Haul | HK & Vietnam, part 2

Hey everybody! Today I have the second part of my haul from Hong Kong and Vietnam featuring the more fashion related items. You can see the beauty related items I bought here. I actually didn't purchase much at all - much less than I was expecting to! Hong Kong is known to be one of the best places for shopping - which I agree with, but it definitely isn't the cheapest. Also I found that the quality wasn't too great in Vietnam, especially not for the price they ask. I also apologise for the photos, I really don't know how to take pictures of clothes! They may not be the best representation of what they look like in real life.

These are the few accessory type things I bought. I got the Forever 21 earrings and phone case from Hong Kong. The jewellery in Forever 21 was super pretty - lovely statement necklaces but pretty much the same prices you would pay here in Australia. They also didn't seem to have a sale section for their jewellery either :( . I needed earrings because I forgot to put my sleepers back in before we left and I am super paranoid about the holes closing even though it's quite unlikely, haha. They were pretty reasonably priced though. The phone case was from one of the street stall type things and it's a copy of one of the Marc Jacobs ones. I thought it was super cute anyways and although it's a little bulky, it's very protective. 

The "miu miu" sunglasses were from Saigon Square in Ho Chi Minh City. I really like the white and gold and the vintagey cat eye style. I got the silver bracelet from one of the markets in the Sa Pa mountains, where silver is supposedly one of their specialties. They were selling these everywhere there!

I've wanted a felt hat for a while and when I spotted this guy in the sale section of Gap in HK I grabbed it! It was only $12ish which I think is really good. It's a fedora shape and a really pretty indigo colour.

One of the things I saw a lot in Vietnam was this sort of embroidered fabric which they make into many things. I bought this backpack in Hanoi and it was super cheap! I love the colour and although it doesn't seem the strongest, I managed to use it as my carry on and it hasn't broken yet!

I was in desperate need of new sneakers. The ones I had I'd been wearing for a good maybe five years? and they were starting to get a little ratty. Let's face it though, I'm really not sporty or athletic at all, so I didn't really mind what sneakers I bought. I bought these in Hanoi and I'm pretty certain they're fake but they seem decent quality. I think these Nike Free Runs are quite 'trendy' (haha if trainers could ever be) but I just really like that fluoro pinky peach colour.

I'm actually unsure whether these Vans are real or not. Some Vans are actually made in Vietnam and I bought these from what seemed like a wholesaler in Hanoi. They came with a box and everything so it feels very legit. Regardless they are super good quality and were only $15.

These were on sale at Gap and are real suede so I thought they were a pretty good buy. Again I really love that neon pink pop!

A few shirts/blouses I got on sale in Forever 21. Handy how they had all of their Summer stuff on clearance! The second blouse totally reminded me of Tiffany & Co, it does look pretty mature but I think worn with a pleather skirt or shorts would edge it up a bit. Do you see that I have a thing for that neon pinky peach colour?

I also got these super cute spotty skinny jeans on sale at Forever 21. Also they are high waisted! I love high waisted shorts, skirts and pants as they give my column body some shape haha.

I also got these pleather shorts in like a side store in Hong Kong. They aren't high waisted :( but they still look good with things tucked in. 

Lastly, I got these harem pants at the street markets in Ho Chi Minh for only $5! They are super comfy but I'm unsure of how to style them - hopefully so they don't look like pajama pants!

So that's it! I probably forgot some of the more souvenir-y things but on the whole I really didn't buy too much. Once I sort through all my photos I'll probably do a few travel related posts on my trip!


  1. Love the sunglasses and polka dot pants :D

  2. So jealous of your haul! Whenever I go to Vietnam I don't know where to shop haha I end up buying souvenirs :P

    1. They are the easiest to find! Tbh I didn't find their fashion sense all too appealing ! Wasn't exactly sure where to get nice stuff at good prices!

  3. Great haul! I love those Vans and sunnies!

    1. Yeah I really like the two tone vans but sadly they had a limited colour selection. I really wanted a pair of cool patterned ones.

  4. Love the Nikes! My aunt recently gave me a pair of blue and charcoal Free Runs that I need to get more a use out of :)