Battle of the Anti-Fatigue Foundations

You could call it a coincidence, but within the last couple of months, both Rimmel and Bourjois have reformulated their Wake Me Up and Healthy Mix foundations respectively. I was very kindly sent both of them to review, and it didn't take me long to realise they were both claiming very similar things! Firstly, they're both "anti-fatigue" foundations that contain vitamins which are supposedly better for your skin! I'm not so sure about the actual efficacy of vitamins in foundations - I don't know about you but I don't really wear foundation for its skincare benefits. But anyway, as foundations - they're very similar formulas so I thought it would be worthwhile comparing them!

L-R: Bourjois Healthy Mix, Rimmel Wake Me Up

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 200 Soft Beige* $19.95
Something you might not know is that the original Wake Me Up Foundation was my first foundation ever! Here's proof...cringe! I actually really liked it, but being my first, the colour was waaay too dark because I was such a noob. But anyway, point is, I've tried the original formula and to be completely honest, I don't really notice any significant difference between the new and the old? Granted, it's been years since I last used the original but from what I remember, it's basically the same. The new formula differs in that it has a higher SPF (20 as opposed to 15), and the added benefits of vitamin C. It's still a light to medium - buildable - coverage foundation, with a dewy finish. Aaaand, it still has the sparkles in it! I just don't understand the appeal of shimmer in foundation, but thankfully it's not super evident on the skin. You can only detect it in direct sunlight if you know what you're looking for. Lasting power isn't great, but it's probably not best suited for my oily skin. I'm not hella greasy by the end of the day, but I tend to only reach for this on days where I won't be wearing it for long. I wouldn't say this has anti-fatigue effects (I mean, what does that even mean??), I don't notice myself looking brighter or more awake...it just has a glowy finish!

Shade-wise, Soft Beige is okay. It's a teensy bit dark and orangey but it's doable. I just really am not a fan of Rimmel's shade range! I swear I've never had a perfect match in their foundations - all of the medium shades are quite orangey in tone rather than yellow which is quite unflattering.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 53 Light Beige* $29
Look, I've already featured this in a favourites post so I'm sure you can guess how I feel about this one! It is similar to the Rimmel one in that it has a similar level of coverage (arguably a tiny bit more buildable), but the finish is more satin-natural, than glowy. I'd say it looks a little bit more skin like, and it has a slightly runnier formula that just builds up a bit better. Also, it's sans shimmer which is always a plus. Again though, not sure about those "anti-fatigue" claims, but I do prefer the finish of this one. It just sits nicer on my oily skin, BUT by no means is it a long-wearing foundation (16 hours my ass!). Maybe on a drier skintype, but my oils definitely come through after about 4-5 hours. The foundation doesn't break up or patch off though which is great. I would say this is the perfect natural, "dewy" foundation for my skin type since it's not SO glowy from the get go, so when my oils start to come through it gives me the glowy look that I want. It's also worth mentioning that this one has no SPF (as opposed to the SPF 20 of the Rimmel foundation). 

Light Beige is basically a perfect match for my skintone which is great. I really like Bourjois's shades, BUT the selection is very limited. They basically only cater to the middle of the spectrum, and unfortunately if you are very pale or even a little deep, you probably won't find a match. Furthermore, their shades are very yellow (which is amazing for me!), but not if you have pink-toned skin.

Overall, the Bourjois foundation is the clear winner for me, but that's not to say the Rimmel foundation isn't lovely! The only major difference between the two is that the Rimmel definitely has a bit more of a dewy finish and look, which may better suit drier complexions or those who love a glowy look from the get go. The Rimmel is also the cheaper of the two, which you may want to consider!

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*Products gifted for consideration. 

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