In the Spotlight // La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay is definitely up there with some of my favourite skincare brands. Since they've been easily accessible in Priceline for a while, I've slowly been accumulating many of their products and thought now was a good time to write up a brand spotlight on them! As a French skincare brand, they not only target sensitive skins, but also have many ranges suited for different skin types such as acne-prone, dry, those who suffer from redness and eczema, and more. A few of the products pictured I haven't yet tried, but threw them into the photo for effect, of course ;)

Sensi White Lotion
I have a couple of products from the Sensi White line which is not overly talked about in the blogosphere. I have a feeling this range isn't available everywhere, since it's quite targeted. It's meant for "sensitive Asian skin", but there's nothing stopping anyone from using it...right? The range is supposed to help brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation, and y'all know I'm all about dat lyfe. It contains ingredients like Gingko and LHA which supposedly slough off the pigmented skin cells, but it's also quite moisturising - which I'd agree with. I've been using this for probably around 6 months and I can't say I love it? When it comes to "exfoliating" toners, I think ingredients like AHAs/Glycolic acid work better for me. I haven't overly noticed that this has reduced pigmentation or smoothed out the texture of my skin. It is moisturising(ish) though, it has a slightly thicker, more viscous texture than water, so it doesn't dry out my skin or leave it uncomfortable at all. It's also lasting me aaages, and I kinda want to be done with it! :/

Sensi White Essence
I'm not sure this is still available, but this is the serum product from the Sensi White line. I've completely finished this one up and featured it in my last empties, so I won't ramble on. Like the Lotion, I just don't think this was that effective for me. I think there are serums out there that have made a bigger difference for me. I feel like it helped partially, but definitely not enough that I'd recommend or repurchase.

Toleriane Riche
This moisturiser was a saviour this past Winter! My skin was soo dry and this was definitely a big gulp of moisture for it every night. It has a creamy consistency but still feels pretty lightweight. It's aimed towards dry skins (there are a couple of other moisturisers in the Toleriane range for normal/oily skins) but you know me, GIMME ALL DA MOISTURE. Although it makes me a wee bit dewy I still love it, especially at night. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy at all, it's just a really lovely basic, yet uber moisturising moisturiser!

Effaclar Duo [+]
I go through these things like...(trying to think of a good simile and failing) REALLY QUICK BASICALLY. A tube of this stuff pretty much shows up in every empties, I can't live without it! I'm pretty annoyed since I bought this tube full price, but I was DESPERATE, I tell you. I need to be smart and stock up when it's on sale. Anyway, this is my second tube of the [+] version and I can't detect a major difference? Still does the same job though, helps clear up acne and prevent future breakouts (bacteria related that is, NOTHING STOPS THOSE B*TCH-ASS HORMONES). 

Cicaplast Levres
I got this lip balm in a Priceline goody bag and thank gawd for that! I'm not sure I would have tried it otherwise, but dayum, this stuff is good! It's such an odd texture, it's like a matte ointment? It's not shiny, but it's super lightweight and almost feels siliconey when you rub it on your skin (not lips). Weird but it WORKS. I've been using it nightly and I feel like it really helps repair the lips more that overly moisturise them, if that makes sense. Though, currently my lips are RATCHET since I've been sick. 

So those are the products I've tried from La Roche-Posay (plus the thermal spray water which is just water in a can dudes, nice to use but has no real purpose). I definitely want to try more. Most of their products just really work for me, and it's one of the only brands I've repurchased a product from consistently

What are your favourite La Roche-Posay products?

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