Empties #9

It hasn't been that long since my last empties, but wow - I've been on a roll! Either a bunch of products just decided to finish simultaneously or I've actually been using them (what a shocker). But yes, I'm trying to (sort of) make more of a conscious effort to finish products! These empties posts always end up being super long and rambly, so imma try and keep it short (ish) as we have a lot to get through!

This guy hasn't been featured on the blog for a while, but have no fear, I've still been loving and using him (clearly)! A balm cleanser that very much has an oily consistency when warmed up and spread over the face. I loved using this to double cleanse - it removed makeup excellently and cleaned my face while leaving it pretty soft and moisturised! It actually ended up lasting me longer than I thought it would, though I didn't use it on a daily basis!
Repurchase? I sure would but not at the moment! I also really want to try the cleansing oil version.

I think this may be, like, my favourite cleanser ever?!? I don't know if this proves anything, but this is my second tub and I've already repurchased a third! I just love how moisturised yet cleansed my skin feels after using this. It's just so pampering! Though, the smell isn't great haha :P
Repurchase? Already have.

I've had this for sooo long and I'm finally finished it! Look at dat empty tube! But yes, this lasted me aaaages even though I used it twice a week! I did really like this though. I think it helped to some degree at fading scars, as well as helping unclog pores and such. I also liked that it had seed granules (I think) instead of microbeads. 
Repurchase? I totally would but I'm using a different scrub at the moment!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
This is kind of a useless product but GOSH DARN I love it so much. It's basically a hydrating spray toner and I don't know, it's probably placebo effect but I feel like it does just refresh and lightly hydrate my skin. It's also just real noice to SPRITZZ SPRITZ.
Repurchase? Already have! I basically can't live without it now :P

Lush Tea Tree Water
This has defo become my new favourite morning-time toner. I actually don't use that many anti-acne products in my routine (maybe that's why my skin is constantly chucking a hissy?) but this toner is a lovely, gentle addition. I'm not sure if it really works, but I feel like it's doing something to help in terms of clarifying my skin and being a bit antibacterial!
Repurchase? Already have - and the big bottle too! Mama's gettin' serious.

I feel like we all know the drill by now.
Repurchase? Doi.

La Roche-Posay Sensi White Essence
I don't think I've mentioned this at all on the blog. Oops. I've been meaning to do a LRP brand spotlight and I think I'll mention it again there even though I've finished it. I've been using this as my nightly serum and I quite liked it. I'm not sure it made the hugest difference in my acne scarring but I feel like it helped! Not to the degree that I would repurchase though :P
Repurchase? Nah.

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil
Wouldn't be a shiwashiful empties without the appearance of a facial oil, eh? I really liked this Sukin one, it contained a really nice blend of oils. It was super moisturising and I was able to use it morning and night!
Repurchase? I would but I have lots to get through, plus many other oils I want to try!

Wow I actually used some samples!1!!!1!1 (only cos they high end and fancy lel)

Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturiser SPF 47
I got this (and the other sachets) in my MECCA Beauty loop box. I was really excited to try this as Kathleen Lights raves about it! I really liked it, it has a thin, almost oily consistency that spreads well and leaves a dewy-ish finish. I found it really moisturising and in general a lovely moisturiser! Also it smells EXACTLY like Apricot Bites, like coconut and sweet?! So weird and wonderful.
Repurchase? I would consider it in da future.

Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturiser
I won't lie, I had high hopes for this since everyone raves about the goat milk one. I was a little underwhelmed tbh. It's super lightweight and absorbs easily - it feels nice and all but I didn't quite find it that...nourishing, ironically.
Repurchase? Nope, not for that price. 

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial
This product was so weird!! The first time I used it, like bits of skin (I assume) balled up off ma face. It was DISTURBING, but oh so SATISFYING. Much like those Asian exfoliate-y gel things? Anyway, subsequent uses skin didn't ball up so I guess I had a bit of build up lel. Anyway, I liked this? I feel like it left my skin brighter and smoother, but it did dry it out a bit!
Repurchase? I'm unsure. I definitely want to get another sample of it though.

Lush British Nanny Moisturiser
So much Lush! Only got this cos the chick was trying to sell me more stuff while I was repurchasing the aforementioned products. I used this as a night cream but just looked at the website and it's actually a day cream with SPF in it. OOPS. Oh well, I found it really thick and almost balmy? It definitely felt oily and super moisturising as it went on. I liked it but it was super fragrant and a little heavy feeling.
Repurchase? Probably not, it's also quite expensive ($50)

OMG AN ACTUAL *MAKEUP* PRODUCT. Though it's really a lip balm, IMMA CALL IT MAKEUP. Mems though, this guy has been with me THROUGH THE YEARS. A solid fave. Quite moisturising and gave a sheer peachy-orange wash of colour and shine. So easy to whip on. I'll miss you buddy.
Repurchase? Not sure if it's even still around? Probably not though, I want to pick up a Clarins balm next.

Wow, I posted my review on this, like, almost exactly a year ago! Can't say I fell for the hype on this one though, I mean, it made it into a disappointing prods post! I think it's grown on me slightly since, I see the appeal as it is pretty moisturising. Still not INTENSE like I wanted it to be, and if I apply too much, I get that layer, gummy gross situation (have a read of my review for context, lol).
Repurchase? Nope.


I actually finished this a while ago but forgot to include it in my last empties. I really liked this hand cream, the actual formula was nice but nothing CRAY. It moisturised - as it should. The scent was my fave though, it was super calming and relaxing, and great before bed.
Repurchase? Probably not. I have a STASH of hand creams atm.

Sanctuary Spa 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil
I actually REALLY liked this stuff. The name is slightly misleading, it's not an oil. It's more of a oily(ish) gel that doesn't lather too well, but feels amazing on the skin. It's a bit slippery and as you use it, it almost heats up. It leaves a bit of moisture on the skin and really felt quite pampering!
Repurchase? I would in the future!

Lush Yog Nog Soap
I finally finished this! I looove the scent, it's all butterscotch-y, sweet, warm deliciousness. I didn't really like the actual soap though. Like many other bar soaps (bar the Dove ones which are my fave) (lol do you like my pun), it left my skin feeling a bit dry and tight, but not terrible.
Repurchase? Probably not.

*Product provided for consideration.