Empties #2

Hey guys! Today I have another empties post as it has been about 3 months since my last one! I finished up a few products but I also culled a few makeup items from my collection! Let's get into it!

Hair and body first!

Salon Professional Repair Mask:
This was a small size hair mask which I used up. I quite liked this and it claimed to repair the hair, etc. but you can't really tell if it does can you? I found that it was only slightly more moisturising than my conditioner so I didn't find it particularly great as a mask. As expected though, it left my hair feeling soft and nourished.
Repurchase? No, there are better hair masks out there.

Organic Everescents Organic Bergamot Conditioner:
I finished up a travel size (100mL) of this conditioner for normal/dry hair. I really like this brand as it is totally organic, no sulphates, etc however I did not really like this product. I found that it didn't really do anything for my hair - it sort of just went on then rinsed out, without providing any moisture. I ended up using this to clean my brushes in the end. I have tried the moisturising shampoo and conditioner from this brand which I much prefer!
Repurchase? No

Neutrogena Sport Face Sunscreen:
This actually isn't empty but rather expired (about a year ago too...whoops!). I really enjoyed this sunscreen however I like the Dry Touch one much better (also from Neutrogena). I find this one is slightly more greasy, but not at all bad for wearing under makeup.
Repurchase? No

Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Body wash:
Another mini body wash, this one also from a gift set I received. I like to alternate between body washes and the Dove beauty bars so I'm mostly trying to use them up! They're all pretty much the same to me, and the scent wasn't bad but I got pretty bored with it.
Repurchase? Nope, already moved on to other body washes!

Some skincare - yay!

Garnier Dark Spot corrector:
I've already got a review up here so I won't talk too much about it. I thoroughly enjoyed this product and loved it as a morning time moisturiser. I found it actually really did help with my acne scarring in lightening it, however it did not totally diminish them. 
Repurchase? I already have!

Origins Super Spot Remover:
I also have a review on this here. I found this a little bit underwhelming probably due to the fact that it was very raved about. It wasn't a bad spot treatment by any means, but I found it didn't clear up spots that quickly, and they still left scars.
Repurchase? Not at the moment, I wouldn't rule it out, but I definitely want to try others first.

Clinique All about eyes eye cream:
Another sample size, however this one lasted legit AGES. I swear, eye cream samples are, like, a full size product in themselves. I found this moisturising and if I put it on on a late night or before an early morning (pretty much if I'm not going to get much sleep) it helped prevent the puffy eyes I tend to get. I don't have problems with dark circles so I can't comment on that.
Repurchase? I've actually got another of these waiting in the wings, but I probably wouldn't purchase it - it's expensive and I like trying new things!

The next three products I spoke about in my Little Luxuries post so I won't ramble too much!

Clinique Moisture surge intense:
Lovely moisturiser! Very light on the skin, but intensely moisturising!
Repurchase? I would consider in the future, however I've got another night cream I'm using now.

SKII Cellumination Essence and Whitening Source Derm Brightener:
Honestly, I didn't notice anything drastic with these products. They are only sample sizes so they didn't have a lot of opportunity to work wonders. I noticed maybe, a slight, brightening effect with the Cellumination Essence, but not much. I'm actually using another of the Cellumination Essence, so we'll see how it goes!
Repurchase? No, they are very expensive and I wasn't impressed with the samples.

Maybelline Baby lips in Mango Pie:
I've finished about five tubes of this stuff (different flavours) and I used to be infatuated! However, I've come to quite dislike the formula. It is quite cream-y as opposed to a gel or a balm and inexplicably it feels weird on my lips, coupled with the scent and taste of the product. Not a bad lip balm at all and I like the inclusion of SPF 15 however I feel I have out grown these!
Repurchase? Maybe in the future, but probably only the menthol flavour as that was my favourite.

Estee Lauder More Than Mascara:
I do believe that this has been discontinued but this was my favourite mascara at one point. I loved the very natural, fluttery lash look it gave me with no clumps in sight! It didn't flake or smudge on me and I absolutely love the wand. I do think that this has a nourishing formula for the lashes? I actually did notice that my baby lashes grew quicker with this (maybe it's my imagination?).

Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer:
This was a smaller size and I enjoyed using it. I found it quite long wearing however it did accentuate dry patches as it wore. It was suitable under the eyes and on blemishes, however like I said it did cling to dry skin.
Repurchase? No, there are many other concealers I would like to try!

I wouldn't typically include sachet samples but I thought I would share my thoughts on these.

Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu brightening serum:
This 2mL sample lasted me quite a little while though and I have to say I quite liked this! It smelled of oranges which was very enjoyable. I didn't love that it left my face feeling sticky though. In terms of brightening, suprisingly I think it did help miniscule-ly in fading dark spots. 
Purchase? Probably not, at least not until I get my hands on a few more samples.

Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator:
I had two of these so I have a resigned opinion on them. I was very excited to use these as they contain AHAs (exfoliating acids) which I've wanted to try for a while, however these sort of did nothing for me. I didn't feel any sensation that indicated that they were working, and my skin texture nor appearance improved after use. Humph.
Purchase? No

The stuff I'm clearing out are pretty much a bunch of lipglosses and a mascara. The mascara is the Maybelline Sky High Curves which has long since been discontinued. It left my lashes a clumpy mess with little length, volume or curl. The lipglosses are mostly sticky and yuk (Model Co and Lancome Juicy Tube minis) or old and yuk (Designer brands). The Designer Brands ones actually weren't that sticky but I've had them for long enough, and the shades are too sparkly for my liking.

WHEW. That was a long ass empties post. If you made it to the end CONGRATS. I realise I wouldn't repurchase the majority of these products which is sad, but I absolutely love trying new things and hardly bog myself down to one product and a lot of these didn't work too well for me, and I feel there are better ones out there yet to be tried! And so, we wait for the next empties to roll around...


  1. Impressive empties post!!! All that stuff must have taken up a lot of room :)

    1. It's really not that many products considering it took me 3 months to use them! haha

  2. I was so unsure as to whether to try the Garnier Dark Spot corrector but I'll definitely pick one up after I finish my current moisturiser :)

    1. I thoroughly recommend it! It's not too expensive either!

  3. I recently bought the menthol baby lips, can't wait to try it! I love mango pie :) And good job on finishing up so many products!

    1. That one is definitely the best in my opinion! Thankyou haha, I take forever to finish products!

  4. Wow...I find it so hard to finish up products...too many exciting things to try!

    1. So many exciting things! I'm hesitant to repurchase because I want to try soo many things!

  5. Cool empties. Still love the Baby lips!

    1. Thanks! I do really like them, but it's time to branch out!

  6. So many empties - I'm actually quite impressed! The Clinique products sound lovely as well :)

    1. Haha, really? Thankyou! They are quite nice, would recommend grabbing some samples!

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