Empties #1

Hi guys! So today I have my very first empties post! I've been collecting these empties since before I even started blogging! It takes me ages to finish products so don't expect another one of these posts for a good long while! I actually have quite a few products to talk about so I'll try to keep it brief!

First up, I have a few hair bits:

Kerastase Nutritive Thermo-reactive intensive nutrition shampoo:
I really liked this shampoo! I found it really moisturising but not to the point where it made my scalp oily. Sometimes my scalp gets a bit itchy and I found that this was nicely moisturising that I didn't experience that itchiness much. I've also tried the conditioner from this range which I really liked.
Repurchase? Maybe in the future, but I try different shampoos all the time!

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture & Shine conditioner:
I have used this range of shampoo and conditioner a few times (by times, I mean bottles worth) and while I liked it, it didn't do much. It's targeted for dry/damaged hair but I didn't find it particularly moisturising. It's pretty average in my opinion.
Repurchase? No, like I said, I like to try different ones.

Moroccan Oil:
I really enjoy using hair oils but I find they all pretty much do the same thing. It was nice and moisturised my hair, made it feel soft and look shiny. This one was noticeably thicker in consistency though, so it may weigh down finer hair. It smelled really nice and this sample lasted me quite a while.
Repurchase? Maybe in the future, though I have a couple of hair oils on the go currently.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment:
This was a plain hair mask but it was actually shimmery, which was a bit weird but the shimmers didn't stay, they rinsed out as normal. This was pretty typical, it made my hair soft and shiny, but nothing that really wowed me and it didn't help much with damage or preventing it.
Repurchase? No, If you have any good and cheap hair mask recommendations, let me know!

For skincare:

Coles 4in1 Cleansing Wipes:
These claim to do a multitude of things but I didn't find that it lived up to those claims. The wipes themselves weren't super moist, and the actual towlettes were actually kind of scratchy. They removed makeup fine but waterproof mascara took time and effort. They left my skin feeling slightly dry.
Repurchase? No

Simple Refreshing Facial wash gel:
This was a pretty simple (hah) cleanser, pretty basic. Good if you have clear or sensitive skin, but it really doesn't do much. I used it in the morning to get rid of the oils and grime from overnight, and it did a decent job. This was just a travel size though it lasted me ages.
Repurchase? No, I've actually got another travel size of this that I'm yet to use but I wont purchase after finishing that one.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist:
This was just a sample size but it lasted me pretty well and I got a good idea of whether I liked it - which I do! Really moisturising but still very light on the skin. I just really like it!
Repurchase? I would definitely consider purchasing though it is expensive, I really want to try some cheaper alternatives.

Clinique Anti-blemish solutions spot treatment gel:
I had a smaller size of this though I found it lasted me a long long time. Overall, I wasn't a fan. It worked in the first two weeks or so, but then I just found it quite alcohol-y and didn't really get rid of pimples very well.
Repurchase? No

EOS Summer fruit lip sphere:
I enjoyed this, probably my favourite scent out of the ones I tried. I like it because it is thin in texture, therefore nice under lipsticks. But it is still nicely moisturising. I got all the product out by 'depotting' it. Stick a knife in the line next to the rim and it should pop out.
Repurchase? I've still got a few of them on hand, but I probably would in the future once I run out of them all.

MOR Lip macaron in Peach Nectar:
This lasted me a whole year! I use it every night and I find it thick and moisturises well, I can still feel it the next morning. As you can see, I've put the excess EOS lip sphere in here so technically that one isn't completely finished but whatevs. 
Repurchase? Probably not, I've actually got two more of these since I bought it in a three pack so I have heaps more to go through.

The Body shop Body Butter:
I'm kind of 'eh' on this product. It was super thick and even maybe hard to spread? But I didn't even feel it was that moisturising for how heavy it was.
Repurchase? No

The Body Shop Shower Gel in cherry Blossom:
A shower gel. I find they all do the same thing. I liked the scent, pretty subtle and floral. I don't generally use shower gel, I really like the Dove beauty bars. I received this as a gift so I took it travelling and what not.
Repurchase? No

Onto the Miscellaneous:

Kmart candles in Comforting Vanilla & Jasmine and Fig & Papaya:
I talked about the scents here so I won't waste my breath (or finger muscles?). I will say that I emptied out the wax using the freezer method. Simply put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and pry out the wax using a knife. It should pop out pretty easily.
Repurchase? Definitely, my two favourite scents from the range.

Oral B Satin Floss:
Hmm, I don't really know why I included this? Haha, didn't really like it though. It was kind of like tape? So too thick for my liking.
Repurchase? No

Blink Eye drops:
My eyes get pretty dry and red at times, this one did the job.
Repurchase? Probably

Whowheeee, that was a looooong post. If you stuck it out till the end, good job! Haha, well I probably won't have another of these posts for ages so enjoy it!


  1. Nice post! I love reading empties.
    It takes so long to finish each beauty product but it feels so good to finally be done with it! I'm really close to finishing my EOS as well, so I might try depotting it!

    1. Thanks! I do too - it's really interesting to see what people have finished and what their thoughts are. It feels good to finish products, make room for more haha! There is quite a bit of product below the EOS, so I would recommend depotting!

  2. Haha wow! Finished so many products. I've always wanted to try the EOS lip balms but I don't really know how to get them easily in Australia. And I've also always been curious about the MOR brand because they have such cute packaging, but I've never really heard anything about their products. But I guess if you wouldn't repurchase it's not exactly ground-breaking?


    1. Keep in mind it took a really long time, haha! I think the easiest would probably be ebay? I got my friend and sister to bring back a couple from America for me. I really like the MOR lip balm, but like I said I already have 2 backups! I might repurchase when I finish those, but I love trying new lip balms!