Like Music to My Ears #6

New albums seem to come in waves don't they? There have been a bunch of new releases from a few of my favourite artists that I've been listening to over the past month or so, so I thought it was definitely time for a music update!

Bastille Wild World
A couple of years ago, I was obsessed with Bastille and they were my FAVOURITEEEE band. I've listened to their first album Bad Blood (and All This Bad Blood) countless times, but like most things, I got a bit tired of them after listening to it for what seems like a year straight. Their last mixtape didn't really grab my attention and my love for them kind of faded, especially since they kept saying their new album was coming soon but it took a lot longer than anticipated! Anyways, it's finally here! I wasn't too excited about it originally, because I didn't think it could live up to my love for their first album, but they released a few singles in the lead up and I really liked them. Anyway, overall I do really like Wild World, and I've listened to it on repeat since it came out but I'm already a bit over it! There are some songs I really like, but others that I feel like are just "filler" songs and quite same-y. Their style hasn't changed as much as I thought it would, there are very similar elements though some songs are distinctly more upbeat. There are only a couple of slow songs and I'm not really feeling them. I feel like they've almost lost their slight indie vibe that they had on their first album. There are a few songs I really enjoy though which I've included in my playlist!

Banks The Altar
The combination of Banks and Bastille is really throwing it back to 2014 for me! Banks is for sure one of my favourite artists - her voice is so unique and raw, as are her lyrics. Her style varies as each song is distinct from one another, but her overall genre is alternative pop. Her debut album Goddess is AMAZING, and again, like my feelings with Bastille, it's a tough act to follow. I'm not absolutely obsessed with The Altar like I was with Goddess, but there are definitely songs on here that I LOVE. Plus, this album was quite personal and empowering for her which I can detect and totally appreciate! 

Safia Internal
Safia is a band I've gotten into gradually as I've heard them in Triple J's Hottest 100s over the last couple of years. This is only their debut album, so it's my first time really hearing a lot from them, but they've released some serious bangers in the past so I was keeeeen. Overall, I very much enjoy. They have an indie-pop, electronic style that is very jiggy, but also great zoning out music. Like almost all albums, I don't love every song, but I feel like Internal has a nice flow about it!

Glass Animals How To Be A Human Being
Glass Animals is another band I've listened to in the past but never really gotten into. Thanks to the joys of Spotify though, I've been able to listen to all of their stuff easily! I've heard rumblings that HTBAHB isn't as good as their debut album Zaba (which I've listened to but not properly), but I really like it. Their genre is definitely unique - it's apparently indie rock, but I detect more alternative vibes. They have a very distinct sound - it's quite whimsical what with the rather unique instruments and his raspy vocals. Thoroughly enjoy and definitely another for chilling and "gentle jigging".

Have you guys listened to any of these albums yet? What have you been jigging out to lately?

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