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As you may know, through numerous mentions on the blog, I have terrible cheekbones. Not only are they not very prominent, but they're also quite low down on my face. Le sigh, I will forever be jealous of the glorious cheekbones owned by Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. One product however that has been helping me achieve the cheekbones of your average joe (which is no mean feat in itself) is the Face of Australia GLAMAZON Contour & Highlight Kit in Leopardess. Reowrrr

L-R: Contour shade, Highlight shade

The packaging is a tad bulky, a bit thicker than need be, but there's no unnecessary brush or extra, wasted space. The compact clicks shut securely and even though leopard print can be quite tacky (IMO), I actually quite like it on this packaging. I think it's quite classy with the simple branding at the bottom. Not too shabs.

The powders themselves aren't too shabs either, and pretty amazing for a measly $9.95! Their texture is quite soft, but they don't kick up too much powder. The pigmentation varies between shades. The contour colour actually is rather pigmented, but not overly so which, when it comes to a contouring shade, is quite good! It's a little sheerer in a finger swatch but is much more potent when used with a brush. It's easy to build up to your desired opacity and due to it's slight sheerness it is easily blended, looking natural and effortless. The highlighter has a similar formula, if not slightly more pigmented. The shimmer isn't over the top, nor is it glittery or gritty. It gives a lovely glow, as a good highlighter should!

The contour shade has surprisingly become a staple in my collection. The actual colour of it is pretty much perfect for creating a natural shadow. It's cool-toned, yet not overly so that it appears grey, or dirty looking (provided you don't overdo it). It's also not too dark, nor too light, so I think it would suit a variety of skintones, building it up gradually. When used just below the cheekbone it really mimics a natural shadow and brings out what little cheekbone I have! The highlighter is also quite a natural shade, for my skintone that is. It's a bit more of a beige-y champagne that's not too gold or garish, quite simply a pretty glow!

If you couldn't tell, I really love this little duo. Not only are the formulas impressive, but the shades are appropriate for many skintones and give off a lovely, natural effect. This kit was limited edition, however it's still listed on the website so you may be able to find it at Priceline, Kmart and other Face of Australia stockists!

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