Out on a Limb

It's tan time! Lawl jks. But not really, because guiz, I've been experimenting with fake tan. Wot a shocker. I really don't have any desire for fake tan because I'm tan enough for my liking, and diddly damn it seems like SO much effort! I've watched enough useless "Tanning 101s" to know that much. I did, however, want to even out my terrible ombre shirt tan for my formal, so I dug out my sample can of the Le Tan Wash Off instant tan in Bronze. I utilised all the knowledge I had gained from said tanning videos, and went in with some proper skin prep beforehand.

L-R: Breakfast Scrub, Body Milk

Wash Off sprayed

Wash Off blended (can ya even tell)

One thing I do know about tan, is do not try applying it to dry skin. It'll cling, be obvious and just plain ratchet (I'm guessing). So, as a bit of an excuse, I ventured out to purchase a body scrub. I've been wanting this one for ages but could never justify it. It's already made it into a favourites post, so it was a good purchase indeed! This shiz smells divine. Sugary, maple syrup deliciousness confined in one glorious tub that gives a pretty dang good scrub (yaaaass got tha rhythm and rhymes). I thought that this might be messy to use and the sugar bits would just fall all over the shower floor, but actually the stuff hangs together in a gritty paste, and scrubs the skin really well. My skin feels super soft and smooth after use and prep for dat tan ;)

After I hop out of the shower, I smother this dang thing all over my bod. It's a really lightweight lotion consistency that doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin. Definitely lovely for using in the hot weather, and I think good for applying tan on top. You wouldn't want anything too slippery right? It leaves my skin feeling moisturised indeed. It's also got quite a pleasant uplifting scent.

So clearly I'm not going for any gradual or lasting tan here. I really just wanted something easy, that was going to be a quick fix for the day. I was originally going to purchase Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs but remembered I had this guy sitting in my cupboard. I got it through a company called Pinch Me which pretty much sends out free samples for people to try and answer questions about. You guys know how much I love free stuff. But anyways, this guy fit the bill perfectly! It might look super dark, but as you can see, it blends really easily into the skin with hands, leaving a tint of colour that isn't streaky at all, and really looks quite natural. I'm lucky that the shade is pretty much on par with my natural skintone (they have two darker shades as well), so I could even out my pale-ass shoulders easily. It lasted through a hot night of dancing and shenanigans and as promised only came off with water and soap. Good stuff! Smells pretty nice too haha!

While delving into tan was a fun experience, I doubt I'll be doing it on any regular basis. Special occasions only really! Can you be bothered with fake tan?

*Product sent for consideration.

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