I really cannot describe the scent of this one! It's quite similar to the Apple & Rhubarb, only with more berry and less edible smelling... I do really like it though!

All of these had really good scent throw (how much scent it gives off) bar Clean Linen. For their size they can really make a room smell good!

These larger varieties packaged in glass cups cost $3 each. These come in four scents (different from the range of small jar candles) of which I have two.

Comforting Vanilla and Jasmine:
This is by far my favourite scent of all of them! It is a classic, clean vanilla scent and is quite sweet. It is very warming to the room and as the name suggests, I really feel quite comforted when I burn this candle. This has  the best scent throw of the ones I've tried and really coats the room.

Uplifting Lemongrass & Lime:
This is the green one and is very fresh, summery scent. The Lemongrass is definitely there but isn't overwhelming like some lemongrass scents. I'd say that the 'Lime' offers up a bit of citrus to the mix. This one doesn't have an amazing scent throw but you can definitely smell it when you walk into a room.

So that is my Kmart candle collection! I think these are awesome, they definitely surprised me quality wise and for the price, there's really nothing to lose! I also quite like the packaging, haha. Great to repurpose as storage! Head in to your Kmart and give these a sniff! They live in the lighting section.


  1. This was a cool post. I too love candles but some of them can be so expensive!

    1. Thanks! I highly recommend giving these a go!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about these! I love glass house candles but they are very expensive!

    1. You're welcome! I've been really tempted to pick up some from Glasshouse but I just couldn't justify the price!

  3. Replies
    1. Totally! Considering they are actually quite good!

  4. I love burning scented candles in my room. We don't have Kmart in the UK though :(

    1. Hmm that sucks. I'm sure there are heaps of budget candles over there though! There are always Ikea ones...

  5. I didn't know Kmart sold candles! But then again, Kmart did have a huge change to its store with all its generic items now. These candles look great and so affordable too! The name Clean Linen is so intriguing, shame that it just smells like soap though (I'm not a fan of that scent either!). The jar candles are so cute too :)

    1. Well they do and they're good too! I know a lot of people like clean scents but this one's too soapy for me. I can't wait to repurpose them for storage or to display things!