Like Music to My Ears #9

Hello friends! Apologies for my mini break the last couple of weeks - life has been hectic! I was hit with a mountain of assessment due dates a week or so ago which was utterly life consuming, and I've been pretty worn out since then! I'm coming at you with a music post today though, because as mentioned in my last one, SO many new albums have been coming out! It's pretty crazy but awesome how basically every week I have a new album to listen to - since I can get tired of music pretty quickly. That being said, I've been listening to these albums for a good month or so and haven't tired of them yet!

Foster the People Sacred Hearts Club
Aaah, remember Foster the People?! I used to love their first album (the one with Pumped up Kicks) and I remember listening to it on repeat. I never did get into their second album (perhaps I should give it another listen), but I've been loving their third album Sacred Hearts Club. They're an Indie Pop band with quite an eclectic style - it's hard to explain. Each song is very different from the next, but all have a really solid beat and have some unique sounds. I would also say there's somewhat of a "grunginess" to their music too, like almost a...gritty edge to their indie-pop-ness - if that makes sense! I really love them though - both a bop and good background music!

Haim Something to Tell You
I was really excited for Haim's second album since I absolutely LOVE their first (an album I still listen to these days) but on my first few listens I actually wasn't ~feeling~ it. It is quite different from their first - I feel a bit less emphasis on the drums/guitar and a bit more mellow compared to their pop/rock genre. I still really enjoy many of the songs, but I don't LOVE them to the degree that I loved a lot on their first album. I also feel like a lot of the songs are a little repetitive in their lyrics, and also similar to each other in the song structure and style. So, I haven't really been listening to it on repeat, but I do like a lot of the songs in a playlist interspersed with other music! 

Boo Seeka Never Too Soon
I was so excited for Boo Seeka's album that I pre-ordered it! That's right, I actually bought music! Literally cannot remember the last time I bought a CD so it was a novel experience for me haha! I really wanted to support these guys though because I love their music, and I'm going to see them in concert (for the second time) next month. Their genre is indie/electronica - the singer has more of an indie-folk background, while the other band member has an electronica background which coupled together is really interesting and cool, and makes for some really different songs on the album - some chill and others a bit more banger-y. I love Ben (the singer's) voice - it's raspy but also really smooth. Highly recommend giving these guys a listen!

The Preatures Girlhood
Yaaaay The Preatures are back with their second album! If you didn't know, their first album Blue Planet Eyes is one of my favourites ever and despite listening to it countless times over the past few years, I still haven't gotten tired of it! They have an alternative rock/indie genre and I love the guitar riffs and drum beats matched with Izzi's raspy-ish voice. Girlhood has a similar style to their first album - a few really upbeat awesome songs, and a few slow ones that are also great jams. A lot about this album feels like a throwback to me! The album art coupled with the song titles gives me like a 90s vibe, and also some of the songs give me 70s feels for some reason haha. There are definitely some great songs in here though - I especially love Yanada which is a really great song but the story behind it and how it was written is even more special. It features a verse in Darug which is an Indigenous language from the Sydney region and Izzi's story about how we should be hearing Australia's Indigenous languages on the radio again was really touching!

Khalid American Teen
Khalid is kind of on fire right now, but I'd like to think I was ~ahead of the curve~ since I was listening to him a few months ago. Props to him though - he totally deserves all the success and I can't quite believe he's only 19! His style is very much R&B-Pop which makes for really mellow but still boppy songs. I love his voice - it's really light and rhythmic and coupled with the music just makes really chill music with a good beat and flow. I'm loving his album - I feel I could listen to it all day and it really does make for good background music or for a bit of a bop hehe. 

Vera Blue Perennial
Aaaaaah Vera, my queen. Honestly, words cannot express how much I love this woman. She's really cute and funny, her fashion sense is amazing and her VOICE is like NO. OTHER. It is just so beautiful and ethereal yet also very rich. If you have a chance to see her live - do it. Her live performances are even better than the recorded versions! I've been a fan of hers for a while, and I would say her debut album differs from her EP - it has similar indie-folk vibe, but there's a bit more synth/electronic-ness to it which adds a bit more of a dance-y vibe to some of her songs. That being said, songs like First Week and Mended have similar vibes to her EP songs. Though I can't really relate to her songs personally, for some reason they get me EMOTIONAL. The combination of her lyrics, voice and music just evokes serious emotion in me and I feeeeeeeel it. Seriously I love this album - it is BEAUTIFUL.

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