ColourPop Reviews #2

It's been a minute (aka months) since I actually hauled these Colourpop bits, so I thought I'd better get my ass into gear and review them! Also I figured I'd start a new "series" featuring Colourpop reviews since whenever I buy anything from Colourpop, it's usually quite a few items so review posts with a bunch of products tend to pop up quite often here! I've been using these for the past few months and really been enjoying them, so it's time to share my thoughts and some swatches!

L-R: Labyrinth, Wait For It, Save it for Later, Play by Play

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows
They're not new anymore, but since they first launched, the powder shadows shade range has increased immensely and become so popular! I can see why though because they're affordable at $5 each (though that's pretty standard when it comes to eye shadow pans) and are really great quality. I would probably say I prefer Makeup Geek to these, but Colourpop far and away outperforms MAC shadows. I got two matte colours which I find perform really well. They're very pigmented but still easy to blend out and don't apply chalky or patchy. I got one metallic/shimmer shade which is soft and pigmented, but nowhere near as creamy (or shiny) as, for example, a MUG foiled shadow. I also got a duochrome shade which is really quite unique! It has very much the same formula as the metallic shade, just a shifty pigment to it.

Labyrinth is a fairly unique pinky-mauve shade. Since I've been loving pink lately, I realised I didn't have a tonne of matte crease shades to complement my shimmery rose lid colours. I do have sort of cool-toned mauvey-pinks in like Urban Decay Naked 3, but nothing quite as pink as I'd like. Labyrinth fills that hole pretty well as it has a blush pink tone, but is deep enough to add definition and complement pink-toned lid colours.

Wait For It is a vibrant matte coral-peach shade. What with the whole peach eyeshadow trend, I realised I didn't have a lot of vibrant peachy shades (despite owning Too Faced Sweet Peach - which I didn't love precisely because it was lacking peach colours). I experimented doing a peachy eye look using blushes and it came out really nicely. You could easily just use blushes as eyeshadow all the time, but I figured I would get Wait For It because I love how vibrant it is and I really don't have any blushes like this anyway! It's really pretty in the crease and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it come spring/summer!

Save it for Later is a really pretty rose gold shade. It has a metallic finish, but isn't super shiny or foiled. I really like this shade - it's pretty and warm and a gorgeous lid colour. It's not particularly unique in that I know I have a lot of similar shades, but I like that this doesn't pull too pink or orange or yellow!

Play by Play is a duochrome shade with a sheer beige-gold base, with an intense green-gold shift. This one's interesting because due to the fairly sheer "nude" base, it doesn't look like much on the eye until the light/angle is right and you see the green flash. That's what also makes it wearable too! It's super cool! I imagine the colour shift would be much more intense if layered over a darker cream shadow.

L-R: Zuma, Strut, Strip, Dopey

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip in Zuma
I picked this one up mainly because I was intrigued by the formula. It really is quite interesting and not like anything I already have. It's almost like a matte stain in that it has a thin, watery formula with a sheerer colour payoff, but dries matte. The effect is a very natural looking matte lip, especially with the shade Zuma which is a warm rosey-mauve MLBB colour. I think I like the concept, but to be honest I haven't reached for it a lot! I probably wouldn't get more shades simply because if I'm going to use a liquid matte product - I tend to go for one that's opaque. It's not too drying though which is good and lasts really well. It fades evenly - there's no butthole lips - and is transfer-proof.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips in Strut, Strip and Dopey
I've spoken about the Satin Lips before - I think they're my favourite lip formula from Coloupop. You'd know I really quite dislike the Ultra Matte Lips (the shades are inconsistent, and generally really thick and terribly drying and patchy), but the satins are pretty much just the way, way better version of them. They are creamy and have great colour payoff, and give a satin finish that eventually turns matte. They're not-transfer proof, but they are really long-lasting, fade well and aren't drying at all really. 

Strut is a cool-toned mauvey-brown with an almost greige twist. I really quite like shades like this because they're cool-toned but not crazy grey. 

Strip is very similar to Strut, but essentially just the warm-toned version! It's a really nice nude brown shade and has quite a warm, yellow-orange undertone which is a little unique but still wearable.

Dopey is a typical mauvey-purple shade - really pretty and wearable!

So there we have the latest additions to my Colourpop collection. Really impressed with the powder shadows and would love to increase my collection of those! What have you tried from Colourpop recently?

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