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Hey guys! So today I am reviewing the ever hyped up Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers! I was going to buy these instore when they arrived but I couldn't resist when I was on ASOS ordering my semi-formal dress...

Anyhoo, I picked up two shades; 101 Celestial and 501 Stellar. Celestial had actually been out of stock but I was browsing and it came back in stock just long enough for me to reserve it in my cart! Lucky! 
I really love the packaging of these, they are housed in plastic tubes and on the bottom it fades from black to clear so you can see the colour inside. I really like the top of the tube which is like a crystal shard or something, very space-y.

Stellar is a really bright and bold pink. It is very warm and almost borders on a coral-tinged pink.
Celestial is a pinky-brown mauve shade, perfect for daily, MLBB (My Lips But Better) wear.

They come with doe-foot sponge applicators. I really like these applicators. They have a dip in the centre which pools the product so you have enough for the entirety of your lips and don't have to keep dipping in for more. They are also quite flexible, so they move and adjust to your lips, making application quite pleasant. They are also pointed so it is very easy to get precise application. Who knew you could write so much about a bit of sponge?

On to the formula, they are called lip lacquers, so to my interpretation they are liquid lipsticks, though I have heard them called very pigmented lip glosses. In my opinion, when I think of a gloss, it still has a slight translucency to it (even if it is very pigmented) and to me the Apocalips are very opaque. They are glossy but not to the extent of a lip gloss, which to me would be much more glossy. I would say they are maybe a bit glossier than a glossy lipstick. But as I said, the pigmentation of these are amazing! The texture is really nice and lightweight. Not sticky at all which is awesome! They remind me a lot of the Lancome L'absolu Creme de Brilliance lipglosses in terms of their lightweight, non sticky feel.

In terms of how they wear, I have heard that they are not as long wearing but I would tend to disagree. I wore Stellar for a good 5 hours, albeit I didn't eat or drink much. What I find that I dislike is the way they wear. They lose their glossiness after about 3 or so hours (these timings aren't super accurate) and begin to settle into the lip's lines and dry, flaky bits which it didn't accentuate upon initial application. Despite this, I found the colour stayed pretty well, though they didn't stain the lips very much. It was very easy to wipe away with a tissue.

These are scented, and I've heard a lot of people dislike the scent, though I actually like it! They smell pretty much the same as the Spring Kate Moss lipsticks which I think smell like grape hubba bubba. Artificial, sweet and fruity.

So overall, I'm a fan! I like their texture, pigmentation and I think they last pretty well. I would probably only have to touch them up once during the day, which is not a problem for me. I probably won't pick up any more as I've pretty much covered my bases with a nude and a bright. You can currently pick these up off of ASOS for $7.16 for 5.5mL of product.

Have you guys tried these? What are your thoughts?


  1. I really want to try these lip products but they haven't made their way to the US yet unfortunately... Great post, xx

    1. Thanks! Ooh, hopefully they arrive soon!

  2. Wow these look awesome! But Im trying to resist from buying any more products unless I use stuff up. :( Wish brands stop launching new products for a while hahahaha!


    1. Mm, good on you for resisting! Haha, yeah, the drugstore brands are really stepping it up!

  3. Hey Honey!!! love your blog!
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  4. I love Celestial - it's so pretty! I really want to get these, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere :(

    Love your blog - I'm a new follower! It would be amazing if you checked out my blog!

    Ella x

    1. It is very pretty! It's a shame you haven't been able to find them, hopefully they arrive soon!