Rich Repair for the Hair

Hey guys! Today I have a hair related post for you all! I'll be reviewing three products from Goldwell's Dual Senses Rich Repair line which is designed for dry and stressed hair. I have the Thermo leave-in treatment, 6 effects serum and 60sec treatment.

First up is the 60sec Treatment which is basically a hair mask that only needs 60 seconds to work. They have some seriously bold claims on the tub - regenerates hair up to 100% in 60 seconds. How is that even possible?! It's not, haha. I'm not a believer in being able to fix damaged hair like split ends - once it's split, it's split. I do believe in trying to prevent them and making them look and feel less damaged. This mask is really nice and although I don't believe in the 60 second claim, it's nice to know it's working quickly. I prefer to use masks in the shower, and I don't have 15-20 minutes to stand in the shower (waste of water)! It's comparatively thin and not dense or heavy. It spreads through the hair easily and I feel that after the 3 or so minutes I have it in for, my hair feels really nice. It is softer, shinier and feels and looks healthier. I really like this mask but I don't find it particularly different from others I've tried.

The Thermo Leave-in treatment is a heat activated spray that also claims to restructure the hair and improve compatibility and shine. If you can see from the photos, it is a bi-phase formula that you shake up before spraying onto towel-dried hair. It doesn't specifically say anywhere on the bottle that it's a heat protectant, aside from its 'heat-active care formula'.  I would assume though from its claims that it would be. I try not to blow dry my hair and use very limited heat on it so I've only used this a few times. I really like it though from the times I have used it! The spray is really nice and fine and I apply it quite liberally, focusing on my ends. Again, I don't find it "restructures" the hair, but my hair feels soft, tangle-free and is shiny after blow drying. It also makes my hair look nice and sleek. Definitely better than if I didn't use it!

The 6 effects serum is like a leave-in conditioner/serum type product that claims to have six benefits for the hair; shine, smoothness, frizz-free hair, healthy ends and reduced hair breakage. There aren't any unrealistic claims on this one which I prefer! For the most part, this delivers in all six areas! It's quite similar to many other leave-in conditioner type products that I use in that it helps make my hair super soft and healthy looking. The texture is quite thin and doesn't weigh my hair down. Keep in mind I have quite coarse hair, but even for fine hair I think this would be great. I like that the packaging also has a lock pump.

All of the products smell really nice - a sweet, warm rich scent that doesn't linger too much, but makes using the products a pleasure!

With the consistent use of these products, I do feel like my hair isn't as damaged as it would be if I hadn't used them. So in the prevention department, I think they do pretty well! They make my hair soft, shiny, tangle-free and look and feel healthier than it probably is. 

Have you tried anything from the Rich Repair line?


  1. Great post, i've never heard of this line before! I feel like none of the hair products i try ever make a real difference!


    1. I don't really believe that any hair product can really have any dramatic healing effects for the hair but these are some of the better that I've tried!

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